7 Makeup Brush Sets To Check Out For Your Everyday Make Up Essentials

by Sonia Louis

Makeup Brush Sets Malaysia

If you’re one of those who love to play dress up and you can’t go without putting on some makeup, then investing in a good set of makeup brushes is a must! Makeup brush sets usually come with all sorts of brushes including brushes for contouring, shading, defining and highlighting. The best thing is, you don’t need to be a professional to use these makeup brushes. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro artist, these makeup brush sets are a must-have to achieve that flawless look you’re looking for. To ensure every beauty need is met, upgrade your makeup tools with the best makeup brush set. The Kind Helper has gathered the 8 best makeup brush sets you need to check out for every budget!

Best Make Up Brush Sets in Malaysia

1. MAANGE 18 Pcs Makeup Brush Set

Looking for something affordable and works well? Look no further, this makeup brush set by Maange delivers good results and can be used no matter if you’re a beginner or a pro.

The set contains 18 different brush designs which include all the basic needs for your everyday makeup. This set comes with a few different colours such as pure black, black brown, pink rose gold and many more others. Made of plastic, aluminium and nylon, most of the customers have mentioned that the brush bristles are soft and of good quality.

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2. DEAR DAHLIA Blooming Brush Collection

DEAR DAHLIA Blooming Brush Collection is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, perfect even for the most sensitive skin. Comes in a set of 8 different brushes that are made of the finest synthetic bristles that are really soft with easy grip wooden handles. They feel even softer than natural bristles!

According to some reviews, they’re super soft and comfortable to use as well as containing all the brushes you need for your daily makeup application.

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3. CERRO QREEN Makeup Brush Set

This limited edition makeup brush set by Cerro Qreen is great for beginners. Comes in a gorgeous tiffany blue coloured wooden handle and a PU leather brush case that is pretty and convenient to take with you when you travel!

Their brushes come in a mix of different hair such as goat’s hair, pony’s hair as well as synthetic hair such as fibre and nylon. It’s said that these high-quality natural animal hair can hold powder firmly for easy application. 

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4. Brush & Co Full Kit 2.0

If you’re looking for vegan, cruelty-free, premium quality brushes and beauty tools that won’t break the bank, Brush & Co has it all. Made of top quality premium synthetic bristles that feel soft to the touch, you won’t regret your purchase! Their Full Kit 2.0 has upgraded some of their brushes to even better quality ones that make them easier to use.

Plus, they have also labelled all the brushes which is very useful so you don’t have to confuse yourself with all the different brushes! Also, these brushes are suitable for all types of skin including sensitive skin!

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5. SIXPLUS 15 pcs Pink Professional Makeup Brush Set With Makeup Brush Holder

Suitable for beginner and professional use, SIXPLUS Romantic Series brush set contains 15 different brushes with multiple sizes ideal for a variety makeup application from eyebrows to full face. The material is made of synthetic hair as well as goat and pony hair that come with rose gold ferrule and pink wooden handles that have better grip which will be able to last long as they’re not flimsy.

Simply perfect as the brushes are soft, firm and sturdy at the same time! With skin friendly bristles, you don’t need to worry about skin irritations especially if you have sensitive skin!

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6. Brush & Co Onyx Kit

One of the best sellers at Brush & Co, Onyx Kit is one of a kind that has all the basic needs for the face. Consists of 6 different makeup brushes focused just for the face, they include foundation, powder, blush, buffing, shader and lastly blending brush.

With these magical soft synthetic brushes, you don’t need to use your fingertips anymore as they can easily blend your foundation and powder to perfection! Those new to the makeup world will find this an excellent purchase as it’s not only affordable but they’re also easy to use for beginners. 

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7. IMAAN BEAUTY 9 pcs Makeup Brush Set with Makeup Bag

Whether you want to create the perfect makeup look or just the basic look, these brushes are what you need in your life! They come in a variety of 9 different brushes that are made of premium synthetic fibres which provide soft, dense and skin-friendly bristles. From powder brush to brow line and eye tapered brush, you got all you need in this set. 

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