Best Treadmill Malaysia: Stay Fit & Healthy With These Treadmills

by Lavanyah Guna

Best Treadmill Malaysia

‘If the gym used to be your home before the days of not wearing masks and scanning MySejahtera’

‘If you fancy going for a run in your neighbourhood at night but the anxiety button turns on thinking about safety’

‘If you gotta wait for hours to hop on the treadmill due to the troublemaker’s( Covid) consequences (social distancing) at the local rink once it’s fully sanitised ’

‘If burning some serious calories after a heavy, scrumptious meal is what you are looking for’

Don’t worry as we at The Happy Hormones are here as a remedy for your headaches. How? By listing out the best treadmills in Malaysialah, how else?

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Treadmills are a great source to watch your weight and wallow in an aerobic workout perhaps while you watch a movie to make your fitness session interesting. Some treadmills allow you to design custom programs in accordance with your needs too. 

Shall we go through the future treadmills that are likely to be in addition at your home?

1. Johnson Fitness Tempo T81 

The energy saver mode in the Johnson Fitness Tempo T81 will undoubtedly save your electricity bill in the long run where more space for air conditioning while you hug your pillow tight is guaranteed! Besides, with an ideal zone cushioning system, they don’t prefer adding extra stress to your life as the treadmill emphasis on comfort and limits joint stress. 

  • Running Belt – Providing convenience for longer runs with extra thick and better grip features to protect you at all costs.
  • Contact Heart Rate – Get notified when your heart rate is in an optimal zone for more sessions of drenching in sweat.
  • EasyLift System – Secure some space at home once you are done with this easy peasy system.

Do check out the websites to discover some of the hidden features right now!

You can buy it online here.

2. Columbus Fitness S900 Professional Treadmill 

Supporting load up to 130kg, this professional treadmill has a low noise design of less than 60dB – no worries, your neighbour or sister from the other room wouldn’t be bothered. 

This elegant and sporty treadmill that can be installed with only 5 minutes (95% pre-assembly) will utterly complement the interior if you love coordinating everything at home. 

Oh, the incline and decline feature would challenge you to get going and to know more about it and what this treadmill has to offer, click the link below. 

You can buy it online here.

3. ADSports AD509 

A treadmill that does not make a hole in your pocket. Crafted with high strength alloy steel body, the 12 different exercise modes will spice up your routine along with the stereo speaker and MP3 + AUX In Function. 

ADSports AD509 has 2 variations which are the single and multifunction machines. The multi-function is perfect for a soothing waist, hip and leg slimming massage without having the need to find a spa.

Apart from that, never say no to a cardio day as this treadmill is equipped with a speed range of12.8 km/h for an absolute walking or running session!

You can buy it online here.

4. Fitness Concept Trax Trail Runner

‘Hmm, would it be hard to manage?’ is one of the most heard lines by a shopkeeper. The aftermath of purchasing a product makes us think twice if it needs extra care.

However, the Fitness Concept Trax Trail Runner has an auto lubrication facility that requires little maintenance only. Having 12 preset programs, the fear of slipping/skidding off should no longer be in you because the large running area and anti-slip side rails are in your favour. 

Meanwhile, the heart rate monitor assists you in meeting fitness goals, 5% inclination could burn up more calories and you can blast your preferred, soul-touching music with the USB/Mp3 ports.

That isn’t it! There’s more and we’ll leave it to you to scrutinize the other wonders!

You can buy it online here.

These are the 4 treadmills worth investing in. Anyhow, if you happen to get a chance of heading to the gyms, do so as many businesses especially the fitness industry was affected terribly by the pandemic and it’s time for us to support them.

Excuse me, by the way, don’t forget to get a treadmill okay?

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