Home Gym Equipment Malaysia: Work Out At Home By Getting Everything You Need From These Online Websites

by Lavanyah Guna

Home Gym Equipment Malaysia

A mini-gym at home calls fancy and convenient. No matter, if you are a morning lark or a night owl, having gym equipment at home will save time from loitering around for parking spots and risking yourself to be in public when it’s is still unsafe.

Yes, you don’t have to skip your leg or arm day because the gyms are closed when there are online websites to get some home gym equipment. They could be pricey, but for the long haul, you save your gym membership fees.

In this fitness series, Happy Hormones aims to ease your worries in finding home gym equipment Malaysia to kick start or rejuvenate your fitness routine.

1. Fitness Concept

Home Gym Equipment Malaysia
Home Gym Equipment Malaysia
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Fitness Concept is your one-stop health and fitness equipment chain store (45 stores nationwide) where do expect some well-known brands like Reebok, Adidas, Gramin, Bodysolid, Inspire and more.

Among all the products, the treadmills, elliptical and climbers are their best sellers.

From cardio (bikes, treadmills), strength (gym station, dumbbells), accessories to speciality (yoga, trampolines), get them delivered to your footstep with RM50 off your first purchase.

2. Decathlon

Home Gym Equipment Malaysia

How about free shipping nationwide with no minimum purchase? Sounds great, right?

Decathlon blossoms with its own 40 brands that represent different sports. They have absolute workout equipment for pilates, boxing, fitness cardio, bodybuilding & cross-training in the exercise and fitness category.

Besides, to get in the groove, purchase your favourite top and bottoms too. Oh, apart from the counter skipping ropes to track your workout, feel free to find outdoor, water & racket sports and cycling equipment.

3. Johnson Fitness & Wellness

Home Gym Equipment Malaysia

Fit@Home 2021 by Johson couldn’t be better in depicting that they offer the best selections of home exercise equipment.

Whether you want to strengthen your heart, lungs and muscles or perhaps the hamstrings and quadriceps, they have it all. Get the perfect machinery that fits you, knock out a few reps and call it a productive day!

Working from home is exhausting, so to alleviate your body pain from sitting for too long or after a workout sesh, invest in a massage chair or foot massager from Johnson.

4. Fitness League

Home Gym Equipment Malaysia

This e-commerce business is the brainchild of 3 individuals and has attained the title of ‘Malaysia’s No.1 Online Fitness Equipment Supplier/Store’. 

Therefore, a visit to their website makes it easier to shop for equipment depending on your fitness goals like cardio, strength, conditioning and mobility.

Not forgetting, their products are quality assured where they deliver to Sabah & Sarawak as well! Sweat up a storm with Fitness League!

5. Technogym

Home Gym Equipment Malaysia
Home Gym Equipment Malaysia

Being the official supplier to the Olympics (Sydney 2000 to Tokyo 2020), either for a simple and enjoyable total body workout or a HIIT workout to feel the burn, there are many pieces of equipment here.

The Technogym MyRun is pretty impressive because you can run in natural and urban landscapes, have a trainer to guide you, blast your favourite music and more!

Additionally, there are bikes, ellipticals and rowers with fantastic features where you need to request a quote.

6. DesireGym

Home Gym Equipment Malaysia

You can still munch on your favourite Pepperoni Pizza or Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang (only on cheat days and in moderation, okay?) when your home is complete with the premium essential workout equipment from Desire Gym.

They cater to all fitness levels where they specialise in strength and fitness equipment that are affordable.

Are you unsure about the correct equipment to tone your abs? Feel free to text the team, as they are more than happy to guide you!


7. Vito – Art of Fitness

Home Gym Equipment Malaysia

Vito, derived from the Latin word vita, means lifeThus, VITO – Art of Fitness is a concept and entity that promotes a healthy lifestyle through fitness by availing of an array of equipment. 

Why do you need to shop here?

  • They believe that fitness begins from home
  • Specific equipment depending on your fitness objectives
  • Accessories for yoga and weights 
  • Supports and brace for a speedy recovery
  • They want you to unlock new fitness milestones.

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