Netflix Unveils Official Trailer For Mind-Bending Crime Series COPYCAT KILLER

by The Kind Helper

Netflix has unveiled the official trailer for its highly anticipated Chinese-language crime thriller series Copycat Killer, premiering 31 March globally and exclusively on Netflix. 


Set in ’90s Taipei, Copycat Killer is adapted from a popular crime mystery novel by Japanese writer Miyuki Miyabe. When a spate of grisly murders throws the city into chaos, a tenacious prosecutor must brace for a cat-and-mouse game against a dangerous manipulator.

Set against the haunting whistling of Noh, an evil media-savvy serial killer, the trailer uncovers pivotal threads of a series of high-profile murder cases, and as the prosecutor Kuo Hsiao-chi — played by award-winning actor Wu-Kang Ren (Light The Night, Shards of Her, and Mom! Don’t Do That) — gets closer to the truth, more suspects and accomplices emerge.

Prosecutor Guo, played by Wu Kang-ren, appears powerless in the face of uncontrollable evil. Image, courtesy of Netflix.

As the killer repeatedly carries out his arrogant and unstoppable actions, the prosecutor grows increasingly haggard with the weight of the case. Speaking to this, Wu said, “An evil so widespread and pervasive is difficult to parry. The exploration of what humankind will do in the face of such evil will be a key takeaway for audiences of the show”.

Copycat Killer will be released globally and exclusively on Netflix on 31 March.

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