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Giving Your Pet A Voice

MyPetGo Launches the Next Generation of Pet Health Tracker – the first multi-purpose
wearable that allows you to be on top of all aspects of your pets health; from
monitoring activity and location, to detecting and preventing health issues

SINGAPORE, DEC 19 – MyPetGo, a powerful and accurate health and location monitor for dogs
and cats, officially launched today. Founded on the belief that all pets deserve to live healthier,
happier and better lives, MyPetGo has created the world’s most advanced pet health monitor
and first-of-its-kind pet health ecosystem. By harnessing the power of innovative and
revolutionary technology, MyPetGo truly gives your pet a voice.

The heavy-duty yet lightweight (35g) wearable tracks’ location, measures activity levels, detects
behavioural patterns and records vital signs. The sophisticated AI-driven ecosystem is able to
quickly detect irregularities in your pets’ data and immediately notifies you of any potential
issues, along with actionable and preventive steps to improve your pet’s health and well-being.
The app also provides a marketplace for only the best local pet service providers.

With triaged online and offline data, MyPetGo provides the insights and data driven nextstep
recommendation to ensure your furry friend lives a happy, healthy and long lasting life.

CEO and Founder of MyPetGo, Richard Nilsson with Cesar, the inspiration behind MyPetGo

“As a pet parent, I’m blessed to have Cesar, my 8 year old maltese in my life as he is so much
more than just a pet to me, he is family. As a technology entrepreneur and as a data driven
person, I really wanted to create a pet monitor that can leverage data in a meaningful way,
combined with a next-step recommendation, linking up to a suitable service or product so that I
can provide Cesar with unparalleled care and support, while also simplifying being a caretaker.
With that in mind, MyPetGo was created for fur parents who want to become more responsible,
to get peace of mind, stay on top of health values, location and to consolidate all pet chores in
one place. We give your pet a voice to be able to communicate with you and really ‘explain ’
what they are trying to say,” said Richard Nilsson, CEO and Founder of MyPetGo.

One of the most devastating moments for any pet owner is when a loved one goes missing or
runs away (1 in 3 statistically will get lost or run away during their lifetime
1). And despite us doing our best to keep them safe, the situation is almost always out of our control. To make matters
worse, we are then faced with limited platforms and support to try to find them.

And as our pets get older, they are faced with many illnesses and potentially life-threatening
diseases which we wished we had been able to identify earlier, but unfortunately, unless the
symptoms present themselves or our pets visit the vet frequently, we are often left in the dark
until the very last minute.

On top of all that, the information and websites to book services, schedule appointments or
purchase of dietary-specific or premium food and other consumer products are spread out,
limited and time consuming to research and source.

MyPetGo collar comes in purple with new colours and limited edition options coming soon

With MyPetGo, all pet owners are able to have thorough access to all these facilities at their
fingertips. MyPetGo offers the entire value chain of pet-care in one platform. The health and
location technology tracks the location of your pet via Global Navigation Satellite System
(GNSS) and is able to monitor Heart Rate Variability (HRV) for any changes or abnormalities that
could indicate pain, stress or underlying diseases.

The monitor also tracks calories burnt or gained to keep an eye on feeding goals. In-built sensors
can also monitor body posture of your pet, which benchmarks data collected from your pet to
identify abnormalities that signal pain from injuries.

A whole ecosystem of solutions are available via an app where you can connect seamlessly
with pet care professionals or conduct a video consultation call with a vet or schedule a home
visit (mobile vet). Shopping for pet essentials are also convenient, as well as setting up reminders
for vaccinations, dental work or supplements. Your pet’s health history will be uploaded and you
can easily share it with vets/specialists and most importantly, insurance coverage and suitable
health plans will be curated specifically for your pet.

MyPetGo is suitable for dogs of any size, including toy breeds and full-grown cats

MyPetGo package costs USD $159 (SGD 225) and contains the monitor, a USB-C charging cable,
a setup guide, and an adjustable and durable collar. The offering also includes a 30-day
money-back guarantee, and a one year warranty. You can then choose the monthly, 1, 2 or
3-year plan which starts from USD $6.99 per month. MyPetGo is available on iOS App Store,
Google Play Store and Huawei App Gallery and currently, the monitor covers 150 countries
worldwide. For more information and to place your order, please visit https://mypetgo.com/.

About MyPetGo
MyPetGo is a one-of-a-kind pet-tech venture based in Singapore. MyPetGo is available on iOS App Store,
Google Play Store and Huawei App Gallery and currently, the monitor covers 150 countries worldwide.The
start-up raised US$3.5million in pre- and seed-funding and will now look to scale operations globally.
Follow MyPetGo on Facebook @mypetgo.world, Instagram @mypetgo_tracker, or visit
https://mypetgo.com/ for more exciting updates.

1 Reference: https://lostpetresearch.com/2019/03/lost-pet-statistics/

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