Redeem Exciting Gifts From SmartHeart Mobile App. Here’s How!

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Redeem Exciting Gifts From SmartHeart Mobile App. Here’s How! 

The SmartHeart Mobile App is much more than just purchasing your pet’s favourite food. One of the exciting things about the app is that you can redeem gifts with your reward points. Who doesn’t love free gifts, right? 

If you’re wondering how to redeem exciting gifts from the SmartHeart Mobile App, you’re on the right page! But first, let us take you through how you can earn these reward points.

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Signing up on the app

Upon signing up on the SmartHeart Mobile App, you will be rewarded 1000 points. All you need to do is install the app on your mobile phone and fill in your details. The points will automatically be credited to your account. 

Take part in quizzes

The app has fun quizzes that can help you earn more points. The more answers you get right, the more points you’ll make. The quizzes will be regularly updated so be sure to check them out! You can collect up to 100 points per quiz.

Creating pet profile

Another way you can earn reward points is by creating your pet profile. Yes, your very own pet profile where you can upload your dog or cat’s picture! Fill in the details of your pet and then tap save. Ta-daa! You’ll earn 30 points by doing so.

Inviting friends 

If you didn’t know, there is a referral program on the app too! Invite your friends to join the app and you’ll earn some points. For every friend that you invite on the app, you’ll get 1000 points! That’s right! So, get as many friends as you can to join the SmartHeart Mobile App. The more people you invite, the more points you’ll earn. 

Purchase products

Earn reward points when you purchase your pet’s favourite products on the SmartHeart Mobile App. With every Rm1 spent on the app, you will earn 5 points. Accumulate these points and you’ll be able to redeem anything on the app so as long as you have sufficient points. 

How to redeem products

Now that you know how to earn these reward points, let us tell you how you can redeem exciting gifts on the app! It’s super easy, with SmartHeart, everything is at your fingertips! Every 100 points accumulated is equivalent to RM1.

Firstly, go to the sidebar and tap on “My Loyalty Points”. Once you’re there, you’re able to check how many points you have. Make sure you have sufficient points before proceeding. Also, don’t forget to check when your points will be expiring. For those who don’t know, the points will expire 12 months from the issuance date. 

If you have sufficient points, you can go to “Redemption” from the sidebar to redeem a gift. Select any of the products according to your points balance. You can then add the product and desired quantity to the cart. 

Apart from redeeming these products on the “Redemption” page, you can also redeem any pet food of your choice. That way, you can save more money on your pet’s favourite food! Go on and collect those points!

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