How To Earn Money As A Student: 7 Practical Ways

by Lavanyah Guna

How To Earn Money As A Student

Months away from 2022, time is flying within a blink of an eye where we are hoping for a silver lining in every cloud we see – Malaysians are tired of the continuous ‘Stay At Home’ order as the nation reached its peak on covid cases recently.

People are still losing their job where many families barely have two meals in a day. With the rising cost of living, students across the nation struggle to pay their tuition fees where some don’t mind starving to cut off their expenses.

If you are a student who wants to earn some pocket money or extra cash to support your university or family, The Kind Helper has gone on a mission to unmask the ways on how to earn money as a student:

1. Freelancing

how to earn money as a student

Freelancing is one of the easiest ways to make money, as you can work any day, anytime and anywhere. Whether you feel joy in writing, designing or accounting, promote your past works on social media and create a portfolio to increase your chances of being hired.

Besides, universities aren’t complete with cultural nights, dance competitions and theatre productions. So, if you love the art of makeup and wondering how to earn money as a student, why not offer your service to the students?

2. Tutoring

how to earn money as a student

You got to admit that you do have leisure time at university. Instead of sleeping and watching a movie, start tutoring. Teaching your forte subject to juniors or strangers with a reasonable fee not only gives you extra income but can also increase your knowledge. 

Tutoring doesn’t have to be limited to education where you can flaunt your piano, drawing, cooking and music skills. 

*If you are going through an agent, be extra cautious because there are many scammers out there*

3. Sign up for delivery services

how to earn money as a student

The uncountable number of times when the abang-abang FoodPanda or Grab ring your doorbells shows how significant and demanding their job is. Use your car or motorbike during your free time to deliver goods.

Don’t forget to sign up yourself on GoGet, a Klang Valley-based platform that allows you to be a personal helper, errands or delivery person. 

4. Become a grab driver

how to earn money as a student

Do you own a car and love small talks while you drive? Do it in a way with a win-to-win situation. Make a list of periods with no class, accept a passenger from Grab and drop them at their preferred destination.

Apart from that, many university students have started their e-hailing services. You can pick the students and send them to classes, bus stops, restaurants and many more. All you got to do is to advertise your service with rates on Whatsapp groups or print posters and stick them around the campus.

5. Start a blog

how to earn money as a student

Yes, by blogging, you can earn a living. It is crucial to create a brand in one niche, let’s say beauty products. Reviewing products that you have tried, suggesting skincare products, educating on the right ingredients for different skins are some ways to blog when you’re not sure how to earn money as a student.

The question is how, do you get money, then? Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money with a blog. Attaching the affiliate link of Shopee on your skincare products reviews will craft a way for Shopee to pay you a cut for every item sold through your website. Other than Shopee, Lazada, Watsons and, Amazons are a few brands to name with affiliate marketing.

6. Get a part time job

how to earn money as a student

Getting a part-time job might seem like a hassle these days, but it is possible with some businesses needing more employees to step up their game. Working in a retail store, food outlets (KFC, McDonald’s, Tealive), educational centres offer you hourly wages ranging from anywhere between RM 6- RM 10 or more! It’s a no brainer when it comes to ways on how to earn money as a student!

7. Sell cookies/desserts

how to earn money as a student

‘I have no room for desserts’ – said no one ever. Desserts, in general, are pure happiness. Some desserts require minimal cooking steps, and if you are a baking enthusiast, it shouldn’t be a problem for you when you’re on the hunt on how to earn money as a student. Spend your weekends baking cookies, chocolate jars, brownies and whatever you think is your thing and sell it off!

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