Corn Dog Malaysia: 7 Places To Eat Savoury Korean Corn Dogs

by Lavanyah Guna

Corn Dog Malaysia

Malaysia is bliss for food hunters. With exotic ingredients to create mouth-watering cuisines, street food like Satay, Ramli Burger, Rojak and Chee Cheong Fun is always the ultimate comfort food of many locals.

Street food here is diverse, where a stroll brings you to Indonesian, Thailand and even Korean bites.

So, when you crave some Korean corn dogs while you watch your favourite K-Drama, The Kind Helper has listed the best places to get them.


Corn Dog Malaysia
Corn Dog Malaysia

At CHUNZ, the deep-fried crispy corn dogs are a feast for your senses. 

Choose between the chicken or beef sausages, cheddar or mozzarella cheese. Get them coated with Crispy Flakes (cornflakes), Popo Fluff (potato) and Curly Crunch (noodles). Every bite of the oozy cheese will melt in your mouth!

CHUNZ has got all non-cheese lovers a premium sausage, smoked to perfection with a chewy sensation, The OG. With 6 halal-certified outlets, the corndogs here should be your go-to snack for your next binge-watching or board games session. 


2. MyungRang

Corn Dog Malaysia

Experience the cheesiest sensation from Korea when you indulge in their authentic snacks from MyungRang, Korea’s No. 1 Premium Street Food outlet!

Hand-rolled and made fresh upon order, pick your taste from the eight sauces, three seasonings and don’t forget to add the yummy Korean Rice Cakes too! 

Besides, you can coat the corn dog with sugar and opt for the finger-licking Just Mozerella for a vegetarian delight. If fancy calls you, try the MyungRang Monster, which has a Jumbo Sausage, Cheddar, Mozzarella and French Fries Topping. Truly MyungRang (cheerful)!


3. The 1st Corndog in Kuching – Bon Appetite.co

Corn Dog Malaysia

Annyeong! This cheese shop in Kuching serves corndogs that will please any fussy eaters. Whether you are Team Flaming Hot or Crunchy, they got you covered with Cheetos Crunchy (limited edition) and Ghocujang (spicy).

Plus, you might want to try their smashing black squid corn dog (seafood allergies worry not, it only resembles squid with Charcoal, Mozzarella and Sausage), and kids joy is the Bon Kiddies! Hurry up, place your orders and BON APPETIT!

4. Mozacrunch

Corn Dog Malaysia

Looking for a snack to munch in between the zoom meetings and online classes? With the tagline ‘Tarik sampai langit’, pull as long as you can (prolly, till the sky), Mozacrunch offers corn dogs in three enticing flavours – Crunchy (cornflakes), Cocoyo (Chocolate) and Pop (Potato). 

To enjoy this perfect concoction of sweet and savoury, you can either visit their outlet at Aman Central, Aeon Taping Mall or order via Shopee! If you choose the latter, follow the steps provided to deep fry the frozen corn dogs.

5. Eattwice – Corndog Korea Viral

Corn Dog Malaysia

The happiness when you head to the pantry or open the refrigerator and realise there’s something to nibble is indescribable.

That is why you should get the Frozen Cheesy Corndog which lasts more than a month, from Eattwice. The right amount of batter, generous cheese, jumbo hotdog and the homemade Korean sauce will make you eat twice, undoubtedly!

Apart from that, find yourselves some well-seasoned, crunchy chicken fillets and burgers.


Corn Dog Malaysia

This friendly and humble neighbourhood Korean street food vendor, Ganshik77, is where you go to fill your growling tummy. They have potato (Cheebee Tato, Double C Tato) and bread crumbs coatings (Cheebee Crunch, Double C Crunch, Mokeju) for the corndogs.

If you have not seen anything ‘Cheesier than your boyfriend’, you gotta rethink because Ganshik77 lives by this catchline – which means it is a paradise for turophiles.

Perhaps, if you love feasting your tastebuds with distinctive aroma and zest, the Korean Fried Chicken, Super Ganshiki (hashbrown) and Hotteok (pancake) should be on your must-try list!

7. Corndog Kempas

Corn Dog Malaysia

Specialising in western and hot dishes like Nasi Buttermilk, Chicken Chop XL and Spaghetti Aglio Olio, the corndogs here are Johoreans favourite. The Full Mozeralla and Moza Sausage corndogs have three flavours with delicious toppings.

Why not pair up the corndogs with a plate of their signature dish and call it a hearty lunch?

Aren’t you salivating? Since it’s still risky to be roaming around in public, add your pick to the cart on Foodpanda and Grab or leave a WhatsApp message while staying safe and sound at home!

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