Si Meowy Is Your Best Companion

by The Kind Helper

Did you know that having a feline companion can reduce stress and anxiety? Yup, you heard that right! Si Meowy is more than just a pet. More and more people now are keeping cats as their pets and some even have up to 10 cats or more in their homes. Not only are they cute and adorable, but they’re also the best companion you could ever have!

Advantages of having a cat in a household

Cats make great pets and if you’re contemplating getting a cat for your home, here are some advantages of having a cat in a household that may just help you make up your mind!

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Cats are good companions

Oh, the joy of cat companionship. They make great buddies! Whether you’re a man or a woman, single or living with your family, cats can be your best friend. They’ll always be there for you no matter what as they will always keep you company. They love you! Yes, we know dogs are man’s best friend but so are cats! Depending on what breed of cat, some love your attention, some would follow you everywhere you go and some love to sit on your lap. Coming back home to Si Meowy is love and happiness!

Cats can keep your house pests-free

You probably already know that cats love to hunt for pests and rodents. So your home will be pests free! Isn’t that great? Be it lizards, cockroaches, rats, you can usually see cats chasing after them and most likely kill them too. But don’t be surprised if you see your cat bringing them (gifts) to you, dead or alive. It’s only because they consider you as part of their family. Aww!

Cats make great apartment pets

Cats are pretty quiet. They meow when they’re hungry and probably when they want some attention from you. Other than that, they’re quiet which is perfect to keep them in apartments. They make great apartment pets as they really don’t need much space. Plus, since they use the litter box, there’s no need for you to take them out for walks everyday. If you own an apartment, perhaps it’s about time you adopt Si Meowy?

Cats are independent and low maintenance

 If you feel like you don’t have the time or energy to own a pet, then a cat is just perfect for you. They’re super independent! All you need is to feed them food and water, and change their litter box regularly and they will be fine on their own. They’re so independent, they don’t need constant supervision.

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Taking care of Si Meowy definitely requires less responsibility as they can take care of themselves! They’re also low maintenance where they don’t need to bathe often, or require grooming that often. When it comes to toys, cats don’t need much to entertain themselves. Even a simple cardboard box is enough to keep them entertained!

Why spending time with a cat is great

Spending quality time with a cat is more than just great, you’ll see why! Here are more reasons to spend time with a furry friend.

Reduces anxiety and stress

Spending time with Si Meowy helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Imagine coming home after a long stressful day at work and finding yourself stroking, petting and cuddling with your cat on the couch. Feels good, right? You already know the calming effects cats can have on humans! Believe us, they really can reduce your stress levels!

Image Source: catster.com

Improves your mood 

If you’re feeling under the weather, cuddling with a furry friend can improve your mood even if it’s just for a while. You just feel happier! Your overall mood will be boosted when you play and cuddle with a cat as there is a rise in serotonin – one of your happy hormones.

They’re great listeners

If you didn’t know, it’s absolutely relaxing to talk and pour out your feelings to Si Meowy. Though you’ll only get a purr as a response but let’s face it, talking to a furry friend is so comforting. Cat owners can definitely agree with us!

Can improve heart health

Another reason why spending time with a cat is great is that it may have real health benefits. Aside from helping with mental issues like stress and anxiety, spending time with a feline may improve heart health. Cuddling with your cat can help lower blood pressure. Have you heard that cat people are naturally calmer? Just by petting a furry friend can do wonders for your health!

Giving them the best with Me-O

When it comes to our furry friends, we only want what’s best for them and yes that includes high quality cat food. There are a wide variety of cat food in the market to choose, from wet to dry, from vegetables to meat and so on. Cats are carnivorous and they need high protein food that you can find in fish, poultry and meat.

 Image Source: provets.net

If you’re looking for high-quality cat food for your cat, look no further! With Me-O, Si Meowy is about to have a very happy tummy! Me-O is the number one cat food brand in Thailand and has become quite popular in SEA countries such as Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore and Vietnam.

They have a vast range of high-quality cat food ranging from kitten to adult, wet to dry, vegetables to meat with all kinds of flavours as well as yummy treats for the little fluff. All the products by Me-O are carefully formulated to make sure they’re well-balanced and nutritionally complete to ensure Si Meowy is healthy in all ways!

 Be sure to check Me-O out if you haven’t done so already and bring home some yummy good food as well as snacks for Si Meowy today!

Join Meowy Ku Rumah Ku contest

Here’s your opportunity to win amazing prizes worth more than RM30,000! You heard that right! From 1st December 2022 till 28th February 2023, join Meowy Ku Rumah Ku contest and be the lucky one to walk away with amazing prizes! Here’s what you need to do to join the contest:

How to enter:

  1. Purchase Me-O products with a minimum of RM30 in a single transaction
  2. Take a picture of the receipt
  3. Scan the QR code and send the picture of the receipt together with your details.

Here’s what you can win:

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