15 Best Make Out Spots in Singapore For A Quick (Or Intense) Session

by Michelle Anne Kam

Places To Make Out (secretly) Singapore

Imagine this: after an amazing date, you both head to the car and slowly start to get hot and heavy, hands all over, tongue in each other’s mouth when suddenly…. a group of women passes by. 

Could they have seen you? Would they complain to the police? Well, we’ll never know. One thing’s for sure though – it’s annoying when you have to constantly care about your surroundings when you’re deep in each other’s throat. 

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Thankfully, there are quite a few ideal places to make out in Singapore, without having to worry about anyone else secretly watching the show. Here are the 15 best places to makeout in Singapore: 

1. Changi Point Coastal Walk

make out places singapore
Source: familiesforlife.sg

If you’re wondering where to make out in Singapore without a carwithout car, this 2.2km long walk would be ideal. Despite Changi Beach being the more popular place for couples to enjoy a good date, it isn’t exactly ideal for a makeout session since there are always people around. 

The area is pretty quiet, so you and your partner could walk along the 6 main walks while enjoying the view of the forest and sea. 

2. Ann Siang Hill Park

make out places singapore
Source: sg.trip.com

Situated among colorful shophouses, bars and restaurants, the Ann Siang Hill Park is where people regularly take a walk when they need to clear their heads. Aside from being an absolutely calm atmosphere, it’s also the perfect place for a quick make out session. 

It’s best to come here at night though, so there won’t be people passing by taking their morning or evening walks.

3. Henderson Waves

make out places singapore
Source: makemytrip.com

A 36m in height pedestrian bridge that connects Mount Faber Park and Telok Blangah Hill Park, be prepared for a windy make out sesh while being surrounded with LED lights which light up from 7pm onwards. Being 274m in length, there are ample spots for you to cuddle and eat each other’s faces without being disturbed by the public! If you both love to run, why not kill two birds with one stone on your next date? 

A great option if you’re figuring out where to make out in singapore without a carwithout car. 

Note: There are CCTVs around the area though, so keep it to first base! 

4. Siloso Beach (during the show Magical Shores)

make out places singapore
Source: placestovisitasia.com

Picture yourself lip locking with your partner while immersive lights are shooting across Siloso Beach with tranquil music playing in the background ✨ Dipping your toes in between the sand on the beach at night and watching the Magical Shores show would be one of the best romantic make out places in Singapore, especially on your first date! 

5. Jewel Changi Airport (at Shiseido Forest)

make out places singapore
Source: jewelchangiairport.com

You wouldn’t think an airport could be one of the popular make out spots Singapore, but indeed, it is, but only at Shiseido Forest. Not many people would be around this part of the airport in the wee hours of the night. I mean – can’t you imagine yourself making out with your partner with the sound of the indoor waterfall flowing at the bottom? Sounds like a scene from a movie… 

6. Marquee Singapore (on the Ferris Wheel)

make out places singapore
Source: marinabaysands.com

Who can forget the couple that made headlines for putting on a great ‘show’ back in 2019 at Marquee Singapore? When you’re so in the moment, it’s almost impossible to stop yourself from smothering your partner’s face.  

The Ferris Wheel is one of the ideal places to make out in Singapore because you can’t exactly be seen while it’s turning around (of course, unless you’re scared of heights – then making out here might cause you to throw up). 

7. The Pinnacle@Duxton (50th Storey Skybridge)

Bridges are usually many couple’s favourite places to makeout in Singapore, and the sky bridge on the 50th floor in The Pinnacle@Duxton is not only great for the view but also for a quick smooch. Though it costs about S$5, it’ll be a perfect date as the view overlooks Chinatown.

Just beware of kids running around. You can’t be there late at night as it closes by 9pm, but you could head there during odd timings starting from 8am. 

8. Robertson Quay

Source: Erwin Soo@flickr.com

The Robertson Quay would be a great location if you’re looking for make out places in Singapore at night. You could probably plan a dinner date at one of the many good restaurants around the area before heading for your quickie. 

It’s not that crowded either, but since it’s a common place for couples to make out, you might want to head there earlier to chop your bench! 

9. Tiong Bahru (Alleyways)

Source: thehappyjetlagger.com

I’m sure many of you know about how narrow alleys are one of the best make out spots in Singapore. In Tiong Bahru, you’ll find plenty of narrow alleys where several restaurant workers might throw the trash out at night after closing time (you’ve been warned!). 

It’s also a place where many people tend to take pictures that are totally Instagrammable. But of course, girlfriends asking their Insta-boyfriends to take pictures of them isn’t the only sole reason…

10. Woodlands Waterfront Park

Planning on going on a picnic date with your partner? Consider a romantic picnic at night instead where you could spend time under the stars with some kissing in between. It’s large enough for you to find a secluded spot without worrying about kids screaming and running around. 

11. Bridge at Coney Island

Source: jimmy_tst@flickr.com

Burn extra calories (making out burns around 2 to 3 calories a minute!) by taking a short walk up to the bridge connecting to Coney Island at Punggol Point. 

12. The Projector (Parking lot area)

Source: Cheng Kiang Ng@flickr.com

To those that prefer to smooch in the comfort of your own car, The Projector, a popular independent cinema, would be the ideal spot. The car park is where you could hang out after your movie date is over (and make out of course). Since the cinema closes at 8.30pm, it’s pretty much secluded once the last movie is done. 

13. Orchard Central (Rooftop)

Source: greenroofs.com

Another famous rooftop to schedule your make out session with your partner. When you’re fed up with walking around the shopping mall below, head up to the rooftop where you could admire the city view while being surrounded by greenery. Plus, you’ll also be able to admire the various unique sculptures found around the area. 

14. Mount Emily Park

Source: littledayout.com

Hidden away from the public eye, Mount Emily Par is one of the lesser-known parks compared to Fort Canning Hill, Mount Sophia, to name a few. The park spans 3.1 hectares, making it wide enough to secure a spot far away from humans. The park is filled with large trees where you could cuddle up with your partner without being seen by anyone else.

15. Fort Canning Park

Source: pbase.com

Hide between the shady trees with your partner and grab a spot underneath the large, huge trees. There are also plenty of benches for you to start making out but some have mentioned the ideal spot would be on the stairs leading towards the Pinacotheque, overlooking the Fort Canning Hotel. 

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