What Are The Benefits Of SmartHeart Mobile App?

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What Are The Benefits Of SmartHeart Mobile App?

We don’t know about you but we find mobile apps much more convenient to use compared to websites. They’re easy to access and save a lot of time. Besides that, there’s no need to go to the physical store to get your shopping done. Now that we’re more towards the mobile era, you can do your shopping right from your bed! 

As you know the SmartHeart Mobile App is a mobile application designed to be a “One Stop Centre” for you and your Si Comel, installing the app on your mobile phone brings a lot of benefits as well other than just purchasing your pet’s favourite food and treats. Using the SmartHeart Mobile App can save you so much time, effort and of course money just by a few clicks! All you have to do is just download the app on your smartphone and save your details. By saving your details on the app, there’s no need to refill your details everytime you make a purchase. 

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Get information on products

The app is more helpful than you think! It allows you to get more information on the products when you click on the product itself. The information provided on the app includes essential benefits, nutritional composition as well as ingredients used in the product. 

Earn reward points

Another one of the benefits of SmartHeart Mobile App is being able to earn reward points with every purchase of SmartHeart products. The more SmartHeart products you purchase, the more reward points you’ll earn. So what can you do with these reward points?

Accumulate these points and soon you can use the points to redeem any of the SmartHeart exclusive merchandise starting from 1000 points. Some of the merchandise you can redeem include SmartHeart Gold Playpen for your furbaby at 50,000 points, SmartHeart Gold Semi-Auto Umbrella at 30,000 points and SmartHeart Cat Food Container at 50,000 points. 

Another way you can earn reward points is by referring the SmartHeart Mobile App to a friend. Everytime you invite a new friend, you’ll earn 1000 points. If you’re wondering how to invite a friend to join this app, just head over to the app, go to Referral Program, click share and choose any of your friends you want to invite. Make sure they join by clicking the link you sent and you’ll immediately get those points! The more friends you invite, the more points you’ll earn!

Stay updated with latest news and promotions

Apart from collecting points from your purchases, with the app, you could also stay updated with all the latest news and activities involving SmartHeart. Any new SmartHeart products, latest promotions, freebies or campaigns can be found on the app too!

Join contests

Other than that, the app brings you news of the latest contests you can join where you can win some awesome prizes! This will be updated on the app. So be sure to keep yourself updated by checking the app from time to time. You really don’t want to miss out on exciting deals! 

Redeem free coupons

We all love good deals, don’t we? With the app, you’ll find free coupons that you can redeem and get your pet’s favourite food and treats at a discounted price. That way, you’ll save more money. Yay for free coupons!

Set up pet profile

Last but not least, you can also set up your very own pet profile. Now Si Comel can have their own profile on the app. How cute is that! Just upload a picture of your pet and fill up some details and ta-daa, you’re done!

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