Online Stationery Malaysia: Get Your Stationary Supplies At These 8 Shops

by Lavanyah Guna

Online Stationery Malaysia

We could hardly see people jotting down any grocery list, lecture notes and appointments on a piece of paper. Although technology makes thing easier, nothing still beats the feel of fresh paper.

Adding to it, online classes or work from home scenarios have become Malaysian’s no-no’s lately. Although they are intended for our well-being, sitting at home and staring at the computer screen for hours sounds mundane and exhausting. Yes, we can’t imagine what would our butts say if they could talk!

Therefore, The Kind Helper wants you to get pumped up and spice up your days by getting some stationeries from these online shops.

After all, don’t we all get excited to try out a new pen or notepad? 

*shops that are available – physical & online

1. Tabiyo Shop*

Online Stationery Malaysia

Tabiyo Shop sits at a double-storey terrace house – a stationery shop (1st floor) and a beautiful space for journaling while you sip on a coffee with some snacks(2nd floor). Having imported stationeries from Japan, expect designer brands like TRAVELER’S Company, HITOTOKI and Midori. Get a book, sticker or rubber stamp and start journaling! 

2. Stickerrific*

Online Stationery Malaysia

Art enthusiast’s bliss! Stickerrific has a bunch of art supplies, including brushes, gouaches and watercolours. Besides, this should be your new one-stop store because they feature about 35 Malaysian Designers’ products, making it easier to shop at a go! Don’t forget to check out their cute washi tapes and #supportlokal too!

3. Salt x Paper*

Online Stationery Malaysia

Colourful, lovely and unique – how we describe Salt x Paper. When almost everything caught our eyes, notebooks with different themes as fruits, food, candies, pastry and animals stood up the most for us. They are lively where you will look forward to flipping them through and filling your thoughts. Apart from stationeries, there are tote bags, greeting cards, gift tags and stickers.

4. ana tomy

Online Stationery Malaysia

Do you all still remember the ‘Buku 555’,  a truly Malaysian childhood book that once belonged to every pocket (our headmaster forced us to get one for ‘perhimpunan’ and did spot checks!)? ana tomy has it all additionally with well-crafted customised planners, sketchers and notebooks depending on your needs. You can add on monograms where do etch your name with up to 10 letters on your favourite book! 

5. Pebble Paper Design

Online Stationery Malaysia

Rachel Chew, the founder of Pebble Paper Design, loves playing around with floral designs, which are then portrayed on notebooks simply because she loves beautiful stationeries. The First Bloom & Fruit Garden Notebooks, New Leaf Yearless Planner and Oriental Collection (flowers) are what Rachel has for you. Most of the books are available at Kinokuniya and bloomy phone cases at Just in Case outlets.

6. The Writer Store*

Online Stationery Malaysia

Located in the heart of heritage Georgetown, Writer Store houses a plethora of stationeries as writer (pens), paper (notebooks, writing pads), maker (tapes, stamps) and organiser (files, boxes). If 

  • journaling is your thing
  • you own a small business
  • simply because you want to get it,

the sleek wax seals that come in various sizes and patterns are to fascinate you. There is an ongoing lockdown sale with 11% off everything, so you know what to do!

7. Sumethings of Mine*

Online Stationery Malaysia

You will fall in love with Sumethings of Mine if you are someone who appreciates the beauty of old things. Yes, they have a vintage collection that travels you to the good old days. You can add vintage-themed – stamps, bus tickets and emergency tickets to your cart. Plus, Sumthings of Mine has gone out of the box by introducing some unique calendars that you would have seen anywhere else.

8. Cziplee

Online Stationery Malaysia

Tired of finding ways to keep your children occupied during this pandemic? Cziplee’s Czipkid Creative Boxes and Art Kits are here to hone the artistic skills of your children. Cziplee has almost every stationery you could name, and whether you want something ordinary or extraordinary, download their app, get them delivered to your footstep. Oh, the art and craft treasures might end up getting everything they see!

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