9 Event Planners in KL That Will Save The Day

by Fatihah Farid

Event Planners in KL

Eventhough organising an event can be exciting, we must admit that it can also be challenging at times. Sometimes it can get so exhausting that you’re already too worn out to even enjoy the party before it even started.

If you find yourself struggling to plan an event, here’s a simple task you can do – hire an event planner! So continue reading to find out the best event planners in KL who will truly save your life.

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1. Above Creative Events (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Event Planners in KL
Photo: DesignRush

Above Creative Events is a team of enthusiastic event planners with a background in both entertainment and production. They contribute their creativity and expertise in order to make events come to life. Being one of the best event planners in KL, they strive to provide excellent customer service.

They specialise in planning and carrying out conferences, award ceremonies, social events, and other types of events due to their amazing on-the-ground organising expertise and strong technical management background.

Plan your event with Above Creative Events here!

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2. Event Space KL

Event Planners in KL

Event Space KL is an event planner in KL that frequently holds its events at Starhill & Lot 10 Bukit Bintang Malaysia, which is close to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. They can readily draw the attention of people passing by in the nearby area because Bukit Bintang is one of the busiest districts in KL. 

Event Space KL Bukit Bintang Starhill & Lot 10 has positioned itself as a fashion, food, and lifestyle trendsetter. Since the Bukit Bintang Lot 10 has four different sides, it can draw in the target audience in multiple ways at the same time, allowing the ad information to disseminate extensively.

Plan your event with Event Space KL here!


3. I Heart Party

Event Planners in KL
Photo: Iheartparty

I Heart Party is one of the event planners in KL with the largest props company in the city. They do all types of business themes and pre-planned parties, such as company launches, grand openings, window displays, and birthday parties. They are also flower designers for five-star hotels in KL. 

They collaborate closely with the professional conference, event, and wedding planners, and a wonderful thing they can do is implement any of their existing preset themes in just 48 hours.

Plan your event with I Heart Party here!

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4. Jaas Events

Event Planners in KL
Photo: Ravi Kumar Dhanyakula on Google

Jaas Events specialises in balloon decor. We’re very confident it’s them if you see an event with a lot of balloons! For them, a gathering isn’t a celebration until there are balloons! They offer balloon arches and columns, bouquets and backdrops, balloons, fabric and floral décor, balloon sculpture, and many other services. 

They also provide services for clowns, magicians, and face painters. So, if you’re seeking for an event planner in KL who can make your balloon party a reality, Jaas Events is the company to call!

Plan your event with Jaas Events here!

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5. InstaSpace Malaysia

Event Planners in KL
Photo: InstaSpace Malaysia

InstaSpace is a marketplace that provides access to previously unknown and underutilised locations, providing extraordinary arenas for events, experiences, and activations of all sizes. Unlike other platforms, InstaSpace curates its places: all spaces are reviewed by their design staff. 

As one of the well-known event planners in KL, InstaSpace provides a one-stop, hassle-free event solution platform that allows you to not only explore and book one-of-a-kind event spaces, but also engage other event-related services such as a live band, decors, sound and lighting, performers, entertainers, furniture rental, custom built furniture and fabrication, and many more.

Plan your event with InstaSpace here!

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6. YOLO Events

Event Planners in KL
Photo: YOLO Events

YOLO is one of the event planners in KL founded on the simple goal to “Deliver happiness, one event at a time.” Simply put, they develop strategic integrated experiences that establish a personal connection between businesses and their target audiences. They are team players, dedicated and talented experts who produce outstanding results. 

They have been launching, positioning, and elevating companies in South East Asia for over 7 years. They work in a variety of industries, including luxury, travel, retail, technology, fashion, consumer goods, banking, among others, with an international team of best-in-class specialists ranging from creatives, strategists, producers, and production managers to set designers, carpenters, artists, and digital tech nerds.

Plan your event with YOLO Events here!

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7. JIGGEE | Event Management Malaysia

Event Planners in KL

Jiggee is an event planner in KL that provides full-service special virtual events management services and has offices in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They provide razor-sharp event execution and create bespoke events for the public and private sectors, for business and pleasure, for events large and small. In addition, they plan, organise, and deliver high-impact, unforgettable events and live experiences. 

Jiggee’s portfolio extends over 20 years, and they take satisfaction in managing events for Fortune 500 clients across the board. Furthermore, they plan and execute integrated Special Events, Launches, Gala Dinners, Conferences, Exhibitions, Private Soirées, and Luxe Weddings. They have recently gone virtual, producing Digital Events around Asia.

Plan your event with JIGGEE here!

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8. Impact Force

Event Planners in KL
Photo: Impact Force

Impact Force is a Kuala Lumpur-based event management firm that has been serving both large and small clients since 2007. They work in a dynamic manner as well as carry out tasks in a strategic and efficient manner. They have established themselves as a leading 360-degree event planner in KL, Malaysia. 

As a top event planner in KL and a well-known event planning firm, they offer a wide range of services, including product launches, press events, corporate events, concerts, annual dinners for businesses and so many more.

Plan your event with Impact Force here!

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9. Sincerité

Event Planners in KL
Photo: Sincerité

Sincerité, being one of the top event planners in KL, provides on-site event coordination with full event planning and management services. They accept projects that involve planning and managing in order to establish a signature style for each event, combining your distinct style with vendors who can match your theme. 

Furthermore, they prioritise getting all large and tiny things in order. Event design (from mood board curation to distinctive visual story-telling); step-by-step planning & venue-vendor selection; and event day coordination are among their offerings.

Plan your event with Sincerité here!

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