Kick Some Balls At These 8 Futsal Courts In KL & Selangor

by Lavanyah Guna

Futsal Courts KL & Selangor

Futsal – One of the things that reunite Malaysians regardless of gender and race. It warms our heart when we see them playing together with the spirit and, the friendly team pictures clicked that is no longer possible (thank you, Covid!). Futsal, an alternative to football, is enjoyed by both men and women. 

Happy Hormones Malaysia went on a mission to scout the best futsal courts in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor, so you can start planning for your next friendly match or even tournament already! 

1. Republic of Futsal

Futsal Courts
Source: @kualalumpurcity.fc

Whether if it is casual or professional futsal training, Republic of Futsal has it all for you! With 2 small and quarter FIFA courts, a FIFA standard measurement court, get fast and furious on the courts! 

Known for their clean ambience, good facilities and well-maintained courts, every step of yours here is to bring memories. You can indulge in some mouthwatering local cuisines after the sessions to feed your hungry tummy!

2. The Challenger Sport Centre

Look forward to more friendly matches with your buddies at The Challenger Sports Centre in four different venues around Klang Valley. 

Not only the courts are floored with rubberised mat, but there are also facilities like a cafeteria, bathrooms with hot showers and a large projector screen to scream your heart out watching your favourite teams play (live football matches). 

Since the courts are open even at midnight with the best lighting system, there is always time for you to catch up with your team for a hearty, drenching futsal sesh! 

3. Frenzy Sports Arena

Futsal Courts

Unleash your passion with Frenzy Sports Arena, Shah Alam. It has six interlocking official sizes rubberize futsal courts with facilities as a surau, cafe, changing rooms and toilet. Book early to get here and, who would want to miss a court with reasonable pricing right? 

4. Spacerubix

Futsal Courts

Are you planning to have a futsal session with your gang while you enjoy the rest of the day with a small reunion and a sleepover? Hello Spacerubix! It is a vibrant community space with insta-worthy spots. You can play futsal on the indoor courts that can be converted to a FIFA size court. Spacerubrix is an ideal place to spend your weekends, as you can stay over in their hostels after a smashing futsal game.

5. Sports Planet Subang Grand

Futsal Courts
Source: @steffisidhu

When we talk about futsal courts, it’s never complete without including Sports Planet Subang Grand. It has eight regular pitches, 1 FIFA pitch and ample seating spaces. Since many tournaments take place here, be sure to book days before so you can be alive’ and kickin’. 

6. The Sports Barn Pj

Futsal Courts

The Sports Barn Pj is here to spice up your futsal as it features artificial grass turf. This will utterly lift your spirit to shoot more goals.

Besides, this sports & recreational centre also caters for any parties, events and tournaments. So, if you would like to celebrate a sporty or soccer themed birthday followed by friendly futsal matches, hit The Sports Barn to turn your fantasy into reality!

7. Pan Sports Center

Futsal Courts

Pan Sports isn’t just your ordinary local sports centre! Rubberised courts, large projector screen, enticing Malaysian cuisines, decently priced rates, friendly staff, clean ambience – are how you describe this centre. Play with freedom here and follow their page to not miss promotions like late-night, after school & work, weekend and more.

8. Ferro Futsal

Futsal Courts
Source: @huda.rhmn

Serving all the futsal addicts for the last 11 years, Ferro Futsal is one of the largest courts in Klang Valley. Became a sports hub from a warehouse, this space has one FIFA standard regulation international court and eight regular courts. Ferro Futsal is always busy and hustling that means you gotta be quick to grab a court. 

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