5 Kickass Unnies Who Are the Definition of Girl Boss

by The Kind Helper

Korean shows are renowned for their romance and drama, but the era of “damsels in distress” is long past. In recent years, the leading women of Korean series and films are stronger than ever, defying the odds, and have no problem taking matters into their own hands. By serving up action, attitude, and a whole lot of ass-kicking, these female characters are giving us more reason to root for our girl crushes. 

  1. Gil Bok-soon from Kill Boksoon, premiering on 31 March 

Jeon Do-yeon as Gil Bok-soon. Image, courtesy of Netflix.

Work-life balance can be challenging, and it’s especially so for Gil Bok-soon a.k.a. “Kill Boksoon”. As the finest and most successful assassin of hitman agency MK Ent, Bok-soon is literally slaying it at leading a double life — not only is she at the top of a cutthroat industry, she’s also a single mother to a teenage daughter. 

The actress herself is also a force to be reckoned with, as Jeon Do-yeon did most of her stunts on her own despite this being her first lead role in an action film. It seems like Bok-soon is killing it both on- and off-screen! 

  1. Moon Dong-eun from The Glory

Song Hye-kyo as Moon Dong-eun. Image, courtesy of Netflix  

It’s a grey area to root for revenge, but it’s hard not to when you consider all the injustices Moon Dong-eun had to put up with. As a child, Dong-eun was brutally and violently bullied by her schoolmates; so much so that she even thought of ending her own life. And yet, she persevered and bounced back in ways her tormentors could never have anticipated.

Dong-eun spent the next 20 years of her life meticulously mapping out a plan to exact revenge against her childhood bullies and even formed some unexpected alliances along the way, further highlighting her resolve to fight against injustice. 

  1. Yoon Ji-woo from My Name 

Han So-hee as Yoon Ji-woo. Image, courtesy of Netflix 

It is not often a female lead becomes her own hero in a gritty revenge story. After witnessing her father’s murder, Yoon Ji-only woo’s only motivation to keep on living is to exact revenge, and she intends on following through with it even if she has to do it alone. Over the years, she trained under Choi Mu-jin, the leader of organised crime syndicate Dongcheon, and eventually emerged on top in a fight competition among the gang recruits. 

Having to prove her worth to a crime boss and later, in the police force, Ji-woo is the literal embodiment of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

4. Oh In-joo from Little Women

Kim Go-eun as Oh In-joo. Image, courtesy of Netflix 

Little Women is dominated by strong, richly drawn female characters rarely seen in Korean dramas. The story follows three closely bonded sisters who dream of escaping poverty and live an ordinary life like everyone else, but find themselves entangled in a conspiracy that involves the rich and powerful when 70 billion won came into their hands.

Oh In-joo, the eldest of them all, started off as a naive young woman. Despite being thrown into the most absurd and life-threatening situations, her desire to protect her younger sisters proves her resilience and serves as a reminder to never mess with one’s family. 

5. Seo Yi-kyung from Sweet Home 

Lee Si-young as Seo Yi-kyung. Image, courtesy of Netflix.

Seo Yi-kyung’s survival instincts as a former firefighter definitely worked in her favour during the apocalyptic events of the series. Despite her personal struggles, she is one of the strongest people — both physically and mentally — in the building and fights relentlessly to defend the residents of the apartment complex from the vicious creatures. 

Having enrolled in the military at the end of Season 1, it would be interesting to see how her character develops throughout Season 2 as she continues to search for her fiancé who disappeared two days before their wedding. 

Who needs an oppa when these unnies are slaying it out there? Catch these kickass female characters in action, only on Netflix! 

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