Cycling Classes: Here’s Where You Can Go For Spin Classes in Malaysia

by Lavanyah Guna

Cycling Classes (Spin Classes)

‘How I wish I could eat the Mee Goreng Mamak and all my favourites without gaining pounds and staying healthy?’

Although it might seem impossible because it is a fact that the more calories you consume, you are more likely to gain weight unless you are tied to a rigid workout routine. 

You can still gobble up the Mee Goreng Mamak (once in a while okay?), but to stay healthy, you should prioritise a workout session in your daily or weekly routine.

Burning some calories while you cycle with rhythmic moves accompanied by heavy pumping music to keep you going, sounds fun right? 

Cycling class (aka indoor spinning class) has been on the radar for quite some time, gives you a similar feel as a road bike, tones your body and most importantly burns calories faster. 

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So, Happy Hormones Malaysia wants you to free up your mind to choose the best class for you as below!

1. Flycycle @ Flyproject

cycling classes

Having ‘Your Body Our Project’ as the tagline, Flyproject is led by a passionate breed of fitness professionals creating fun group workout projects catering to all fitness levels. Flycycle is one of the many classes they offer. Join their 45 minutes beginner to class to spike your heart rate up and down. You can book a bike as well if you prefer working out in your comfort zone!

Flyproject just had their Flychella 2021, the most anticipated music festival with high-energy and best vibes cycling classes featuring their brand new spin room, Publika! Thus, follow Flyproject to be a part of their next bang.

Website | Instagram

2. Cycology Malaysia

cycling classes

Cycology, claimed to be the 1st Indoor Cycling Gym in Malaysia, offers six different cycospins classes with exciting choreographies to make you reach fitness goals and remain fully motivated. 

Opt for their Sweet Chilli for a 30 minutes spicy ride with sweet added at times and burn as an effect, Retro to end your following an easy to medium ride with recoveries as you play your favourite kinds of music from the ’80s-’90s and, no we aren’t spoiling any more surprises.

Head to their website right now to discover the other programmes!

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3. Babel Fit

Breathtaking views, garden rooftop lounge, outdoor infinity pool, luxurious changing rooms scream Babel Fit, one of the most independent deluxe gyms in KL. Apart from the other facilities that are provided, Babel Fit has a Cync Class exclusively for you!

Expect to drench in sweat while you move to the beats of teh music and light in the 45 minutes class that targets your strength, stamina and power. We bet you will look forward to every session with a bright smile!

Website | Instagram

4. Ministry of Burn

Bring on the burn with the Ministry of Burn. Striving to reshape the way you look at fitness, the RIDE Class is for those enthusiastic joeys to have a total-body indoor cycling workout. 

There are 3 levels of RIDE classes; for beginners and all the way to seasoned riders. The passionate instructors have something to offer in every session where you cannot escape the ride classes without high energy and maximum BURN. 

After all, you are at the Ministry of Burn, so what else do you expect? 

Website | Instagram

5. Aloha Cycle Club

Aloha Cycle Club has an array of beat-driven indoor cycling classes from kick-ass high-intensity cardiovascular workout to break a sweat (basic movements) sessions.

Something that stands out in this club is the Ride & Hiit Class with 20 minute Ride, 15 minute HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) and 10 minute Stretch.

The State Of Flow Class caught our eyes too, where the ride takes you through different stages of emotions: struggle, release, flow, and recovery. Just you and your bike!

Website | Instagram

Are you ready for an adventurous ride? Click on the class that you think might change your life for the better right now to secure your spot in the upcoming classes!

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