Here Are 9 Must-try Food Items in Family Mart Malaysia

by Lavanyah Guna

Best Food in Family Mart Malaysia

We have traveled far away from those days where convenience stores only had groceries and household goods. The rise of Japan’s second-largest convenience store chain, the food haven, Family Mart will undoubtedly make you rethink what you know about the traditional delis.

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From delectable meals and snacks for your growling tummy to finest self-care products for your soul, everything can be obtained at this one-stop store. Family Mart has been capturing a spot in the roads of Malaysia with their latest franchise launched at Penang.

If you are thinking about what to grab on your next visit, cross out the ones that you have tasted on the ‘must-try food items list’ or hesitate no more to have a bite of those to know what’s the craze all about!


Oden should always top your list! Available in two broths, Original (dashi) and the spicy, sour and aromatic Tom Yam, it is served hot, making the best belly-warming meal for a rainy day. 

Choose your starter bowl (Udon, Fish Ball & Cake, Ajitsuke Tamago, Daikon and Corn Sets) with some add-ons like King Crab Chunk, Crab Fish Cake and more!

You will be dazed in just your first bite of the addictive Oden, and you will be forever hooked up to it!

2. Bento Box

Feeling Japanese or Malaysian for your lunch break? The Bento Box only needs to be heated up before chewing them. Expect a range of hot and scrumptious meals as below:

  • Edamame, Golden Salted Egg & Garlic Chahan
  • Spicy Aglio Olio With Shrimp
  • Cheese Baked Gyudon
  • Soboro Bento, etc

3. Sandwiches

Spicy Mayo Chiki Sandwich
Deluxe Big Bite Sandwich (Teriyaki Chicken and Omega Egg)

Who would say no to the premium sandwiches filled with soft bread stuffed with a generous amount of delicious fillings? Select from the 8 types of sandwiches offered and get yourself a Sando too!

Sando is a Japanese dessert sandwich rich in fruits, cream and other toppings (Sakura Lychee, Black Forest, Strawberry). 

My favourites are the Spicy Tuna Mayo and Chicken Slice & Cheese Sandwiches.

4. Onigiri

Salmon Ebiko Mayo

Starting from RM 4.30 for a piece of Onigiri, if you are always in the mood for spicy food,  hit your spice spot with the enhanced Kampung Fried Rice onigiri added with fresh and savoury chilli!

You can find onigiris made off tuna, crabstick, salmon, crawfish and other flavours when you walk in or place your orders online!

5. Soft Serve Ice Creams

Belgian Dark Choc Sofuto
Caramel Dalgona Soft Serve

Light and refreshing, the soft serve (sofuto), has seasonal flavours all year round like Belgian Dark Chocolate, Caramel Dalgona Coffee, Sea Salt where wait for a surprise in every lick! 

Do try the best selling smooth and tangy Pineapple Tart Sofuto  right now as the shell tarts are limited and will be replaced with cup/cone once sold out. 

6. Bakery Bread

For your breakfast meal or regular snacking session, drop by Family Mart to enjoy their freshly baked goods. Offering buns and family bread, these are some of the treats that are worth trying:

Chocolate Lava Cheese Croissant
Tuna Melt Cheese Croissant
  • Milky and Chewy Cheese Mochi Bun
  • Rich Triple Chocolate Bun
  • Soft and Fluffy Milk Loaf
  • Melon Pan with Custard Paste Filling
  • Classic Cheese Fondue, etc.

7. Frappe

Mango Grapefruit

It’s gonna be a tough choice choosing a frappe for yourself at Family Mart. Pick frappe and head to the counter to add in the flavour that you want (chocolate/milk/ coffee).

Available in 11 different flavours currently, like Adzuki Matcha, Mocha, Milk Watermelon Lychee, Milk Mango Grapefruit and so on, grab to refresh your soul while you sip in during a scorching sunny day.

8. Dessert & Cakes

Hokkaido Cheese and Chocolate Tart

Family Mart just introduced their new mouthwatering desserts, Hokkaido Cheese Tart with velvety cheese filling and Chocolate Tart which is lavish in luscious dark chocolate. 

It doesn’t stop there as there is a good deal of pastries as cheesecakes, crepes, swiss roll cakes, macarons, puffs and puddings.

Mini Matcha Basque Burnt Cheesecake
Mini Chocolate Basque Burnt Cheesecake

The crowds’ favourites are the basque burnt cheesecake series especially the Mini Chocolate as it is layered with Chocolate Cheesecake at the bottom, promising the absolute creamy, chocolatey taste that will make you crave for another piece. 

9. Hot Snacks

By now you would have guessed what are the hot snacks. There are both snack foods and pastries that are prepared hot for you to munch in at the moment. 

From the fiery Mala Sausage, Crispy Chiki, Shake Shake Korean Bites to Tuna Melt, Chicken Slice, Snowcrab, Chocolate Lava Cheese Croissant Sandwiches, you will be only counting memories and not calories!

Now that you know the ‘must-try’ food items in Family Mart, bring along your loved ones for a feast. There are much more for you to be delved into in Family Mart.

*don’t be like me who espied Family Mart only in my 20s and regret not doing it earlier*

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