Eh Gang, What Is SmartHeart Mobile App?

by The Kind Helper

Eh Geng, What Is SmartHeart Mobile App?

If you haven’t heard of SmartHeart, it’s about time you get to know more about it because your Si Comel is about to have the best meal ever! Yes, you heard that right! It’s a pet food brand under Perfect Companion Group that is based in Thailand and is known worldwide for its high-quality products, ensuring only the best quality ingredients are used in each and every one of its products. SmartHeart Mobile App is the initiative of Perfect Companion Malaysia in creating a One Stop Center for pet owners. 

So what is SmartHeart Mobile App? Now that you know about SmartHeart, we’re here to tell you that they have recently launched their app on Apple and Play stores. The SmartHeart Mobile App is a mobile application specially designed to be a “One Stop Centre” for you and your Si Comel! 

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to get your pet’s favourite treats from the convenience of a mobile app? It’s quick, convenient, time-saving and super easy to use from the comfort of your home!

No more fuss of going out of your way to the pet store to get your furbaby’s food anymore! It’s so convenient, all you need is just a few clicks to get your items delivered right to your doorstep. Everything is so easy-peasy with the SmartHeart Mobile App!

What can you do on the app, you may ask? Well, on the app, you’ll be able to purchase pet food ranging from treats to wet food with only a few clicks. Besides purchasing your pet’s favourite food, you can also participate in contests through the app and walk away with amazing prizes. Yasss! Who doesn’t love winning prizes anyway? We know we do!

Knowing us Malaysians, we also love promotions! Here on the app, you’ll get to enjoy exciting promotions from time to time. Be sure to check the app for more updates on their promotions. You can enjoy discounts and vouchers for SmartHeart products, what a steal! 

We don’t know about you, but this is too cute! Wait for it – you can set up your pet profile for your pet with a profile picture and some other details like date of birth and breed. How cute is that!

On this convenient app, you can easily track your past orders too! That way, you don’t need to worry about what you have purchased for your furbaby in the past as all your past purchases will be recorded on the app. 

By purchasing their products, you’ll be collecting reward points. Rewards points are points earned through making purchases. The more you purchase, the more reward points you’ll earn! Also, Upon signing up as a member of the SmartHeart Mobile App, you’ll earn 1000 points. Collect sufficient reward points and soon you’ll be able to redeem any product of your choice. 

Apart from that, you can also earn reward points just by answering some fun quizzes that they have on the app. It’s that simple! Get them all right and you’ll earn 100 points! 

For those who prefer to shop at the physical store to get your Si Comel’s food, you can locate nearby pet stores for your convenience with just a few clicks on the app and you’re good to go! There’s no need to google the nearest pet store to get your SmartHeart products anymore! 

Now that you know about the SmartHeart Mobile App, what are you waiting for? Download it now on the App or Play Store and you’re on your way to a fuss-free shopping experience for your pet! 

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