Netflix’s BERLIN To Premiere In December

by The Kind Helper

Netflix has announced that BERLIN is set to premiere in December 2023. Pedro Alonso reprises his role as the titular character in the highly anticipated La casa de papel spin-off, which follows the character’s journey through one of his most extraordinary robberies.

There are only two things that are sure to turn a bad day into a great one: love, and a payday worth millions. They are what keeps Berlin going through his golden years, a time when he still has no inkling of his illness and has not gotten trapped like a rat in the Spanish Mint. This is where he starts preparing one of his most extraordinary heists: making jewels worth 44 million disappear like some sort of magic trick. To do it, he’ll enlist the help of one of the three gangs he’s ever stolen with.

Rounding up the cast are Michelle Jenner, Tristán Ulloa, Begoña Vargas, Julio Peña Fernández, and Joel Sánchez, who play the members of Berlin’s gang: 

Keila (Michelle Jenner)

A virtuoso of electrical engineering. An expert in digital codes and cybersecurity. Smart, sensitive and a misfit in equal measures.

Michelle Jenner as Keila. Image, courtesy of Netflix.

Damián (Tristán Ulloa)

An engineer, physicist, and chemist. The perfect person to make Berlin’s impossible ideas a reality, which may be why they’re close friends. On the clock, he’s an academic with advanced degrees in engineering and physics. In his free time, a criminal mastermind.

Tristán Ulloa as Damián. Image, courtesy of Netflix.

Cameron (Begoña Vargas)

A force of nature. She lives on the edge and drives there too, and never weighs the odds. But that’s not why she’s in the gang. That’s a much more painful story…

Begoña Vargas as Cameron. Image, courtesy of Netflix.

Roi (Julio Peña Fernández)

Roi also has talent, but it’s for opening locks and getting into prison. That is, until he meets Berlin and becomes his star pupil and faithful sidekick. Together, they make a strange pair.

Julio Peña Fernández as Roi. Image, courtesy of Netflix.

Bruce (Joel Sánchez)

A man who can handle any gadget. Weapons, heavy-duty cranes, thermal lances. Laid-back, charming, and a carefree soul. Sometimes you’d bet he doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together, but it’s a bet you’d lose.

Joel Sánchez as Bruce. Image, courtesy of Netflix. 

Created by Álex Pina (La casa de papel, Sky Rojo) and Esther Martínez Lobato (La casa de papel, Sky Rojo), the eight-episode series is written by Álex Pina, Esther Martínez Lobato, David Barrocal, David Oliva, and Lorena G. Maldonado, and will be directed by Albert Pintó (Sky Rojo, Malasaña 32), David Barrocal (Sky Rojo), and Geoffrey Cowper (Day Release).

The series began shooting last October in Paris and is still being filmed in Madrid.

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