Authentic Homemade Dim Sum Restaurant in Penang: Fu Er Dai Dim Sum Restaurant

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Fu Er Dai Dim Sum Restaurant in Penang

When it comes to dim sum, you only want the best! What can we say, it’s the ultimate Chinese comfort food! From siew mai to freshly baked pao, nothing beats having the best dim sum for breakfast in Penang, especially if it’s Hong Kong-style dim sum! 

Fu Er Dai 富二代 is one of the best dim sum restaurants in Penang that you should head to for traditional handmade dim sum!

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Fu Er Dai Dim Sum in Penang

Image Source: Fu Er Dai’s Facebook Page

It is a Penang dim sum restaurant established in the year 2015 and the main vision of the restaurant is “Quality and Tradition”.  Fu Er Dai (富二代) essentially means “rich second generation,” because wealthy people used to eat high-quality food such as dim sum. Fu Er Dai Dim Sum built its name on the premise of excellent, authentic Hong Kong cuisine by producing high-quality dim sums.

The location of the restaurant is spacious, holding a long unoccupied field alongside the old Protestant Cemetery. The restaurant has an open-air setting that would be perfect to dine in with the breezy wind. The parking spots are also a lot which will make it easier for you to visit with your friends and family!

Fu Er Dai Dim Sum in Penang

Image Source: Fu Er Dai’s Facebook Page

Fu Er Dai serves delicious fresh dim sum in Penang and has a wide range of dishes from noodles to rice and mouth-watering dim sum. Let us introduce to you the top 8 hot-selling items on Fu Er Dai’s menu. This dim sum in Penang is something you don’t want to miss while you’re here!

Siew Mai with Fish Roe

Fu Er Dai Dim Sum in Penang

Fu Er Dai Dim Sum Restaurant has excellent Siew Mai that are made with handmade wrapping following the traditional style. It is also one of the most popular Cantonese dim sum. 

The Siew Mai with Fish Roe is served while it’s hot right from the kitchen and it has a tender exterior, which is one of the must-try items here!

Steam Pork Ribs with Black Bean Sauce

Fu Er Dai Dim Sum in Penang

Steam Pork Ribs with Black Bean Sauce is another dish you need to try! You can taste juicy and delicious pork in every bite of this dish. Despite employing Fu Er Dai’s traditional method of steaming pork ribs till they are considerably less light in colour than smokey or BBQ ribs, the pork remains tender. 

Steamed Golden Lava Bun

Fu Er Dai Dim Sum in Penang

This particular dish tastes amazing and easily can become a favourite for all the salted egg lovers! The Steamed Golden Lava Bun is soft and fluffy that will instantly melt in your mouth. It is filled with savoury and sweet molten lava salted egg custard that oozes out as soon as you take your first bite!

Prawn Rice Flour Roll (Cheung Fun)

Fu Er Dai Dim Sum in Penang

Surprise your tastebuds with Prawn Rice Flour Roll which is well known as Cheung Fun. It is made out of light rice noodles wrapped around plump prawns and drizzled with sweet soy sauce. It has a soft texture, tasty sauces and decent garnishes. 

The dish is served in an appetising presentation making it more appealing for first-time eaters! At Fu Er Dai, this dish is served with Hong Kong dried chilli that is specially made to uplift the taste of the Cheung Fun!

Steamed Glutinous Rice with Chicken (Loh Mai Kai)

Fu Er Dai Dim Sum in Penang

Another dish you can’t miss out on is the Steamed Glutinous Rice with Chicken (Loh Mai Kai) is a famous and flavorful dim sum dish that consists of steamed glutinous rice topped with Chinese sausage, dark soy sauce chicken and mushrooms. If you didn’t know, Loh Mai Kai is made with a lot of ingredients and it takes time to make the glutinous rice particularly soft, compact and sticky.

Yam Puff with BBQ Pork

Fu Er Dai Dim Sum in Penang

Besides that, a must-order item in Fu Er Dai is the Yam Puff with BBQ Pork. The yam puff is fried till it reaches a golden lacy texture that is eaten with slightly sweet BBQ pork. This dim sum dish requires the yam to be steamed until soft, which takes more than an hour. The BBQ pork sauce is also made carefully to make sure it matches your taste and is finally wrapped in the yam puff. This is something you don’t want to miss!

Baked Bacon Roll

Fu Er Dai Dim Sum in Penang

You can also order Baked Bacon Roll which is another classic dim sum in Penang that will certainly leave you wanting for more! This dish is baked in the oven to maintain its original taste which this restaurant prioritises in every dish they make. 

The juicy texture of this bacon roll will be great to enjoy together with beverages such as Chinese tea that blends well with it. Try it for yourself and you will be blown away by the delicious taste!

Fried Golden Emperor Mee

Fu Er Dai Dim Sum in Penang

Last but certainly not least would be the Fried Golden Emperor Mee which is one of the top dishes to order when you dine in Fu Er Dai dim sum restaurant in Penang. The chefs of this dim sum place have more than 6 years of experience frying their signature Golden Emperor Mee.

One of the great things about this dish is the fact that it is a simple meal but packed with maximum flavours, colour and aroma. These features make it a dish that can be called “Pan gas(Huo Qi)” which is the highest standard for grading a plate of Cantonese stir-fry!

So, which one is your favourite dish? Be sure to head over to Fu Er Dai 富二代 dim sum in Penang to try them all! 

Fu Er Dai Dim Sum Restaurant

7, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, George Town, 

10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.



Phone: 04-251 9289

Fu Er Dai Dim Sum Restaurant Operating Hours

Monday – Sunday, 06:30 am – 02:00 pm

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