Ice Cream Cake Malaysia: 6 Places Where You Can Eat Delectable Ice Cream Cakes

by Lavanyah Guna

Ice Cream Cake Malaysia

You fancy you get it as a cake. Cakes are one of the most all-around desserts – every joyful occasion is almost incomplete without them. Cakes in the silhouette of luxury handbags, lovely flowers, beautiful underwater creatures and more often make us astonish. 

Specifically, if you are social media folk who don’t mind scrolling through the feed for hours,  you are no stranger to the nine tiers jaw-dropping fountain cake that took almost two weeks to complete for a Malaysian actress. 

Cakes are cherished and the connotation of cake + ice cream is the best among the desserts. Every bite is full of bliss for sweet tooths! 

Therefore, we at The Kind Helper recommend the 6 finest places (cheat list) to indulge in ice cream cakes as well as to chill in this blazing hot weather.

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1. Baskin-Robbins

ice cream cake malaysia

Scoop up more happiness when you head to Baskin-Robbins. Having stores all over Malaysia (no reasons for not trying), their ice cream cakes will fascinate you as much as their array of ice creams do.

Choose from the 6 or 9-inch cakes to make the day of your loved ones. If the World Chocolate ice cream is your all-time comfort sweetness, go for their Chocolate Tuxedo, Snowy Volcano, Scoopy Land and Roti cakes.


2. Inside Scoop

ice cream cake malaysia

Inside Scoop, a homegrown ice cream brand was blossomed by Edmund Tan and his wife’s love for ice cream and for wanting to create happy memories. 

All the ice creams are made fresh locally using premium ingredients while fearlessly challenging Malaysian taste buds. They are known for infusing the flavours of local kuihs like Onde-onde and Tart Nenas into their ice cream cakes. 

Besides, the crowd’s favourite Bombe Alaska Ice Cream Cake with a little too much of Durian and Valrhona Chocolate ice cream is a must to try. 

Do have your eyes peeled for their seasonal ice creams and cakes as Haw Flakes ice cream and Mandarin Ice Cream Cake.


3. Häagen-Dazs

ice cream cake malaysia

The ice cream cakes in Häagen-Dazs are a feast to the eyes and soul. As appetising as they look, fill your tummy with one of their five ice cream cakes that are decorated lavishly with berries, chocolates and more.

The next time you go grocery shopping, grab an opportunity to taste the pints, minibars and cups that are widely available in stores nationwide. Anyhow, do get your hands on the cakes that would make you fight over the last few slices.


4. Cake Tella

Eddie, the founder of Cake Tella, took the road less travelled by introducing cakes that are crafted with alcohol. Bailey’s Chocolate and Whisky Coffe Ice Cream cakes are his triumphs.

ice cream cake malaysia

A double shot of cold treats is for you when you opt for any of those cakes. The whisky infused rich homemade coffee ice cream with the chocolate moist that is sinfully soaked in whisky where you’ll never stop licking the crumbs and creams off your fingers.


5. Kindori Moments

ice cream cake malaysia

Originating from a Japanese ice cream brand, Kindori Moments turns fresh frozen fruits into ice cream on the spot, with low sugar and no preservative.

Apart from their ice creams, they specialise in ice cream cakes too which means, Kindori should be on your list for the ice cream cakes hunt!

Mix and match the slices of your cakes where you can customise your cake at Kindori Moments. No worries if you crave ice cream cakes and feel lazy to change your PJs or to leave the comfy bed, as they do have same-day delivery for selected cakes (no physical store).


6. Frozen Artisans

Durian lovers rejoice! How about a durian ice cream cake in the durian itself? Frozen celebration ice cream cakes (Australian-styled) here are made from premium ingredients.

ice cream cake malaysia

Black Forest, Mosqow, Parfum and Rafaello are ready-made designs and if you prefer rambutan over durian (just saying), drop them an email. Who knows, the melt-in-your-mouth heavenly texture rambutan cake is what you’ll be relishing in!


Since you have 6 choices now, why not make a list and support the business two weeks once? Calories count when you eat desserts every day but not if you do weekly!

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