What Can You Buy Using SmartHeart Mobile App?

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What Can You Buy Using SmartHeart Mobile App?

If you didn’t know already, SmartHeart is a pet food brand that is well-known worldwide offering high-quality and nutrient-rich products for animals. They ensure only proper nutritional care and the best quality ingredients are used in each and every product. Just like how we like food made with only the best ingredients – the same goes for our pets! After all, they’re our precious furbabies and they truly deserve the best for their health, wellness and fitness.

Wondering what can you buy using the SmartHeart Mobile App? The app allows you to scroll and browse through all their products at your fingertips! Whether you’re looking for the best dog food, cat food, bird food or other small animal food such as rodents and hamsters, they have a wide range of tasty and nutritious food as well as treats that your pets will surely love!

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Food for doggo

When it comes to dog food, SmartHeart has dry food ranging from puppy to adult dog food with flavours such as Chicken & Egg, Chicken & Liver, Lamb & Rice, Roast Beef and more. If your doggo prefers wet food, they also have canned food with flavours such as Beef & Liver, Beef & Vege, Chicken & Liver and more. If you’re looking for dog treats, you could also purchase them on the SmartHeart Mobile App. 

Food for Si Comel

Looking for cat food for your Si Comel? Look no further! You can purchase dry cat food on the app with flavours such as Chicken & Tuna, Seafood, Chicken & Whitefish and more! Some cats can be quite fussy with food, we get it. But there is a range of wet food with various flavours on the app that you can get for your cat that comes in canned as well as a pouch. Not forgetting the yummy treats your cat will love too. Just purr-fect for Si Comel! 

Food for small animals

Other than dog and cat food, you can also purchase small animal food such as for rodents and hamsters on the SmartHeart Mobile App. Just head over to the ‘Small Animal Food’ category, tap either rodent or hamster and add them to cart. They will be delivered right to your doorstep. There’s no need to go through the hassle of going out of your way or finding a parking anymore! All can be done simply by using the SmartHeart Mobile App.

Product details

While you’re browsing through your pet food on the app, there are product details available on the app as well! This makes it even easier for you to choose the best food and treats for your furbabies. The product details include essential benefits, nutritional composition and ingredients used in the product. Choosing the right food for your pet now is so easy and convenient! All you need to do is just browse through the products on the app. 

Shop Now With SmartHeart Mobile App

Shop for your pet’s favourite food right here on this app. Choose from a range of dry and wet food as well as treats for they only deserve the best! Install the SmartHeart Mobile App on your mobile phone now and make life so much easier! 

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