Skim Hauz KL: The First & Only Flatland Skimboarding Pool Facility in Malaysia

by Fatihah Farid
skim hauz kl

Skim Hauz KL

Have you tried, or even heard of flatland skimboarding before? If you haven’t, don’t worry because everything you need to know is right here! 

Flatland skimboarding is a type of skimboarding that takes place on non-coastal bodies of water such as rivers, streams, or puddles. A “skimboard” is a tool to help the rider skim across water while performing tricks. This water sport is gaining popularity for a variety of reasons, including its adaptability. Skimboarding may be done almost anywhere in the world as long as you have access to a shallow pool of water. 

If you ever want to try skimboarding KL, Skim Hauz KL is the way to go! It is Malaysia’s first and only flatland skimboarding pool facility, located in MAEPS Serdang’s peaceful setting surrounded by lush greenery. It is not only a popular adult activity, but it is also a terrific way for families to spend a day together! 

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The Start of Skim Hauz KL

Kingsley, the 25-year-old founder and managing director of Skim Hauz KL, has always been passionate about skimboarding. He began skimboarding in 2022 and decided to share his passion with others. “I’d love to raise awareness of this water sport among the general public because not many people have heard of skimboarding,” said Kingsley.

“Previously, we focused a lot only on events since it’s hard to get a proper facility. Although skimboarding Malaysia has already existed in Penang for quite some time, they focus more on ‘Wave Skimboarding’ since they are surrounded by the ocean. So, by having Skim Hauz KL, it really helps to give ‘Flatland Skimboarding’ the exposure it deserves,” added Kingsley. 

Skim Hauz KL ultimately opened its doors to the public in March 2023, becoming Malaysia’s first flatland skimboarding facility.

Experience The Rush of Skimboarding at Skim Hauz KL

Situated in MAEPS Serdang, Skim Hauz KL features a well-maintained shallow pool with a length of 25m and a width of 4m for you to spark your love for skimboarding.

The state-of-the-art flatland skimboarding facility at Skim Hauz KL is perfect for skimboarders of all skill levels, from amateurs to pros. In order to guarantee a smooth ride, Kingsley added, “Our expert instructors will also teach you the skills you need to master the art of skimboarding.”

Skim Hauz KL
Photo: Skim Hauz KL

At Skim Hauz KL, they are dedicated to developing a community of passionate skimboarders while offering exceptional customer service. There is no better spot to spend a splashing good time with your friends. Skim Hauz KL allows you to experience the thrills and spills of skimboarding under the supervision of experienced instructors. 

Skimboarding is a fast-learning watersport, so if you’re someone who masters new skills quickly, it will be a piece of cake for you. “You’ll be able to pick up the pace in just 30 minutes,” Kingsley predicted confidently.

The Ups and Downs of Skim Hauz KL

“Our main struggle is raising awareness. Since not many people in Malaysia are aware of this water sport, our biggest problem is the lack of awareness,” said Kingsley. 

When it comes to the water sport itself, it is actually incredibly straightforward to operate and extremely accessible to everyone because they prioritise the activity’s eco-design. Kingsley continued, “Since Skim Hauz KL is still a new establishment, we will continue to improve from time to time. We also hope to get a longer pool too so people can have the true experience of skimboarding.”

The ups and downs are quite typical when beginning a business, and they are what make Skim Hauz KL the best facility for skimboarding in KL and Malaysia.

Skim Hauz Price Packages

Skim Hauz KL
Photo: @skimhauz.kl

People of all ages are more than welcome to Skim Hauz KL. You can choose between Pay to Play and Advanced Training. If you just want to have some fun with your pals, you can get the Pay to Play option for RM28/pax on Tuesday to Friday, and RM38/pax on Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays, with 1 hour per session.

On the other hand, if you want to improve your skimboarding skills, they also offer Advanced Training at RM80/pax for 1 hour per session. The prices listed above include the board, aqua shoes, and a trained instructor.

Please keep in mind that the maximum number of riders in the skim pool at any given moment is only 6!

The Future of Skim Hauz KL

Skim Hauz KL
Photo: @skimhauz.kl

“We plan to open a branch in Penang and Melaka soon, but our ultimate goal is, of course, to have a skimboard facility in every state in Malaysia,” Kingsley said. 

Skim Hauz KL strongly encourages people of all ages to participate in and experience skimboarding at least once in their lives. Kingsley continued, “We would love to bring awareness of this water sport among Malaysians because we want them to know that you don’t have to go to the beach to enjoy water sports, especially when you have one in the city!”.

“Another big dream for the future of skimboarding is to form an international association. We want to produce Malaysian skimboarders at the Olympic level,” Kingsley added.

Skim Hauz KL, The First Facility for Flatland Skimboarding Malaysia

Book your session with Skim Hauz KL today for some weekend water fun! Spread around to your close friends and loved ones to share your first-ever skimboarding adventure. We are confident that you will be ecstatic to experience the adrenaline of skimboarding!

Skim Hauz KL

Skim Hauz KL does advise making bookings to prevent any delays. To guarantee that everything is prepared for you, arrive at least 15 minutes early. Even though they accept walk-ins, Skim Hauz advises that you make bookings in advance, particularly on weekends from Friday to Sunday when there’ll be a crowd!

Address: Jalan MARDI, Mardi, 43400 Serdang, Selangor

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday, 4:00pm – 12:00am

Saturday & Sunday, 12:00pm – 12:00am

Closed: Monday (For Maintenance)

For more information and updates, do visit Skim Hauz KL’s Instagram page here!

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