10 Things Malaysian College Students Miss The Most Ever Since The Pandemic

by Lavanyah Guna

A scroll through Tik Tok’s FYP or Instagram feed shows how badly Malaysian college students are waiting to lay their heads on the hostel pillows, choosing which cafe to grab food or wipe off the dust on the classroom tables after months of virtual lessons. 

As much as we are waiting to bring the campus ambience back to life, didn’t we took these little things for granted? 

Stop worrying, continue staying at home and get vaccinated (don’t forget to click a picture heh – a memory to look back and say, I survived the pandemic). Better days are coming, and we can board the bus to campus.

Now, hop on this ride with The Kind Helper to reminisce the things students(we) miss the most since the pandemic.

1. Late-night mamak sessions

Source: nst.com.my

Are you hungry? Mamak. Are you bored? Mamak. 

‘Anne! Ais kosong satu, mee goreng satu’ after a good sesh of futsal with your buddies or perhaps during a live football and badminton match where everyone screams their heart out once their favourite teams’ scores utterly reunited every student.

Walking on the cold breeze, joining the tables and sipping on the Milo Ais, Mamak is our forever hangout spot. 

2. Cafe hopping

Source: emobananaboy.blogspot.com

Didn’t you just think about your ‘foodie bestie’ who probably has a list of every cafe around your campus or who is on the phone, scrolling for some chic, appetising joints for your next day out? We all have that friend.

Cafe hopping means lots of food, selfies and memories!

3. Night, street market trips

Source: malaysia.tripcanvas.co

The blasting music and flashing colourful LED lights hit different! Every aisle of the night market leaves you salivating with the aroma of mouthwatering Murtabak, Ayam Panggang, Roti John and Apam Balik.

Calories don’t count because we know that you tapau some food to munch on during supper at 2 am before sitting on the pavement of the shops enjoying your last bite of crunchy popiahs.

4. Partying at clubs/bars

Source: thecitylist.my

Don’t you miss the days where you have a plate of lip-smacking Maggi Goreng after shots of tequila and cocktails? Choosing the perfect outfit and club, styling your hair, sneaking out from college to escape from the reality is the moments’ everyone wishes to live again.

Cheers to the strangers you danced your heart out with/kissed, uncountable shots where your friend either have to drag or carry you to the car, puking right after reaching your room and the thought of waking up for your class when you have never done that before. 

5. Waiting for the bus

Source: usim.edu.my

One of the most love and heart relationship things when it comes to college is the shuttle buses.

Getting up early to catch the bus, giving excuses that you miss the bus, running after the bus while lifting your baju kurung/skirt a little and fixing your shirt after snoozing the alarm for the fifth time is the pieces that completed the college puzzle once. Oh, not to forget when you insist on drawing the perfect wing thinking that you’ll make it on time!

The best part in this bus series is when the driver of the choked-full bus puts a brake, you trip on the person in front of you, turn back and give your best friend that SMILE!

6. No mask days

Source: monash.edu.my

Students who are back on campus could relate to this already. Masks snatched the freedom. Stalking your crushes with their faces half-covered is a pain for real. Plus, there is no way to give hints because when you smile, the masks protect how anyhow (unless you gather your courage to strike a conversation).

7. Sleeping in the class/ Signing your buddy’s attendance

Source: huffpost.com

Every college student knows that there is no such thing as ‘too much sleep’ because no matter how long you sleep, you are still yawning for the hundredth time in your history class. We are envious of our friends who can fall asleep during the lecture or the little ones who manage to squeeze in between the desk and bench.

The days when you sign your absent friends’ attendance and not getting caught is bliss. You know that you are digging a hole for yourself, but you do it anyhow because they have done it for you.

8. Assignment nights

Source: eduadvisor.my

Although you initially plan to complete your assignments at the pondok, astaka, or you name it, we all know what happens behind the scenes. A mini karaoke and gossip session it is.

The phrase ‘Huh, we still have time’ often follows. You’ll never learn because when the last day before submission arrives, you stay awake all night till your class and attend it like a zombie! 

9. Lecturer’s feast

Source: career-advice.jobs.ac.uk

Thanks to that one lecturer who is generous enough to treat food. Whether it is the nasi lemak and curry puffs for breakfast, pizzas and fried chicken on the last day of class or sweet treats from their recent overseas trip, only joy and laughter will fill the air.

How can we forget the ‘Ouchhh!’ moment when the container of Kuih Raya finally reaches your table, and all that is left are the crumbles where you don’t mind eating them because you miss home – these memories live forever in our hearts.

10. Trips

Source: blogs.flinders.edu.au

Finally, you can’t wait to go on trips with your gang, don’t you? Road, food and leisure trips are to name a few. The days where you drive for hours to savour a heavenly banana leaf meal after the Friday class, a staycation in a homestay while having a drinks night and visiting the sandy beaches for sure have tempted you for more trips.

Fingers crossed, and The Kind Helper hopes that you will get to experience all these things in the twinkling of an eye.

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