Kart Hauz KL: Where Racers Are Born

by Fatihah Farid
kart hauz kl

Kart Hauz KL

You’ll probably be wondering what to do after a busy week to simply let out all the stress you’ve been carrying. Go-karting definitely belongs on the ‘what-to-do’ list given that it provides a pleasurable rush of adrenaline that lets adventure seekers indulge their racing fantasies while, of course, complying with the rules and safety.

On March 17, 2023, Kart Hauz KL at Mardi, Serdang opened its doors to the public, offering go-kart rides for all ages starting at RM60 per pax! Along with a 620-metre track for racing, this facility has an on-site cafe where you can refuel with refreshing drinks, noodles, and some sweet treats after completing your laps. Sweet treats! Yes, they have a cotton candy machine!

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Kart Hauz KL

Image: Kart Hauz KL

The Beginning Of Kart Hauz KL

Kart Hauz KL, a go-kart track that just opened its doors in March this year, is the second branch. It is currently managed by Fifi Rahman, alongside the assistant manager, Danial Ikhwan. They are now essentially working for three bosses who share the same love for go-karts. The first location for Kart Hauz is in Penang which has been running for 2 years, famed as the first rooftop go-kart in Malaysia.

“We want to introduce motorsport to the next generation and show them that it’s never too early to start,” stated Fifi and Danial.

620M Long Track Made Only For The Brave

Kart Hauz KL

Located in MAEPS Serdang, Kart Hauz features a well-maintained 620-metre-long track and a total of 20 race-ready karts.

For those who simply want to cheer on their racers while sipping an Iced Latte, there is a big viewing platform at their in-house cafe where spectators may safely watch go-karts soaring around the track.

Kart Hauz KL

On the other hand, racers can get all ready for their race legally here, even if they do not have a driver’s licence! The chaperone will go over all the safety procedures with you beforehand so you have nothing to worry about. 

Kart Hauz is delighted to encourage people to explore their passion for speed, which is why kids are also allowed to ride a go-kart here!

As Kart Hauz is still new to the go-kart scene in KL, they only provide one-seater karts with 270cc and 125cc for the time being. Despite the fact that you are a beginner, Kart Hauz places a strong emphasis on safety. They feel that go-kart racing is an emerging motorsport that brings a new generation to motorsports at a young age. 

Everything Isn’t A Piece Of Cake

“As much fun as go-karts appear to be, maintaining them isn’t always easy. Especially with being outdoors, our weather in Malaysia can sometimes be too hot or too rainy and that will affect our karts and tracks. The timing system needs to work well too because, without proper timing, delays and sorts happen,” Fifi explained.

Kart Hauz KL firmly believes that without a good track, racers are unable to operate karts, and without well-maintained karts, races are impossible.

Another challenge that is considered the main one for Kart Hauz is the karts. “Since our karts are constantly on the move, we always make sure they are in the best condition. The karts have to go into the workshop, though, because occasionally we do encounter irresponsible racers, major accidents as well as the minor ones,” said Danial.

Despite the obstacles that they face, they are confident that their intense love for the future of motorsports will help them overcome them every time.

Kart Hauz Price Packages

Kart Hauz KL
Photo: Kart Hauz

Kart Hauz provides a package starting at RM60/pax for a 10-minute race if you’re still a beginner. However, they also offer a special rate of RM160/pax for 30 minutes with one stop every 10 minutes for those who want to sharpen their go-kart skills.

Also, if you plan on visiting with a group of friends, you should definitely try their Grand Prix package, which includes 10-minute practice, 10-minute qualifying and 10 laps final race for just RM180/pax. This is the time for you to make your Formula 1 dream come true! 

For those who are already familiar with everything go-kart, the Pro package with the 125cc, 2-stroke motor kart is available for you! It is said to achieve a lap time of less than 52.0s in advance, so you can imagine how fast that goes. The package pricing is RM108/pax for a 10-minute race, RM310/pax for three 10-minute races, and RM330/pax for individuals that wish to test out The Grand Prix.

For the race, make sure to wear covered shoes, and no loose clothing is permitted. Kart Hauz also recommends that potential customers bring their own helmets and gloves if available. Nonetheless, you can borrow a helmet for free and purchase their gloves for RM3 if you don’t have them.

The Future of Kart Hauz KL

To put Kart Hauz in a broader context, Fifi remarked, “We really hope to open more branches and introduce motorsports to the younger generation as well as adults who would love to take this fun sport to another level.”  

In a highly safe setting, they encourage people to explore their passion for speed.  Kart Hauz is more than delighted to welcome you into the world of motorsports, even if you are just a beginner.

“We wish to also have a racing academy in the future to produce a world-class racing team because we want motorsport to expand more itself rather than just be a form of entertainment,” mentioned Danial.

As long as you have a love for go-karting, you are always welcome at Kart Hauz KL, regardless of your age.

Kart Hauz KL, The New Addition to Go Kart in Malaysia

Kart Hauz KL

Book your kart at Kart Hauz KL for your next weekend adventure! Bring over your friends, coworkers, or family to create some memorable moments together. We are sure that both beginner and experienced racers will enjoy this thrilling, heart-pounding race track.

To avoid any delays, Kart Hauz KL does suggest bookings. Make sure to come at least 15 minutes early to ensure that everything is ready for you. Even while they welcome walk-ins, Kart Hauz still recommends that you make bookings in advance, especially on weekends from Friday to Sunday as there is a crowd. 

Address: Jalan MARDI, Mardi, 43400 Serdang, Selangor

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday, 4:00pm – 12:00am

Saturday & Sunday, 12:00pm – 12:00am

Closed: Monday (For Maintenance)

Contact no: 017- 4328678

For more information and updates, do visit the Kart Hauz KL website here!

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