8 Top Malaysian Beauty YouTubers To Check Out

by Ili Sakinah

Top Malaysian Beauty YouTubers

Malaysian women are undoubtedly stunning with or without makeup! If you are a skincare/makeup enthusiast, you might want to check out our list of Malaysia Top Beauty YouTuber!

1. Winnie Yap 

Beauty doesn’t have to be the whole face! Winnie Yap shows us that with just her eyes, she could make tons of makeup tutorials that are amazingly stunning. Eye makeup beauty guru since 2011, she is popular with anime eye makeup and her passion in teaching her YouTube friends how to make flawless eye makeup. Her makeup art does not only focus on female anime characters, but she also makes pretty eye makeup for male anime characters including Naruto.

Instagram | YouTube

Email: zwinnieyap.business@gmail.com

2. Asyalliee Ahmad 

She was first recognised in a viral video, she climbed her way up to be one of the well-known beauty YouTubers. Her makeup theme is strongly influenced by the Korean makeup style, and she is actively making tutorials of makeup for her followers on social media! After years of manifesting in the beauty industry, she is now a successful founder of a beauty skincare brand, Loveliee Beauty which has gained 269k followers on Instagram.

Instagram | YouTube

Email: asyalliee.work@gmail.com

3. Yvonne Chua

Yvonne began her journey as a YouTuber in 2015 and she is not only a beauty YouTuber! She is also popular with her vlogging videos which include travel adventures and trending challenges. She is proudly born and raised in Malaysia and her achievements in the entertainment industry are she has surpassed 310k followers on YouTube and gained 500k followers on Instagram. Be sure to follow her if you are a fan of different video genres 😉

Instagram | Youtube

Email: yvonnechua@keyentertainment.biz

4. Vithya Visvendra 

Well-known locally and internationally, Vithya is a talented makeup artist, content creator, and educator! She’s a beauty with a brain that has gained 250k followers on her YouTube channel and has done the makeup of brides and South Indian movie stars. Apart from her amazing skills, she is also the first Tamil makeup artist to teach Master Classes internationally. Vithya is seen as a supportive and the most genuine person to people around her, that’s what we called a role model 😊

Instagram | Youtube

Email: vithyahairandmakeup@gmail.com

5. Aisha Liyana 

She started with tons of makeup tutorials videos and YouTube and slowly making her name up on the list! Aisha Liyana has a gentle beautiful face that is suitable for any kind of makeup look and she has inspired her 332k followers on YouTube to learn cute and elegant makeup looks. Aisha’s videos on YouTube are targeting those who are not looking for high-end makeup products but want to have a fabulous look!

Instagram | YouTube

Email: aishaliyanakf@gmail.com

6. Emily Quak 

A makeup enthusiast that started YouTube 8 years ago, she is one of the beauty guru that Malaysians look up to 😊 Her videos are reviews, tutorials, tips, and tricks, and her experiences in trying something new are all can be found on her YouTuber channel! She recently has come out with a video of her experience of getting plastic surgery in Korea and that video itself has received both negative and positive comments from YouTube users. The best thing about Emily is she is a positive person that keeps moving forward and her good energy could be felt through her amazing videos.

Instagram | YouTube

Email: emily@emilyquak.com

7. Dr. Putri Shameen Hashim

Dr. Putri Shameen or also famously known as Putreeo has not been active on YouTube but her videos are still used as a reference for those who want to try her makeup tutorials! She is currently active on her Instagram page and she’s been sharing reviews and tutorials of makeup products. Apart from makeup videos, she has also shared videos of hijab styling for those who want to style their hijabs in a certain way. She is surely a time management master as she could separate her time from being a Dr. and an influencer that has shared informative content.

Instagram | YouTube

Email: putrishameen@gmail.com

8. Faa firds

You could call her the ‘OG’ of YouTubers as she has started her YouTube channel more than 4 years ago! When Faa Firds first joined YouTuber, her videos were mostly about makeup tutorials that would make you want to try it on yourself! She is a soft-spoken lady who is full of inspiration and always has something to share with her followers.

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