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As the nation continues to recover from the pandemic, Malaysia’s leading antibacterial brand gets on board to offer hygiene solutions to communities across the country.

Putrajaya, 8 September 2023 – Dettol, the world’s most trusted germ protection brand, proudly
teams up with the Ministry of Health Malaysia to launch and celebrate Bulan Malaysia Sihat Sejahtera
(BMSS) in an effort to drive better health and hygiene awareness.

As hygiene habits adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic begin to exponentially diminish, infectious
diseases have been allowed to thrive and become increasingly transmissible. In response to this,
Dettol is joining forces with the Ministry of Health to equip Malaysians with information and knowledge
on how to keep themselves protected. Dedicated to providing individuals and families with superior
protective solutions, Dettol’s presence at the carnival aimed to remind the public of the cruciality of
effective hygiene habits in preventing the spread of harmful pathogens to continuously reduce the
burden of illness.

The BMSS initiative which will run for the entire month of September 2023, kicked off with a carnival
featuring educational activities aimed at disseminating easily understood hygiene information to the
public. The event also marked the activation of the BMSS School Roadshow which intends on
encouraging better hygiene habits among schoolchildren across Malaysia. Officiated with insightful
speeches from YB Puan Lim Hui Ying, Deputy Minister of Education and YB Tuan Lukanisman Bin
Awang Sauni, Deputy Minister of Health, the milestone occasion underscored each Ministry’s
commitment to improving hygiene practices and developing health education across the nation.

To drive further awareness and reach out to more participants, Dettol set up an interactive booth to
champion better hygiene habits and emphasise the critical importance of safeguarding communities
via the usage of antibacterial products. Explanations on the efficacy of its germ protection products
and steps on how to best use Dettol was also demonstrated during the session. This collaboration
stood in support of the Ministry of Health’s Madani Afiat programme, a visionary initiative dedicated to elevating public health standards by fostering a holistic and education-centric approach to well-being.

With a rich history of promoting good hygiene practices, exemplified by Dettol’s on-going Purpose
Programme, in which the key focus is to instil effective hygiene habits in schoolchildren, the brand’s participation in National Wellness Month reaffirmed its dedication to safeguarding the health and well-
being of all Malaysians.

Building on the insights of the Deputy Minister of Health and Deputy Minister of Education, Tiffany
Tang, Marketing Director of Health & Hygiene, Malaysia and Singapore, Reckitt commented on the
necessity of hygiene awareness in an everchanging health landscape, outlining that the simple act of
handwashing is the first line of defence against the spread of germs and concluded that
comprehensive handwashing and sustained hygiene habits are the most effective methods of
prevention and protection. The Germ Box Education Corner successfully informed children about the
dangers of germs while teaching them the most effective 8-Step Handwashing Routine to maximise

Participants additionally had the opportunity to physically eliminate germs in a Germ

Busters target-shooting game for a chance to win Dettol’s 2 in 1 hand sanitiser. The event’s activities
were made even more enjoyable with special appearances from the Dettol Mascot.
Tiffany Tang further conveyed their enthusiasm for this collaborative venture: “At Dettol, our purpose
is to protect and nurture in our relentless pursuit of a cleaner, healthier world. We were thrilled to
partner with the Ministry of Health in promoting hygiene awareness during National Wellness Month.
Through this partnership, we aspire to encourage the uptake of more comprehensive hygiene habits
by promoting hygiene education on a national level. Driving behavioural change requires collaboration
from all levels of society, underpinning our venture during Bulan Malaysia Sihat Sejahtera as the first
step towards change for the better.”

This collaborative initiative stood as a testament to the shared commitment of Dettol and the Ministry
of Health to forge a healthier Malaysia, envisioning a nation in which hygiene comprises not just a
precaution but a way of life. The BMSS Karnival proved to be a dynamic and informative experience
for all participants and demonstrated Dettol’s active engagement with communities for the betterment
of public health. Dettol firmly believes that through vital community outreach and expert collaboration,
it will be able to nurture a culture of hygiene, health and wellness and create a cleaner, healthier

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