How To Save Money As A Student: 7 Money-Saving Tips You’ll Want To Know

by Lavanyah Guna

How To Save Money As A Student

“Once you step out of the house, only then you’ll understand the value of money and the sweat and tears to earn them” – every mom’s mantra.

Every word hits on the spot when you leave for university, right? We still reminisce the days when our piggy bank cries, and we ponder how money disappears within the air (thanks to online classes? probably not!).

With rising expenses and cost of living, you cannot spend too little or else you’ll miss some fun, and if you spend too much, you might end up eating Maggi the rest of the semester.

Fret not, The Kind Helper has always got your back and this time with some money-saving tips for times when you’re wondering how to save money as a student:

1. Work in college

How To Save Money As A Student

If you have a pretty flexible schedule, you can opt to work at the cafes as most universities hire students. While earning some pocket money to cover your expenses, you can strengthen your communication, problem-solving and time managing skills.

Do you wonder how working in college tops this list of how to save money as a student? When you get a job, you earn (no time to spend money)!

2. Attend events with food & entertainment

How To Save Money As A Student

Most of the university events provide food and merit points, of course (in Malaysia)! When you are free, take part in those events to secure the *damn* points for your upcoming hostel placements while you get free lunch or dinner. 

Furthermore, there will be concerts, live band shows, theatre performances, football matches that could be absolutely free where you can rejuvenate and rewind. These events will keep you occupied and not bored. 

So, collect all the flyers and follow the most happening societies on social media to get a glimpse of their next event. 

3. Prepare/cook your meal

How To Save Money As A Student

It is the time to channel your inner Chef Wan and start from scratch! Making sandwiches, overnight oats or cereal bowls for breakfast, preparing easy dishes like fried rice, stir-fry tofu, roasted vegetables does not only save some bucks, but they are healthy as well.

Considering the amount of oil and seasonings some restaurants use, why not get up early and cook?

Besides, if your university is in the city, meals can be pricey, so you might want to work that out.

4. Restaurants with happy hours, promotions and student discounts – don’t forget them

How To Save Money As A Student

You do not have to starve as your favourite restaurants can feed your growling tummy. Keep your eyes peeled with the eateries because some have frequent promotions to get the usual meals, perhaps for half price or almost free. A pretty useful hack on how to save money as a student, right?

5. Travel wisely

How To Save Money As A Student

Make use of the public transportation that is available around you and do carpool. Go for the most affordable and convenient way of commuting to and fro if your campus is far away, a great way on how to save money as a student!

If you have a bunch of buddies heading to the same campus/class, share a car and if your university offers shuttle busses, go and board them!

Be sure to apply for the student transportation pass and get up to a 50% (in Malaysia) discount when you utilise public transportation.

6. Say yes to second hand products

How To Save Money As A Student

For those who live off-campus, getting furniture for your home is essential. Before that, look for residential areas near your campus to save on transportations and live with roommates (one bedroom usually can be shared by 2).

Many websites sell used furniture like beds, study chairs and tables, sofas and more. You can penny-pinch when investing in them as you’ll probably live there for months or 2-3 years, depending on your study duration.

7. The facilities are your best friend

How To Save Money As A Student

Wanna know another great way on how to save money as a student? Make use of all the free facilities! Though it’s not exactly free since you’ve paid for it as it is part of your college fees, nevertheless, you’ll save more.

  • Library – Libraries have almost everything that you need as a student. From reference books to computers, enjoy the resources as much as you can. 
  • Gym – Staying fit is crucial no matter if you are at home or college. Ditch your local gym membership and commit to your campus gym. 

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