Pet Adoption Malaysia: Places To Adopt Pets In Malaysia

by Lavanyah Guna

Pet Adoption Malaysia

The streets of Malaysia are no longer a hope for the abandoned fur babies. The corridors of shops and dark, old hulking buildings have always been a nest for them. However, the recent alarming news where over 50 stray dogs being killed inhumanely within a week at Ipoh shows that more Malaysians should start adopting pets wholeheartedly. 

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Many non-governmental organizations are striving their best to rescue those poor creatures, giving them a temporary asylum till they find a forever home. If you are keen to adopt a dog or a cat (you’re amazing and we’re proud of you), look through the list of available pet adoption Malaysia organizations below.

1. PAWS, Animal Welfare Society, PJ

Standing gloriously as one of the largest shelters with about 500 pets, PAWS Malaysia has captured a massive crowd who donate generous amounts to keep it going. They also receive the surrender of unwanted dogs and cats where they will be up for adoption once the vaccinating, neutering and spaying process is over. 

Having the minimal procedures, visit them to delve into the pets that are eligible to be brought home with fees and donations as you wish.

Website: http://www.paws.org.my/   

Instagram: @pawspj

Facebook: @pawspj

Address: Pilmoor Estate, Subang Airport Road, 47200 Subang, Selangor, Malaysia.

2. SPCA, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

What about the energetic Joey and joyful Chandler? Oh no, you gotta meet the feisty Monica, loving Alicia and smart Ross too. 

They are all buzzing in excitement every day with the hope that a fresh surrounding alongside a genuine family will be their enduring home. Yes, they are some of the dogs and cats that are ready to be brought back.

Promoting an abundance of kindness and compassion towards animals, SPCA is aiming to alleviate cruelty and reduce suffering by fostering them since the past 63 years. Their adoption fees for dogs are RM350 and RM 240 for cats (inclusive of vaccinations, deworming and compulsory neutering). 

Walkthrough the aisle of pets while you meet and greet (you’ll be briefed on which pet will be suitable for you), attend an interview session and finally, it’s your furbaby!

Website: https://www.spca.org.my/   

Instagram: @spca_selangor

Facebook: @SPCASelangor

Address: Jalan Kerja Ayer Lama, Ampang Jaya, 68000 Selangor.

3. My Pets Haven

Aileen Lee, who is in her 60’s feeds about 5 big buckets of rice, chicken and liver to the strays through rain and shine every day, although she has around 40 fur babies under her shelter. 

The shelter is run by the iron lady solely with the assistance of an employee where they do not have any adoption fees except for the neutering. You can find services like grooming and boarding here, where there are a collection of pet supplies and toys as well.

All the rescued pets are nurtured before you can bring them home.

Instagram: @mypetshaven

Facebook: @mypetshaven

4. KL Pooch Resort and Rescue

This resort could be said as Malaysia’s finest resort with a non-profit boarding facility featuring spacious kennels, a swimming pool and onsite grooming. Establishing since 2011, they have rescued many strays and aims to be self-sustainable animal welfare funded predominately with the services that they offer.

pet adoption malaysia

Don’t worry about the foofy hairstyles, why not bring your dog for a retreat at the Doogie Doos Grooming & Spa (if you own pets)? In the boarding session, your pets get a chance to swim at the saltwater pool and exercise at custom-made slat treadmills too.

All the proceedings will be spent on the expenses of rescued dogs. If you would like to know more about the adoption and facilities, do hit them up right now.

Website: http://www.klpoochresortandrescue.org/   

Instagram: @klpooch

Facebook: @KLPoochResortandRescue

5. Allergic Rescuers KL

A group of friends from all walks of life have been juggling between their career, family and this rescue work (voluntarily basis) to rescue, foster and rehome cats especially. About 40 beautiful, healthy cats are on the adoption listing for you to check out!

As independent rescuers, Rosy and Jon have rescued about 530 cats off the streets and some kind souls have adopted around them. The audacity to save the precious little fur babies despite being allergic to cats is highly appreciated and depicts how gracious and humane people could be.

Website: https://allergicrescuerskl.com/   

Instagram: @allergicrescuerskl

Facebook: @allergicrescuerskl

For every pet that is being adopted, a life is saved. All the shelters and independent rescuers above need an extra pair of hands. Whether it be a volunteer to walk, feed and bathe the babies, a heart to donate, or society to adopt, they welcome you earnestly to join them. Simple kindness goes a long way, even if you can’t adopt, do donate some funds as they rely on the foundation from the public to survive. Every pet deserves a second chance, after all, so do make sure to lend a helping hand to these pet adoption Malaysia organizations!

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