Zero Waste Malaysia: Places To Buy Recycled, Eco-Friendly Products

by Lavanyah Guna

Zero Waste Malaysia

The debate on pollution never seems to end and has been going around since the past decade. Numerous measures are being taken and multiple authorities have begun to spread awareness through social media platforms and advertisements.

Often dialogues like this:

Aiyo, don’t put the bottle in that bin! Can’t you see the labels?

– Moms

Proves that Malaysians are concerned about the current situation and are working hard to make the most featured line ‘zero waste Malaysia’ a reality. This happens in most of the households where our moms especially would start yelling at us if they see us with plastic bags after grocery shopping. 

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If you would like to step up your game to another level or do not want to get panicky when someone questions you about your contribution to our mother nature, here are some places to shop for some recycled items and eco-friendly products Malaysia. 

1. Bumi and CO

zero waste malaysia

Swap out your usual recycling bags with the aesthetic, reusable, cotton grocery bags from Bumi and Co. With comfy wide straps and a long handle to slip over your shoulder, the bags are in 3 colours for you to pair up with your outfit (if you used to colour coordinate your ootd wherever you go). 

These bags are made up of net which means you can just grab a few and leave them either in your car or workplace as they take up the littlest space. If you change your mind to drop by the stores or supermarkets for a little without planning, these bags will come in handy – each bag fits around the contents of two traditional plastic grocery bags.

Bumi and CO also has 

  • Reusable Mesh Produce Bags – Store your whole week’s supply of leafy greens or veggies without having to be worried about getting rotten.
  • Reusable Silicone Ziplock Bags – Planned to munch on some sandwiches while you head to your workplace? Get them!
  • Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Set – The best alternative to plastic cutlery when you ‘bungkus a Mee Goreng at Mamak Stall’



2. NUDE, the ZERO WASTE store

From foods to fill up your hungry tummy, products to uplift your moods to goods that fulfil your daily life, everything can be found at your go-to-store, NUDE. Located at Petaling Jaya, every item sold here is reasonable and eco-friendly.

In NUDE, they encourage you to start practising zero waste by reducing the amount of plastic so, whoever who walks into their store is expected to bring their containers and bags. However, if you are like me who forgets easily despite a young age *shakes head in disappointment*, they also offer containers for a lesser price where the next time you visit them, you can get a refund. Cool, isn’t it?

Buying stuff in bulk absolutely saves your time and penny in the long run. What are you still waiting for? Head to NUDE whenever it’s possible, to get your pantry occupied!



Location: 11A (Ground Floor), Jalan 19/29, Seksyen 19, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

3. Syaza’s

Meet the most talented interior designer who has been transforming old, broken furniture to brand new ones where you wouldn’t be able to recognise the differences – yes, we are freaking serious!

Despite the usual norm of throwing away those flimsy goods, why not bring it to Syaza to get them salvaged? There are also upcycled pieces ready to be grabbed with budget-friendly prices. Syaza, who has an abundance of imagination to offer, would please you with the makeovers. 

Since she is an interior designer, she does offer Interior Design, Interior Decor and Consultations. Do book your slots before they are full!

Instagram: @syazaofalltrades

4. The Hive

  • Facial oils
  • Kojac Sponges
  • Butter

You can sit with them if you have a habit of wasting because Honey, they don’t waste! 

Claimed to be Malaysia’ first zero-waste lifestyle store, The Hive carries everything that one needs – Hivette (menstrual cups), washable pads, dry groceries, oils and spreads, lifestyle (body bath, skincare, dental, etc) and at-home products (cleaning, laundry, bathroom).

Likewise other businesses, Hive started as a humble shop but with what they had to offer, they have captured a bounty of audiences and now has expanded their business to five outlets across Klang Valley. 

Since they don’t waste and urge us to do the same, those who step into The Hive are required to bring their bags. 

By the time you have landed in this section about The Hives, we hope that you have made your mind in getting a reusable bag.



Location: 92A, Lorong Maarof, Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur 

* Click here for more locations

5. A Bit Less

After being in dismay of the number of plastic bottles they had to use while they travelled to India, the founder decided to start a business – at the same time spreading awareness to practice zero waste lifestyle to curb the single-use plastics in their life.

zero waste malaysia
Reusable bag

‘A bit less’ as a reminder for us to use less plastic and produce less waste, they too have package fewer staple foods, household & personal care and veggies.

Do not forget to check out their food bag which is acid and alkali resistance!

Instagram: @a_bit_less

Location : 17, Jalan Ambong 3, Kepong Baru, 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Thank you for hopping on this ride to find some stores where you can start purchasing in your journey towards a better environment for us and the upcoming generations. If I do it alone, it’s not possible, when many hands come together that’s when we can start changing the obvious changes. Let’s all start practising 3R’s!

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