Travel Adapters Malaysia: Handy Travel Adapters To Make Your Life Convenient

by Lavanyah Guna

Travel Adapters Malaysia

Travelling – Pictures – Memories. What is a holiday without meaningful pictures of moments and sceneries right? I’m sure if you love clicking photographs wherever you go either to update your Instagram feed or as a remembrance, the utmost tool that you need is a camera or a phone. What if you are not able to charge your electronics when you are far away from home?

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Therefore, a travel adapter is crucial for both local and overseas travel. There are many types of travel adapters and you should be wise in selecting the one that best suits your need. To ease your trouble in finding the best travel adapters Malaysia, we, at The Kind Helper have listed some of them.

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How To Choose A Travel Adapter?

  1. Examine your device’s plug and count the number of prongs – Determine which devices you’ll be bringing and shop according to it.
  2. Go through the different plug types – The prominent to types of plugs are grounded and ungrounded. Every country might use a distinguished design of electrical outlets. Therefore, do some research before travelling to a country.
  3. Be sure on the usage of adapters – The adapters are only used to match the shape of a specific electrical outlet. If the country/region uses a higher/lower voltage, you should consider in getting a converter as charging electronics with different voltage brings harm to your device.

Top-rated Travel Adapters

1. 3 in 1 UK Travel Adapter Plug with USB

travel adapters malaysia
  • Type : 3 pins
  • Countries applicable: UK



2. Universal Travel Adapter 5A MAX 550W Fast Charge Smart IC chip International

  • Watt: 240
  • Type: 8 pins
  • Countries applicable: 4 kinds of international plugs for the USA, EU, British and Australian. Suitable for more than 170 countries.


3. Aukey 3 Port USB Qualcomm Quick Charge Travel Charger PA-T14

travel adapters malaysia
  • Type : 3 pins
  • Countries applicable: Ireland, Malta, Singapore, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom



4. 2.1A Output 2 USB Universal World Travel Adapter

travel adapters malaysia
  • Type: Dual USB

  • Countries applicable: More than 130 countries 




1. What is the difference between a travel adapter and a voltage converter?

A travel adapter is used to replace the electrical outlet to cater to your needs while a voltage converter regulates the amount of voltage that flows to your device. If you are still unsure of the outlets, do confirm with the hotels’ that you’ll be staying at.

2. Does apple products need a voltage converter?

Almost all products from Apple are dual voltage where a converter will not be needed.

3. Can I charge all my electronics using the same adapter?

Yes. You can charge your electronics/gadgets with just one adapter. 

4. Why is it hard to remove my plug from my adapter?

The holes might be tight for the first few uses. Just try several types by plugging and unplugging it without connecting to the power supply.

5. Can the same country have multiple outlet types?

Yes. Some countries such as Denmark, Bangladesh, etc., have multiple outlets, therefore do consider getting a universal adapter.

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