Reusable Face Masks By Malaysian Brands: Double Mask To Protect Yourself!

by Lavanyah Guna

Reusable Face Masks

We all came across a heart-wrenching moment between a mum and her son that was shared by a doctor – ‘Mummy doesn’t blame you for bringing home Covid-19. Don’t blame yourself if I don’t end up waking up.’ 

It shows that the covid cases in Malaysia have been surging high, taking many lives, and besides staying at home, the government urges the public to double-masking as a way of protection. 

Why double-masking?

Fits better on your face because some masks allow the escape and entering of air through the sides. So, double masking reduces the number of respiratory droplets that could go through them.  They could filter up to 95% of the Covid-19 virus.

So, as a way of protecting our mother nature and ourselves, The Kind Helper thinks the masks listed below are your best friends every time you leave the house.

1. Whitesoot

Curating niche collections in-house, Whitesoot has reusable and washable face masks apart from their lovely dresses. They are made with 3 layers of pure, 100% cotton material and adjustable elastic straps. Each collection here is tailored lovingly in small production runs, so be quick! If fancy calls you, the Enchanting Ribbon & Masquerade Luxe Lace masks are in your favour!

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2. Hanya

Don’t be fooled with the saying Hanya for women, By women as Hanya has face masks for guys too! The 4-ply embroidered mask with satin silk inner (yeayy, no more maskne!) is lightweight and comes with a pouch. Besides, the basic face mask from the essential category has been the crowd’s pick. Go, go and grab them before they are gone!

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3. Hook Clothing

Hooking up the fashion enthusiasts since 2009, Hook Clothing’s face masks with floral designs will spoil flower buffs for choices! The 3-layer mask with pocket for removable filters priced at RM 28 is beautiful, comfortable and pocket-friendly. Add your favourite to the cart, (you’ll end up adding more because they are too pretty!) to stay sound and safe.

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4. Batik Boutique

This award-winning social enterprise, Batik Boutique, has stepped up its game where they have gift sets for different occasions that is complementary with a batik mask. Why not get your dad a batik shirt to spice up his zoom ‘days’ for this father’s day? Plus, the artisan masks with 3 layers (a non-woven filter) are 100% cotton to ensure perfect fit and breathing.

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5. ByAriana

Haslina Ismail, the founder of ByArianna, sells three different types of reusable face masks that are hijab-friendly – Basic, Diamond, Exclusive & Butterfly. The rubber strap extender, neoprene and 3-layer face mask will not only shield you but will also add a spark to your outfit with the exciting colours.

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6. Silk & Sugar 22

Are you looking for a satin mask? A scroll through Silk & Sugar 22’s feed spits out that they specialise in satin face masks. While satin fabric fills up the outer layer, the 2nd & 3rd layers are made of 100% cotton muslin. The soft, luxurious and stylish masks might tempt you into purchasing other pastel and vibrant hues!

Instagram | Shopee

7. Anmade

Anmade is a small business where the face masks with premium fabrics gets sold out within days after the shop is open. The pastel, gingham, flower and minimalist series of the 3-layer masks are affordable, neatly stitched and most importantly, fits your face. You might be taken aback by the ‘shop closed’ phrase on its bio, but fret not as they will announce the opening date so, keep your eyes peeled!

Instagram | Shopee

8. byputeh

The 100% organic cotton sanitary pads and panty liners are what flashes on our minds when we hear byputeh. Apart from that, the 22 momme (highest grade) 6a mulberry silk with filter pocket face masks are on their list for our Malaysians to stay safe. When you check out the reusable face masks, you might want to get some cute scrunchies and bow hair ties! 

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9. Changgih Designs

When you purchase masks from Changgih Designs, you might provide more job opportunities for Sabahan mums living in villages. Don’t you want to be a part of this good cause? 10% of all proceeds are allocated for community-building programmes as well! The environmentally-friendly 3-ply and triple pleated masks, especially the blue teal and blue-red, are our picks.

Instagram | Shopee

Other than the featured businesses, you can get reusable face masks from well-known retailers as Zalora, Cotton On and Uniqlo. However, as The Kind Helper always say, #supportlokal because they need us the most!

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