12 Malaysian Kuih Muih Shops That Sells All Your Favourite Local Delicacies

by Liyana Salleh

Malaysian Kuih

It’s 4pm and you are craving for something sweet, something crunchy and chewy and maybe a little bit spicy too. Surely one thing can’t be all that but who says it has to be one thing? That’s the beauty of Malaysia’s kuih muih. There is a variety of kuih muih and there’s one (or 10) for everyone! On a normal day, you’d be on your way to your regular mak cik’s stall to get your favourite kuih muih. But in this new normal, unfortunately, that is out of the question. However, fret not, read on to find out where you can get your favourite Malaysian kuih muih delivered to you from the team at The Kind Helper!

1. Kuih-Muih LunchBox

malaysian kuih

Located in Cheras, Kuih Malaya has plenty to offer. From kuih seri muka, kuih koci, kuih lapis – you are spoiled for Malaysian kuih muih. The best part is, they are so affordable that you can get all of your favourites. Their price starts from RM5 for 8 pieces of kuih and you can get 20 pieces of assorted kuih for only RM14. Now that’s a party!

If you’re thinking if you should choose between getting your meal delivered or your afternoon tea, well, how about getting both in the same delivery? That’s because Kuih Malaya also does lunchboxes with meals such as Butter Chicken Rice, Ayam Berlado Rice and Ayam Kicap Rice. They even have tauhu bergedil which is borderline a full meal and in the kuih category but definitely a favourite. Drop them a WhatsApp message to order now!

Instagram: @kuihmalaya
Phone No: 0172058800
Email: Kuihmuihmalaya@gmail.com

2. Talam Diraja 

malaysian kuih

Talam Diraja which means royalty’s platter surely live up to their name. The presentation of their kuih is amazing and is fit for royalty. If you are a fan of kuih seri muka, you definitely should give their seri muka a try. They have the traditional seri muka pandan and even seri muka durian. Yum! One of their signatures that you should definitely give a try is their Talam Berlauk. It is a glorious spread and don’t just look beautiful but is also good for your stomach. You can choose to pick up your order at IKEA Cheras or have it delivered to you. All you need to do is drop them a message to order!

Instagram: @talamdiraja
Phone No: 0126979642
Email: talamdiraja@gmail.com

3. Cita Rasa Ibu 

malaysian kuih

If you are away from home and just misses your mom’s cooking, why not order from Cita Rasa Ibu. Meaning the mother’s taste (in a certain thing)- we know that’s the best. Based in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur, Cita Rasa Ibu offers a different menu daily. They even have kuih that is priced at RM0.70 per piece! And you know what mothers like most? A good bargain and this is definitely mom approved Malaysian kuih muih! Check out their Instagram for their daily menu and don’t forget to place your order.

Instagram: @citarasaibu
Phone No: 0104002460
Email: izanyaakub60@gmail.com

4. Yath Kitchen 

malaysian kuih

Good news for you if you stay in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan because you have some kuih muih coming your way. Yathkitchen offers a plethora of Malaysian kuih muih and not only are they tast they are aeshetically beautiful. You can opt to have one kuih or their Mix Box which consists of 2 types of kuih. They also offer one of Malaysians’ favourite tea time meal, Kuih Jala. Be sure to try their beautifully shaped and colourful Apam Beras Bunga Rose and Kelapa- a classic kuih in a classic flower shape!

Instagram: @yathkitchen
Phone No: 0196438557

5. Zam Kitchen

malaysian kuih

If you are in Petaling Jaya, give Zam Kitchen a try. Have a chilled Seri Muka durian with a cup of Kopi O and your evening is instantly made. Furhermore, Zam Kitchen also has a Pandan cake. You know it – the one with the pandan custard outer layer and pandan moist cake inside. Just perfect! They also have agar-agar and kek lapis so stop hesitating and order now!

Instagram: @zam.kitchen
Phone No: 0103884675
Email: zainuzamabkadir@gmail.com

6. Kueh Frozen 

malaysian kuih

You know you want kuih but not exactly right now. Maybe you want it at midnight but where will you get it at this time? Wouldn’t it be great to have your favourite Malaysian kuih muih frozen? Yes, it would be awesome! You can get your favourite kuih muih, packed and frozen at Kueh Beku. Literally means, frozen kuih, they have a wonderful range of kuih muih from donuts, samosas, curry puff, puteri ayu and even cucur badak and murtabak! You can get their different sets at very attractive prices. Check out ther Instagram to place an order or find out the outlets that carry their frozen kuih muih.

Instagram: @kueh.beku
Phone No: 0193771796
Email: kueh.beku@yahoo.com
Address: Kampung Pandan Dalam, Ampang , Kuala Lumpur

7. Rohaya Frozen Homemade 

malaysian kuih

At Rohaya Frozen, there are so many choices for frozen kuih muih for you. You can get samosa, currypuff, getuk ubi, cucur badak, pau sambal and even pisang goreng. What’s even better is you can also get yourself vadei! If you’re located in Ampang, you can self collect at Kampung Melayu Ampang. If you’re out of Ampang area, you can have it delivered too. Send them a message to order your frozen Malaysian kuih muih now.

Instagram: @rohayafrozen
Phone No: 0122531844

8. Frozen Kuih Hub 

malaysian kuih

Recooked prides itself as the one-stop frozen food hub and no one can fault them for it. If you ever need to get all your frozen Malaysian kuih muih restocked, this is the place to go. They have currypuff, pulut panggang, koci pulut hitam, kuih lepat pisang, cucur badak and more. While you’re at it, why not give their marble cake a try. Order their frozen kuih muih from their website and pop them in their fridge soon.

Instagram: @recooked.my
Email: ootdlaukchemaa@yahoo.com
Website: https://linktr.ee/recooked.my

9. Zurasa Kueh 

malaysian kuih

If you’re in Shah Alam, you can get your frozen Malaysian kuih muih from Zurasaqueh. Get your donuts, lepat pisang, popia sayur, pau goreng kacang and more. Be sure to restock your favourite kuih muih so that you’ll be ready whenever you have guests – when we are ready to have guests. Drop them a message to order and your kuih muih will be delivered via Lalamove.

Instagram: @zurasaqueh
Phone No: 0123046991
Email: zurasafood@gmail.com

10. Kuih Frozen Sedap 

malaysian kuih

So you’ve been craving for a specific kuih and wish that you can have it all the time If that kuih happens to be apam coklat, you can get them at lilys_homemadefood. Based in Shah Alam, they offer frozen donuts, currypuff and apam coklat. Heads up, they also have onde onde and we all love how the gula melaka flavour burst in our mouth when you take a bite.

Instagram: @lilys_homemadefood
Phone No: 01117706756

11. Nona Manis Kuih Frozen 

malaysian kuih

If you’re a fan of Nona Manis, you definitely should give ad_kitchen a try. They have given Nona Manis a little makeover and it is the cutest thing ever. They even come in different flavours i.e pandan, jagung and keladi. Perfect for that Instastory and also perfect in your belly. While Nona Manis may be their hottest kuih, they also have other kuih such as kosui, kuih koci, popia sambal and more!

Instagram: @ad_kitchen 
Phone No: 0178790084
Email: deqka@japlo.net

12. Kuih Frozen Lembah Klang 

malaysian kuih

True to Malaysian kuih muih name, Allovitfoods deliver to both West and East Malaysia. They have a variety of kuih muih to choose from such as currypuff, apam, samosa, kuih puteri ayu, cucur badak, bingka and more. Next time you are scrolling through Shopee, don’t forget to place an order because yes, they are on Shopee!

Instagram: @allovitfoods
Phone No: 0182934094
Email: allovitfoods@gmail.com
Website: https://linktr.ee/allovitfoods

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