Hama Japanese Dining Just Launched a Brand New Japanese Buffet Menu!

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Hama Japanese Dining

With a brand new menu, you’re about to experience an even more lovely culinary experience at Hama Japanese Dining located at Plaza Arkadia in Desa Parkcity, KL. There are 131 dishes to choose from at Hama Japanese Dining, where everything is freshly prepared. 

Ranging from fresh sashimi to seared scallops, you’ll have the best time dining in this cosy dining space. All you have to do is bring your appetite! 

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Hama Japanese Dining

Hama Japanese Dining, a Japanese buffet in KL is more than just a name; it is an experience that combines tradition and creativity. Hama, which is derived from the Japanese term for “beach,” delivers the wonders of the sea to your plate. 

Hama Japanese Dining

Add on RM20 for unlimited oysters 

Their menu combines traditional culinary traditions with modern artistry, offering a tapestry of flavours ranging from classic sushi to smokey. Beyond a name, Hama represents shared moments in which generations bond over outstanding food and friendly hospitality. 

Hama prioritises premium ingredients gathered from both local and international suppliers in order to create traditional Japanese cuisine. All ingredients, from vegetables to seafood, are delivered daily to preserve peak freshness as part of their dedication to producing great flavours.

Hama Japanese Dining

While they highlight local produce, they import certain ingredients on a limited basis to assure authenticity and an outstanding dining experience. The quick transition from procurement to preparation guarantees that the brilliant flavours and colours of their dishes encapsulate the vibrancy of freshness.

Hama Japanese Dining

Image: Kaki Tomago Miso

Hama Japanese Dining

Image: Kaki Hiro Yaki

Hama Japanese Dining promises that the cuisine you’re about to eat is more than just a meal; it’s an unforgettable culinary journey marked by superb ingredients and exquisite freshness. Come taste the essence of “Hama,” where every dish tells a tale and every meal is a celebration.

Other than a menu filled with amazing Japanese dishes, you’ll be able to dine in a cozy space with options of indoors as well outdoors! 

Hama Japanese Dining
Hama Japanese Dining

Signature Sensations: The Irresistible All-Stars Menu

The Symphony of Sushi

You’ll embark on an oceanic journey with Hama Japanese Dining’s sashimi. Each piece, which has been beautifully sliced, melts on your tongue and imparts the flavour of the sea. Its exquisite combination of colours, textures, and flavours is likely to pique your appetite. 

The sashimi here is extremely fresh, you won’t be disappointed! This is because fresh seafood is brought in daily. You heard that right! The freshness of sashimi will immediately transport you to the heart of the ocean. 

Hama Japanese Dining
Hama Japanese Dining

Image: (Maki section – Grill Salmon, Unagi, Soft Shell Crab, Ebi Cheese, Spicy Salmon, Unakyu Tempura

Hama Japanese Dining

Hotate Delights Beyond Compare

The enticing flavour of hotate, also known as scallops, is unlike any other. Each bite is a combination of sweetness and softness, served precisely seared. It’s a dish that exemplifies their chefs’ skill and the incomparable freshness that comes from their ingredients.

Hama Japanese Dining

Tempura –  A Crispy Affair

Their tempura brings you a symphony of crunch and succulence. Each element, from shrimp to vegetables, is covered in a delicate, airy batter and cooked to golden perfection. The texture contrast and subtle flavour balance give this dish a must-try feeling. If you love tempura dishes, you’ve got to try their golden, crispy masterpieces that just burst with flavours!

Hama Japanese Dining

Image: Tempura Moriwase

Chawanmushi’s Subtle Elegance

Hama Japanese Dining’s Chawanmushi, commonly referred to as a savoury egg custard is a monument to the charm of simplicity. With delicate texture and rich flavour, it’s a balanced blend of ingredients that creates a comforting and delightful dish. 

Custard’s texture is so soft that it melts in your mouth! The oh-so-smooth Pitan Chawanmush which features a start ingredient – century egg is no doubt, one of the crowd’s favourites and it’s certainly a must-try! It has just the right balance of savoury and umami taste, giving you a satisfying experience.

Hama Japanese Dining

Image: Pitan Chawanmushi

Hama Japanese Dining

Buta – Savour The Finest Pork

Their Buta (pork) dishes pay homage to the Japanese grilling art. Every bite is a celebration of exceptional ingredients and dedication to detail, tender and delicious. If you love pork, you’re in for a treat! The succulent meat with just the right ingredients is enough to make you come back for more. 

Some of The Crowd’s Favourites

If you’re wondering what are the crowd’s favourites in Hama Japanese Dining other than their signature dishes, here are some of them from the new menu so you’ll know what to order while you’re here! Sukiyaki (beef) is one of the must-try items from the new menu. Rich in umami and just the right amount of sweetness, the broth is flavourful and some would even say addictive! Try it for yourself so you know what we mean!

Another dish is the Shabu Shabu – Tori which is a clear flavourful soup with chicken slices. This dish has a more comforting taste, perfect for a rainy day! 

Hama Japanese Dining

Image: Sukiyaki (Beef)

Hama Japanese Dining

Image: Shabu Shabu – Tori

If you love eating fish, White Fish Shioyaki is also a crowd’s favourite here. It’s super fresh that you can taste the natural sweetness of the fish! You might also like the Teriyaki sauce poured over it.

Ebi Furai which is deep fried breaded prawns is something you don’t want to miss either. The buttery and juicy prawns have a crispy coating that is golden brown, fried to perfection! Don’t forget to dip into their specially made dipping sauce for that extra flavour!

Hama Japanese Dining

Image: White Fish Teriyaki

Hama Japanese Dining

Best Japanese Buffet in KL

If you’d love to feast yourself on limitless sushi, sashimi, and other delights without having to break the bank, get ready to take pleasure in diverse Japanese plates that are both tasty and fresh at Hama Japanese Dining, one of the best Japanese buffets in KL.

This Japanese buffet in KL with unlimited refills will cost you:

  • RM98++ Per Adult
  • RM58++ Per Senior Citizen (aged 60 and above)
  • RM58++ For Children (130cm-140cm)

Ladies, take note: Hama Japanese Dining hosts a ladies’ night every Tuesday! One adult gets to dine for FREE for every 4 adults. This is applicable from 5.30pm-11pm.

Weekend Lunch Special: Each kid accompanied by one adult can savour their meal for only RM9.90! 

Experience The Magnificent Hama Japanese Dining

The devotion of Hama Japanese Dining to provide an extraordinary culinary adventure is shown not only in their tasty dishes but also in the lasting memories they create for their customers.

The variety of events and gatherings they have the honour of hosting is one of the best indications of their customers’ appreciation. These get-togethers are a wonderful testimonial to the warmth and joy Hama’s customers feel as they choose Hama for their special occasions.

Furthermore, they value their customers’ feedback because it helps Hama to provide an even better dining experience. Hama strives to understand and meet the expectations of the customers they serve while continuously improving their offerings.

With a high rating of more than 600, Hama Japanese Dining is proud to share that they have maintained this rating ever since they opened the restaurant in April 2022!

Hama Japanese Dining

Book here today if you wish to go on an oceanic escape filled with adventure in serenity.

Address: Perdana, Unit F-G-7, Plaza Arkadia, 3, Jalan Intisari, Desa Parkcity, 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 12:00pm – 3:00pm, 5:30pm – 11:00pm

Lunch Buffet on weekend/ public holidays: 12:00pm-3:00pm (last call at 2:30pm)

Dinner Buffet daily (last call at 9:45pm)

*Dining time is limited to 2 hours only

Contact: https://wa.me/message/CBSGT24WN2WVD1 (Whatsapp only)

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