About The Kind Helper

by admin

A lifestyle digital publication curating content to help people find answers.

We’re kind, yes. But we’re also all about ensuring we provide the best possible solutions for you.

We don’t want to fake anything; we’re real. raw. honest.

We offer NO BS content. We only care about helping you.

We’re The Kind Helpers… with a twist.

Everything you read here are based on our honest opinions, views and perspectives, with a whole lot of research being done.

Yes, we’ve done all the research so you don’t have to.

We’re transparent.

And that is why we’re also letting you know in some of these posts, there are affiliate links on them. Whatever you purchase through the links recommended by us on our website, we receive a small token of appreciation (commission) from the brands. Again, we’re honest, which makes us not biased. We survive solely on the commission earned, provided by you, with NO extra cost at all.

In simpler terms, when you buy through links provided on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, but it does not cost you anything.

We’re just here to help you make the right choices, that’s all.

If you’re happy, unhappy, confused, whatever it is, reach out to us at: info@thekindhelper.com and we’d be happy to further help you out.