Rock Climbing Malaysia: Test Your Upper Body Strength At These Indoor & Outdoor Places

by Lavanyah Guna

Rock Climbing Malaysia

Are you with me when I say walls are for climbing? Whether you need to escape and breathe the air on new mountains or enjoy a scrumptious meal after the indoor rock climbing session at a mall, this article is for you!

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To those who love getting an adrenaline rush, where danger and rush make you arousing, rock climbing is where you can invest your time into. Therefore, check out this list by The Kind Helper on some of the outdoor and indoor rock climbing spots to scratch your itch!


1. Camp 5 One Utama

Rock Climbing Malaysia

Located in the most famous and bustling shopping mall, One Utama Shopping Centre, Camp 5 is closed to every rock climber’s heart. High ceilings, a plethora of rock climbing and bouldering walls, 2,500 metres square feet big – Camp 5.

With 5 different spots across Klang Valley and one in Johor, they are no stranger to kids who are daring enough. Bring along your kids as they can learn how to climb with Camp 5’s exclusive classes. 

Rock Climbing Malaysia

Never climbed before and feeling a little too nervous? Join their 1-hour experience session that is for all ages!

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2. Bump Bouldering

Rock Climbing Malaysia

What else can be perfect other than quiet work zones with Wi-Fi, tasty meals and beverages either for a post or pre-workout drill and top-notch rock climbing facilities? 

Bump Bouldering has it all for you to catch up with your work. Being the first Premium Indoor Bouldering Gym that combines both climbing and lifestyle experiences, start at the ceiling area which is lower before proceeding to higher gyms.

Having tips and tricks on the basics of rock climbing, spend some time reading them at Bump Bouldering’s homepage. 

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3. Bolder Ventures

Rock Climbing Malaysia

Safwan who spent time abroad in New Zealand infused the idea of outdoor rock climbing into indoor walls fruiting the dreams of his brothers. 

Providing a second home for the climbers, opt for the guided pass so the instructors can guide you till you make it to the top. 

Safwan has personal coaching classes as well depending on your needs so don’t be shy as no one will be looking at you!

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4. Mad Monekyz Climbing Gym

Get crazy at Mad Monkeyz’s cosy climbing gym, which is the ultimate companion for people from all walks of life regardless of their age. It is a 2-floor gym featuring 2,000 square feet of bouldering walls with classes such as M- Explore, M- Movement and more.

Established by a group of enthusiastic climbers, do visit their gym at Wangsa Maju for an energising workout session.



1. Kg Nipah Tioman Island

This slab climbing wall is an escape from the ordinary limestone rock climbling situated at Kg Nipah which is at the south-east coast of peninsular Malaysia, Johor. You can get to the spot by a speedboat or ferry from the coastal town of Mersing. 

Why not book a stay at the Nipah Village while you get on the groove? With the difficulty of  6a  – 7a and 20-30 mm of length to route, enjoy your stay at Kampung Nipah for a night or two!

2. Bukit Takun Rawang

Get close to nature when you head to Bukit Takun Rawang which is nestled deep lush forest and a golf course. Having over 120 pitches and 80 different routes, it is one of the largest rock climbing spot in Klang region.

Don’t freak out if you encounter some wild-boars, squirrels and beautiful species of floras as this mountain is a home for them too.  

3. Batu Caves 

When we talk about caves and mountains, how isn’t Batu Caves included right? Step out of your comfort zone while following the instructions of professionals when you climb up on the natural limestone rock. Yes, it is suitable for everyone from beginners to professionals.

Have you made your mind yet? More spots mean more choices, so if you get bored, there are the others. Get drench in sweat and stay fit!

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