Exercise Bike Malaysia: Cycle And Sweat Away With These 5 Sturdy Bikes!

by Lavanyah Guna

Exercise Bike Malaysia

Malaysians and the working from home culture never seem to be apart any time soon.

Staying fit is a challenge of WFH – the countless trips to pantries to grab a snack just because we feel like eating. WFH causes less movement as we are confined within four walls.

Considering it, The Happy Hormones has found a great tool where you can stay fit and healthy amidst the hardships without having to leave your home – Exercise Bikes!

Exercise bikes burn body fat, promotes weight loss, improves your cardiovascular health, strengthen your legs and lower muscles. As a whole, exercise bikes are more kind to your joints.

*Learn about the types of exercise bikes here*

1. Schwinn Airdyne AD6

Exercise Bike Malaysia

Boost your cardio fitness with Schwinn Airdyne AD6 that eventually leads to better sleep, mood and lower blood pressure. The moving handlebars in the bike are to provide a full-body workout. With a large, thickly padded seat, a quiet fan, and an LCD screen, every pedal ensures utmost comfort.

You can make use of the heart rate monitor and RevMeter RPM gauge for interval training. Besides, this bike accommodates up to 300lbs (136kg), and the harder you pedal, the more the resistance!

Buy here: Fitness Concept

2. Maxx Sportex Spinning Bike

Exercise Bike Malaysia

Maxx Sportex Spinning Bike gives you the same feel like the outdoor bike. Perhaps, if you want to cycle while enjoying the cool breeze (verandah) or watching your favourite movie (living room), the front-mounted wheels will make it easier. The friction braking system and emergency lock stop the flywheel from moving, preventing any possible injuries.

Furthermore, this spinning bike posses an 8kg Flywheel that maintains balance and energy during cycling. With the adjustable saddle, make sure your family members paddle away the calories too!

Buy here: Lazada

3. NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle

Exercise Bike Malaysia

A stationary bike that protects you from the rain and shine appeals the most to you? Consider this bike no matter if you are a seasoned cyclist or a spinning newbie, as you will look forward to more enticing cycling sessions. 

Why should you get NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle?

  • Vertically and horizontally adjustable seats
  • Ride anywhere around the world with incredible on-demand spin classes
  • Easy to reach dumbbells with 3lbs, so the upper body gets some drill as well
  • Take it easy or push to the limits with the 22 digital resistance levels

Buy here: Fitness Concept

4. FC Desk Bike

Exercise Bike Malaysia

Steal a workout while you attend your meeting, sealing a deal or planning a vacay with your buddies. This unique 2-in-1 Recumbent Bike Workstation and Standing Desk is meant for multitasking, where you can convert it into a standing desk to burn more calories.

Equipped with a large backrest cushion to provide all the comfort you need, save your space with this foldable bike after your workout sesh.

Some of the other features that are worth scrutinising are

  • Adjustable desk position
  • 8 levels of tension control
  • Workstation – cup holder, tablet holder and laptop strap.

Buy here: Lazada

5. Reebok Jet 100

Exercise Bike Malaysia

Are you a fan of Reebok? Then, the Reebok Jet 100 Series should be the exercise bike you consider buying because it has 32 levels of resistance and 12 pre-set workouts + 3 target programs. So, you can gradually increase the resistance as you get fitter.

As the built-in hand pulse sensors monitor your heart rate, the LCD screen shows your speed levels, time taken, and calories burned. As the built-in hand pulse sensors monitor your heart rate, the LCD screen portrays your speed levels, time taken, and calories burned.

Don’t worry about disturbing your family while challenging your cardio with every ride, as the 9kg flywheel ensures a smooth, quiet ride.

Buy here: Fitness Concept

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