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Biko, Premiering on 27 February
Watch the Official Trailer HERE

The complicated past between a famous singer and a struggling lorry driver starts to come out after young Biko auditions for a role in a music video.
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Divorce Attorney Shin, Premiering on 4 March
Watch the Official Trailer HERE

Driven by a personal tragedy, a pianist-turned-lawyer navigates the complex world of divorce — fighting for his clients to win by any means necessary. 

Date of Release 28/2/2023

A Whole Lifetime with Jamie DemetriouNETFLIX COMEDY SPECIAL

A womb with a view. Awkward adulthood. The not-so-golden years. Journey through life’s stages with Jamie Demetriou in this musical sketch-comedy special. Download additional stills from the Netflix Media Center.

Date of Release 1/3/2023


When an American couple vacationing in Morocco falls victim to a random act of violence, a series of events unfolds across four countries.  

Bleach: The Bount  

Ichigo and his comrades come up against the Bount, soul cannibals who live longer by eating the souls of other humans.


Equal parts brains and blagging, this quiz show expects and encourages contestants to cheat their way to a cash prize. The one rule? Don’t get caught! Download additional stills from the Netflix Media Center.

Django Unchained  

Accompanied by a German bounty hunter, a freed slave named Django travels across America to free his wife from a sadistic plantation owner.

Kate & Leopold  

Nineteenth-century nobleman Leopold time-travels to 2001 New York. Kate must show him the ways of the modern world, as he shows her the ways of love.

LEGO: City Adventures: Season 4

Who created Lego City? Madison and Billy’s history assignment uncovers a mystery with twists, turns — and a few explosions — this season.  

Love Destiny The Movie  

Bhop dreams of a woman he loved in another life, believing he’s destined to find her again. But a mysterious time traveller obstructs his plan.

The Mummy Returns  

Egyptologists unearth a prehistoric relic capable of releasing cataclysmic forces and satanic warriors led by the sinister Scorpion King.

Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go: Season 2

It’s full steam ahead on fun as Thomas and friends explore new parts of Sodor island, make exciting deliveries, and learn about teamwork.  

Time to Love  

A single city girl accidentally travels back in time to the Qing Dynasty, where her modern antics soon catch the eye of two imperial princes.

Tonight You’re Sleeping with MeNETFLIX FILM

Stuck in a passionless marriage, a journalist must choose between her distant but loving husband and a younger ex-boyfriend who has re-entered her life.


In 1970s Alabama, racial divisions test the talent, faith and mettle of black high school football star Tony Nathan, both on and off the gridiron.

You Got Served

When a cocky rival challenges their dance crew to a battle, two best friends must put their issues aside and step up their game to win money and glory.  

Young Guns II

With a bounty on his head, Billy the Kid and company run off to Mexico, only to be sought after by Pat Garrett, a former partner of Billy’s.

Date of Release 2/3/2023

Karate SheepNETFLIX K&F

Keeping a flock of sheep safe from a hungry wolf is hard work! Luckily, Wanda and Trico have a few tricks — and kicks — up their woolly sleeves. Download additional stills from the Netflix Media Center.

Monique Olivier: Accessory to Evil NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY

From 1987 to 2003, Michel Fourniret cemented his legacy as France’s most infamous murderer. But his wife was an enigma: Was she a pawn or a participant? Download additional stills from the Netflix Media Center.

Date of Release 3/3/2023


When his mother is kidnapped by a violent crime syndicate, Hafiz must try to free her using the clues left on a RM100 banknote by his murdered father. 

Date of Release 4/3/2023

Chris Rock: Selective Outrage NETFLIX COMEDY SPECIAL

Chris Rock makes comedy history as he performs stand-up in real time for Netflix’s first global live-streaming event. Check out the date announcement HERE and get the latest updates on the show from the Netflix Media Center

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