Get Luscious, Golden Waffles With These 6 Outstanding Waffle Makers Malaysia

by Lavanyah Guna

Waffle Maker Malaysia

Breakfast should not be only consumed when you are at home where you should be able to prepare them even if you are leaving your workplace.

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Apart from the usual practice of Malaysians where they stop by their favourite ‘Mak Cik’s Stall’ to grab some curry puffs or nasi lemak ayam, where, at times they can make a few crunchy, sweet and savoury waffles at home with their own waffle makers Malaysia.

Waffles can be served for breakfast, dinner and even lunch. If you love eating them and do not want to feel guilty for not eating really ‘healthy’, do add some fresh sliced fruits, an egg or sautéed veggies to gain the absolute nutrients.

There are also many recipes on how to make gluten-free, dairy-free and low-fat waffles out there.

And, if you would like to make waffles and have started looking for waffle makers, look no further as we have listed several top picked waffle makers for you!

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How To Choose A Waffle Maker?

  1. Good heat distribution – To make sure that your waffle is evenly cooked.
  2. Non-stick plates – Non-stick plates ensure that no batter or waffle remains in the plate, make it easier for cleaning purposes.
  3. Easy storage and effortless cleaning – When we think about cooking the workload comes to our minds first. So, opt for something that is easier to be cleaned and does not take up the entire space in your kitchen.
  4. Shape and size– Shape is always a preference. The size of the maker is quite important and depends on the number of people you feeding. If you have a bigger family, perhaps you can consider those makers with more plates.
  5. Speed – Look for a waffle maker that is efficient to avoid overcooking. Generally, a waffle maker takes approximately 2-6 minutes and it depends on the selected model as well.
  6. Indicators – A waffle maker with indicators will keep you alert.

Best Waffle Makers Malaysia

1. Russell Taylors Belgian Waffle Maker with Temperature Control (Stainless Steel) WM-25

Russel Taylors is a popular brand that everyone wants to get their hands on! Their waffle maker is what you should get if you like your waffles cooked in certain ways as you could control the temperature.

If you are worried that your children are going to grab on to the waffle maker and burn themselves, don’t! Because it has child safety features.

Also, you would never miss breakfast again as they have a timer, where you could put in your batter and come back after you are done getting ready to have a warm and tasty waffle.

waffle makers malaysia



2. Electric Waffles Maker Bubble Egg Cake Oven

If you are a fan of tiny food, you would love this electric waffle maker! It takes only a few minutes to cook because of the size that is similar to the palm of your hand. You would also be happy to know that it is double-sided heating which would save your time and more importantly, your electricity.

We have some ideas of what you could cook with this electric waffle maker besides waffles, you could make paninis, potato pancakes, and even biscuit pizzas!

waffle makers malaysia



3. Breville Smart Waffle Maker BWM640 (4 Slice)

Breville Smart Waffle Maker is what you need if you are a clean person. It is easy to clean, it won’t have messy batter drips, and best of all, the waffles won’t stick on it! Apart from that, it has a Waffle IQ, don’t worry it won’t control your house!

Waffle IQ is a dynamic user control which means it would automatically calculate the correct cooking time for whatever style of waffle and colour that you select. Isn’t that so cool?

waffle makers malaysia



4. Non-Stick Waffle Pan Maker Square Mold Dessert Maker Plate Cooking Baking

If you are looking for a waffle maker that you could use for a long period of time, this is a perfect waffle maker for you! It is mainly made of aluminium alloy which could prevent rust.

When people usually cook waffles, there’s a good chance that you could get burnt and this waffle maker would help you to protect your skin as it has a long handle that is easy for you to grip. On top of that, it is square-shaped, which is different from the usual waffle shape!

waffle makers malaysia



5. Kenwood 3-in-1 Sandwich Maker SMP84C0WH

Whether you are having a simple lunch or a quick breakfast, this sandwich maker is ideal for you to have any type of meal that would make your tummy full as it is a combination of grill griddle plates and deep fill sandwich plates. In addition, the plates are removable and it helps to clean easier!

waffle maker malaysia


6. Russell Taylors Rotating Waffle Maker WM-30

Russell Taylors didn’t product with one single waffle maker, but two! This one is the upgraded version of all waffle makers you’ve seen. The name says it all, it has a rotary function which would make your waffle crispier and warmer! You could also serve thick waffles to satisfy your cravings for more!

waffle maker malaysia



7. Hanabishi 2 Slices Non-Stick Waffle Maker HA5638

The Hanabishi Waffle Maker could be a special gift for your loved ones! It is simple and easy to use and not to mention, it makes two slices of waffles at a time.

Another perk of this waffle maker is it has 2 pilot lights for power & heating, it could help to identify when your waffle is starting to cook until the moment it’s done!

The design is minimal and the size is not too big for you to store it in your kitchen cabinet too.




1. What are the best waffle makers Malaysia?

We would recommend all these waffle makers above. It relies upon your needs and budget to get the waffle maker of your choice!

2. How can I clean my waffle maker?

Usually, most of the waffle makers are provided with a manual book/guide. You can clean them using a soft sponge and your usual washing liquid/soap etc. Never use harsh/too strong substances. 

3. How to make crispy and crunchy waffles?

Any waffles that are made should be eaten as soon as it is taken from the mould. Ingredients such as milk, cream and water can do the wonders.

4. How to know if a waffle is well-cooked?

A nicely cooked waffle should smell toasty and nutty. It will be in golden brown, fluffy on the inside and crisp on the outside. Besides, do have an eye on the indicators as well.

5. How long does it take for a waffle to be cooked?

This solely depends on the waffle makers. Some waffle makers do take time around 2-3 minutes or more than 5 minutes too. 

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