Crossfit Malaysia: 5 Places To Train And Unleash Your Love For CrossFit

by Lavanyah Guna

Crossfit Malaysia

One thing that this pandemic has taught us is to take care of our health, besides appreciating what we have without taking it for granted. If you have a balanced workout/fitness routine and the feel of sweat droplets rolling all over your back and down your cheeks excites you, it’s good to go. 

However, incorporating the same exercises can be exhausting and mundane. So, to spice up your groove while challenging yourself why not try CrossFit?

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Yes, all those strange words that you were figuring out all this while like ‘Boxes’ (CrossFit Gyms), ‘WODs’ (Workouts Of the Day), ‘AMRAP’ (As Many Reps as Possible) and more has all got to do with CrossFit. 

CrossFit consists of a strength and conditioning workout where functional movement is performed at the high-intensity interval. It promotes flexibility, strength, builds muscles and does a lot of wonders. Some types of equipment you may find in accomplishing the workouts are rowers and bikes, kettlebells, medicine balls, rings, speed ropes and plyo boxes.

The Happy Hormones rounded up a list of places to practise CrossFit in Malaysia. 

1. CrossFit Lah

Established by an American couple who have made Malaysia their home, they truly prove that how Malaysian one can get even while choosing a name. No matter what your fitness level is (you’ll be assisted with personalised training programmes, don’t worry lah then) and if you love working out with people, sign up right now to get a free intro!

Since it’s located at the paradise of hustling-bustling eateries, Bangsar, you can drop by to your favourite cafe for a brunch after your workouts! 


2. District 13

Known to be one of the largest boxes in Klang Valley, District 13 which is nestled in a warehouse at Petaling Jaya, will fascinate you with its high ceilings and ample space. From Olympic Weightlifting to Functional Strength, consult them to know which program you are best suited for.

Once you have started your journey here, you will look forward to nourishing in the WOD as the sessions are usually held in large groups, crafting a way for you to leave home with a forever buddy. 

Besides selling drinking water, flavoured green tea and coconut water, they have hygienic toilets and shower facilities to have a refreshing shower. 


3. Grit Nation

The sheer passion for CrossFit brought nine friends together from all walks of life who are the proud founders of Grit Nation, your new home to get fit!

When friendship flourished while they unlocked new achievements in  CrossFit and fitness, they wanted to create a functional training facility to lift up others who shared the same passion. 

Well, now they offer a bunch of classes as Strength & Conditioning, Grit & Grind, Functional BodyBuilding. Apart from those classes, you can expect a Grit Muay Thai, giving you a sense of responsibility and dependability. 


4. CrossFit Vidatha

The trainers are waiting, put on your shoes and bring along your 55-year-old dad/mum to CrossFit Vidatha, quick! Create lasting memories while you get healthier with your family.

Offering Crossfit and Crossfit 55+ programs, this box is suitable for everyone regardless of any age. You will be trained successfully by dedicated coaches to perform multiple, diverse and randomized physical challenges. 

Oh, when we say family, how can we not include the kids? Catering a fun, challenging and socially interactive strength program for teens/kids too, sign up for your entire family to stay fit together.


5. CrossFit Pahlawan

CrossFit Pahlawan welcomes you with all their heart if you are a beginner as it tends to get a little awkward or feeling like an outcast when we first start something unusual. 

Providing all the support and guidance you need, pack your things as a warrior when one of the ‘ridiculously awesome’ coaches train you. 

Apart from the beginners, those seasoned CrossFitters can jump in the challenge and excitement they crave to get back on track, breaking personal records. 

Cardio workouts, gymnastics/body weight and weightlifting are some of the ways in how classes are conducted.


Are you ready to make your dreams happen? Hit any of the boxes above to start your classes as soon as possible!

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