11 Best Artisan Grazing Platters In Malaysia That’ll Make Your Tummies Happy

by Lavanyah Guna

Grazing Platter

Having people at your place makes you over the moon? Thinking about what to prepare for dinner or a snacking session while you have a girls’ night can be a hassle for real. Slaving in the kitchen for hours cooking a new dish hoping it would turn good and delicious is like third time’s a charm unless brewing and grilling is easy peasy for you.

Therefore, have you heard about grazing platters before? Yes, the ones that are piled with artisanal cheese, fruits and vegetables. How else a girls’ night is perfect when you have these platters where you can sip on glasses of wine while you enjoy the moments in a beautiful teepee? 

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Grazing platters are to be delighted in casual dining for up to two or three of you. As always, we are done with our exploration to find the best grazing platters in Malaysia for you!

1. Keju by Carmen

Large Birthday Platter

Are you team sweet or team savoury? Keju by Carmen’s platters has got you covered with their Truffle Butter, Basil Pesto and Beetroot Hummus sauces in cracked coconuts. 

Fruits, vegetables, artisanal cheese, charcuterie and other accompaniments are there to leave a lasting impression on your tastebuds. Dip and eat them with their signature mouth-watering sauces that are currently sold as a standalone item!

Brunch Platter

Small or big, every grazing platters are deluged with love and fresh snackable items with customisable options. You do not want to miss out on their seasonal grazing platters where you can munch on the crunchy murukkus for Deepavali and so on!


2. Jo and Ko

Petit Kiddo, Smol, Midyum and Loorge are the sizes of the grazing platters at Jo and Ko. A tea party for a group of best buddies by the garden with fluttering butterflies, chirping birds and waving daisies would make the day of any children.

Meatless Platter

The Petit Kiddo, consisting of chocolates, strawberries, pretzels, nuts and the rest will assure all smiles among the cutie-pies, making a way for the next enchanting tea-parties! While they cotton to the platter choosing the snacks to chew first, why not treat yourself to a platter with fruits, assorted pickles and crackers?


3. Platter People

Birthday Picnic Box

Date night at home – Scented candles, scattered rose petals, a bottle of wine, romantic movie and without a scrumptious meal, how is it even a date night, right?

Platter People’s XS Cheese Platter is all set to ignite the flame between you two! Besides, as a starter, a wrap-up meal or the main course itself, the all-around cheese platter will truly spruce up your meal. 

Chocolate Platter

With a plush feed, you are utterly spoilt with the choices of the artisanal platters. We recommend you getting a Chocolate Platter because chocolate makes everything sweeter and it’s okay to cheat for chocolate (we meant taking a break from your all day, errday healthy meal)!


4. Bon Bon Box 

Classic Bon Bon Box Platter

Bored of the same meal for your breakfast? Or do you wake up only when the sun is shining high in the sky after a countless number of alarm snoozes on the weekends?

Bon Bon Box prepares the absolute brunch to nibble while you are still in your PJ’s with a messy hair bun where you get to share kisses in between a bite of the cheese! 

From cheeses (soft cheese and hard cheese), seasonal premium fruits (grapes, strawberries, blueberries and others which are in season), dried fruits, nuts, crackers to baguettes, the rattan trays are reusable once you gobble the items. 


5. Milky Whey Cheese 

Are you ready to get cheesy? Annisa Iwan, a notorious cheesemaker, has more than 20 types of cheeses, fancy to local flavours with guaranteed pure in every bite making you say ‘More cheese, please!’. 

Halloumi, Ricotta, Chilli Padi Gouta and Turquoise Blue are Malaysians’ favourite where do customise them on their stunning platters too. 

If you happen to stop by Flock in W Kuala Lumpur or Atas Modern Malaysian Eatery in Ruma Hotel, do luxuriate in the menus with cheese as they are mostly by Milky Whey Cheese. 


6. Splatter

The paradise of fruits, cheese and kuih – Splatter. 

Whether if you feel like eating freshly-steamed kuih while sipping a cup of ‘kopi’, soaking in the sun by the breezy beach appreciating juicy fruits or dancing your heart out at a party after relishing in savoury cheese coated with Sarawak black peppers, leave it all to Splatter. 

Starting from RM 180 for Family Platters ( cheese & fruits, cheese & meat), the Party and Jumbo Platters are there too according to the number of packs

Swap out the items that you don’t fancy with those that you eat forever!

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7. Grazy in Love

Grazy in Love is a charm among the Johereans. Specialising platters that come in heart shapes as well, why not surprise your lovey-dovey, better half? 

Have you ever thought about a garden platter with broccoli, chillies, cauliflower, limes and so on? For those who have friends or family members who don’t mind spending hours gardening and harvesting, this so-called ‘garden platter’ is a splendid gift to warm their heart.


8. Platters KL

Signature Platter

Chicken Cuts? Beef Pastrami? Or Smoked Salmon? If you are lost in picking your favourite, don’t think twice, but have them all on your platter! 

We gotta admit that we usually get hammered away at our work forgetting to gift our closed ones and regret at the last hour. Fret not, because Platters KL is happy to help you.

Slide through their DM to leave your orders for the Signature, Chocolate & Custard, Pavi Platters or your preferred platter of glee right now! 


9. Together Gather

Together gather we eat and count memories while the palate beguiles us. Go for the On Cloud Wine, utterly with a bottle of wine for a dreamy date or consider the Make It Mini for a self-care day when you revel in your go-to-go movie all by yourself.

Every platter here is brimmed with an abundance of items ranging from fruits, artisan cheeses, mixed nuts, cold cuts and more. Available in various sizes, whether if it’s for a potluck or parties, let them know and just wait for a bang!

Stay tuned for their occasional themed platters that will amaze you undoubtedly!


10. My Happy Platter

Ending our list for the best platters in Malaysia with My Happy Platter. Calling out the vegans to try out their wholesome and healthy Vegetarian Sunshine Platter.

The large vegetarian platter is for 10 pax – 3 slices of cheese, 2 dips, fresh figs, yellow plums, birthday macarons and a collection of other vegetarian goodies are what you can expect. 

Using only Australian Beechworth Honey or locally-grown wild honey from Orang Asli settlements, get forever hooked to the hidden gems of the platters.


11. PlatterIT

PlatterIT is known for delicious Mexican platters, which is their no.1 bestseller! Not only that, but they also offer pork-free options as well as customized platters catered to your needs.

Mexican Platter
Pancake Platter


All the shops above allow you to personalise the platters according to your needs. Fill your tummy with food and heart with happiness with the platter that appeals the most to you!

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