7 Cozy Sofa Beds In Malaysia That Should Be On Your Checklist

by Lavanyah Guna
sofa bed malaysia

Sofa Beds in Malaysia

Many of us do have a habit of crashing on the couch while we catch up on the last episodes of our favourite series and no, we don’t want to remember the number of times we had to roll over or fix our position to be comfy without any aches. The sofa is practical for those who can sit and watch television, unlike some of us who loves sleeping or lay down, a sofa bed is a must.

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Not only versatile, but a sofa bed occupies less space too. With living spaces that are becoming tighter now, so no worries if you like having guests over at your place as sofa beds are ideal for you.  Before listing out the best sofa beds, we at The Kind Helper have a little explanation on how to choose them, just in case it’s your first time purchasing them.

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How To Choose A Sofa Bed

  1. Material – Go for the strongest or most durable frames where they are usually made up of plywood or hardwood. Apart from that, the material of the mattress is vital to provide comfort and protect the back, hips and shoulders. A thick mattress doesn’t necessarily mean they are better and vice versa.
  2. Size – Some sofa beds come with the capability of unfolding where some can’t be done differently. Besides, take into consideration the number of people who will be using the sofa bed and get an appropriate size.
  3. Convenience/Usage – The exact spot where the sofa bed will be placed is significant. Before getting them do measure it and if you are thinking of placing them in your living room go for a smaller one compared to your bedroom choice of the sofa bed.

Best Sofa Beds In Malaysia

1. Cassa Mimo Foldable Queen 6 Inch Thick Foam Mattress / 2 Seater Sofa Bed 4 In 1

Good night sleep is the key to a happy life! Cassa Mimo sofa bed offers a good quality of rubber foam which is beneficial to your backbone. It could also be placed in the living room or bedroom because apart from the sleeping mattress, it is after all a sofa too. The thickness of the mattress would make you sleep in seconds as it is 6 inches thick.

sofa bed malaysia
  • Sofa Size: Queen
  • Bed Size: 60″x32″x12″



2. LIKE BUG OLLY 2 in 1 Foldable Sofa Bed

Practical and easy to move around, this Like Bug OLLY is foldable that would help your apartment look tidy! It comes in three earth colours, brown, grey and black that match up with your other furniture and any style of interior design.

The sofa bed has canvas fabric which has proven to be very durable and it retained the colour very well that could last longer than other types of fabric. The sofa bed frame is made out of two types of wood which is MDF board (Medium Density Fibreboard) and hardwood to ensure the sofa bed is solid.

sofa bed malaysia
  • Sofa Bed Size:   

2 Seater Unfold Size: 115cm x 90cm x 33

3 Seater Unfold Size: 140cm x 90cm x 33cm

4 Seater Unfold Size: 170cmx 90cm x 33cm



3.Viva Houz Helena Premium Quality Sofa Bed 3 Seater Sofa

Viva Houz Helena sofa bed is not just stylish, it can also be transformed into a 3-seater sofa! This premium sofa bed has three adjustable back-rest mechanisms that could help you get comfortable in whatever position you are in; you could be watching the television, studying or even get a message on this sofa bed.

In addition, it comes in four different colours; dark brown, light brown, dark grey and maroon which you could wash frequently as it has a removable cover

sofa bed malaysia
  • Sofa Size: L187 X W86 X H83cm
  • Bed Size: L187 X W118 X H43cm



4. Casa Muebles: Jaeden Pu Leather Sofa Bed 2 in 1

This sofa bed is both elegant and comfortable! It has a high-density sponge that could help you relax after a tiring day. It is made of a solid wood frame that is safe and stable to support up to 200kg, which you don’t have to worry about stability if you have a huge family.

Besides that, it comes with two types of seater that you could choose, which is 3-seater and 4-seater in either black or red colour.

sofa bed malaysia
  • Sofa Bed Size: L150/180 X W100 X H30



5. Colorlife Combi Sofa Bed

Colorlife sofa bed is for both children and adults and can be used for your guests. Chill activities such as reading newspapers, short naps and watching TV would be better if you do it on this sofa bed!

Colorlife is generous enough to give two free pillows to put on the sofa that can also be used as sleeping pillows if you transform them into bed. The best thing about this sofa bed is it is super affordable and comes with cool features.

sofa bed malaysia
  • Sofa Size: L1966 X W840 X H790 X SD550 X SH395
  • Bed Size: L1966 X W1050 X H790 X SD550 X SH395


6. Atmua Perfect Sofa Bed

Easy to assemble and perfect for any type of living room space! The sofa bed can be accommodated into two positions at once, one half can remain elevated while the other half can recline into a flat position. Atmua sofa bed is made in Malaysia that could support 250kg with the help of a sturdy wooden frame that they used!

sofa bed malaysia
  • Sofa Size: W198x D85x H75cm
  • Bed Size: W198x D110x H38 cm


7. MF DESIGN KENNY 3 Seater Fabric Sofa Bed

If you are looking for a simple and modern look design for a sofa bed, MF Design Kenny sofa bed is what you are looking for! It is comfortable and has an excellent build that comes in three different colours; brown, blue and grey. If you want to use it as a bed, you could easily fold down a metal support stand and that’s it, you are ready to sleep!

sofa bed malaysia
  • Sofa Bed Size: L 1700 X W 810 X H 800 MM




1. What is the best sofa bed?

The best sofa bed should complement all you need like the design ( to go along with other interiors), size, placement area, materials used and the budget. You can definitely check out the sofa beds above and make a decision on which will suit you the most.

2. How to clean the sofa bed?

Before cleaning any mess, do go through the manual guide first. This is because different materials have a distinctive approach to cleaning. You can either vacuum or dry clean them. If possible, consider sofa beds that have sheets/layers on top of them. You could also hire professional cleaning services if you’re not confident enough to clean it yourself. 

3. What is the best sofa bed?

The best sofa bed should complement all you need like the design ( to go along with other interiors), size, placement area, materials used and the budget. You can definitely check out the sofa beds above and make a decision on which will suit you the most.

4. How comfortable is a sofa bed?

If you have chosen the right one, it will absolutely save some serious bucks from getting a bed. Memory foams can provide you with all the comfort that is needed.

5. How useful is a sofa bed?

Sofa beds are the best alternatives for the usual beds. They are

  • A great investment
  • Space-saving
  • Convenient
  • Multifunctional
  • Comfortable

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