Fitness Watch Malaysia: 5 Best Attractive, Functional Watches To Track Your Fitness Activities

by Lavanyah Guna

Fitness Watch Malaysia

Raising your hand, staring at the wrist quickly only to realise that you forgot to wear your watch – Absolute moment of embarrassment. To cover it, you just scratch your wrist pretending it itches and dust of non-existent specks of dirt. 

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Anyone who loves wearing a watch where can’t spend a day without it would have utterly experienced the scenario at least once in their lifetime. If you practice wearing it every day, why not get a fitness watch?

A fitness watch monitors your heart rate, tracks your sleep, reminds you to eat healthily and keeps you accountable. Therefore, you can appreciate the importance of time and health concurrently with a watch whether if you are an athlete or not!

Check out these 6 fitness watches that are favoured by Malaysians, researched by the team at Happy Hormones

1. Amazfit T-rex

Rain or shine, Amazfit T-rex is with you. Jungle trekking into the lush woods, setting a campfire while enjoying the starry night, diving into the crystal clear water – if this is where you belong, you should absolutely get this fitness watch. 

Amazfit T-rex has 14 sports modes from indoor cycling, elliptical to triathlon (etc). The 1.3-Inch AMOLED Color Screen lets you express your personality with its variety of gorgeous watch faces.

  • Notifies incoming text messages or calls, scheduled alarms and events
  • Geomagnetic & Ambient light sensor
  • 20-day ultra-long battery life
  • 4 different colours

Crafted with toughness inside and out, this rugged designed watch helps you in improving your athletic performances too. 

You can buy it from Lazada.

2. Fitbit Inspire 2

The health and fitness tracker by Fitbit never disappoints and so Fitbit Inspire 2. Inspire 2 keeps the inspiration coming ‘all day err day’ for up to10 days where you do not have to think about charging.

This sleek fitness tracker records and tracks your heart rate, promotes guided breathing session based on your heart rate to unwind particularly if you stressed/anxious (watches can be nicer than humans at times), automatically recognises your exercises and recognises your exercises and does a lot more. 

Choose your favourite clock face options according to your outfit, style or occasions. 

You can buy it from Lazada.

3. Garmin Venu SQ

Ladies rejoice! Featuring a bright colour display that lets you perceive information within a glance, there is no need for a distinct menstrual calendar as Garmin Venu SQ has it for you.

Apart from menstrual tracking, fitness, hydration, stress and respiration are sniffed out as well. 

  • Preloaded workouts
  • Built-in sports apps 
  • Advanced sleep monitoring
  • Wrist-based heart rate, etc.

Guys should consider getting one for themselves from the 10 different colours (yes 10) that are offered because the only additional advantage for women is the period diary.  

You can buy it from Lazada or Shopee.

4. Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Who said you can’t get fitness watches at prices that won’t make you go broke? Xiaomi Mi Band 5, an affordable watch, is your ultimate companion when to snap post-workout photos with your girl gang (just a click & there you go!). 

Burn your fat and shape your body with the 11 professional sports mode. The more you move, the more weight you lose. 

Xiaomi proves that they take user’s opinions earnestly which is why this new model has a longer magnetic charger and better display, ushering in a new era of a dynamic dial (20% bigger AMOLED screen). It’s light yet comfortable with Navy Blue, Teal, Orange, Black straps for you to complement the outfit of the day (ootd)!

You can buy it from Lazada.

5. Samsung Galaxy Fit 2

Making it to the list is the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2! Cool life hacks, in your wrist when you own this fitness watch. If you are an eager-beaver, then this watch also reminds you to stay on top of your personal hygiene with handwashing reminders, a step further from Coronavirus, literally.

No more struggling to record your sleep hours as it will be done for you, promoting a good, peaceful night sleep. Two more reasons to love this watch. 

The battery that lasts for about 15 days means more time to focus on your workouts and health. These are some of the features and specs of it where to know more click the link below right now!

You can buy it from Lazada.

Fitness watches have been in the spotlight recently because of what they offer. To retain the wonders, how is it possible if you don’t own one?

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