4 Types Of Introverts And 5 Helpful Self-care Tips For Introverts

by Lavanyah Guna

Types Of Introverts

Why are you so quiet?

Do you have any friends?

Why so serious?

Don’t you like going out?

Why are you leaving early?

Sometimes we ponder if isn’t there an end to these questions. People still don’t understand introverts, and we are tired. Introverts already have hundreds of unanswered mysteries with unrealistic dreams that could eat them alive. Welcome to the life of an introvert!

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An introvert is a person who loves spending time alone, often focusing on the inner thoughts which gives them comfort. However, not all introverts are the same, although they don’t mind staring at the calls until they disappear.

If you are an introvert, go through the types of introverts listed by The Happy Hormones and identify your form of introversion to understand how your mind works!

1. Social Introvert

Types Of Introverts
Source: tenor.com

A social introvert is the ‘classic’ introvert that enjoys spending time alone, with a cup of coffee and a book, a movie or pampering in anything they love doing.

Small talks and partying with a large crowd of people is a social introvert’s big no-o’s. Instead, they stick around their favoured bosom buddies for an intimate day out because huge settings emotionally drain them out. So, they need to recharge from alone time and bloom in their solitude.

Social introverts can be fun, cheerful and warm!

2. Thinking Introvert

Types Of Introverts
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As the introversion says, thinking introverts are daydreamers who spend time in their heads.

Although they are said to be indulging in their fantasies (imaginative and creative), these introverts tend to be in deep and critical thinking. Thus, they spend lesser time focusing on others. Perhaps, genius introverts?

Furthermore, they have a rich inner world, as the mind is their home. Self-reflective, thoughtful and introspective are the perfect three words to describe thinking introverts.

3. Restrained Introvert

Types Of Introverts
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‘Think before act’ is the one matra that people in this type of introversion live by. You cannot expect spontaneous decisions from them.

Thinking introverts are typical introverts for a reason – they appear shy and guarded at first because they need a little time to warm up before expressing their thoughts and personalities.

What’s more, these people will only pop out from their shells wholly if you earn their trust. However, once a thinking introvert fathoms that they can count on you, you have secured it eternally. Plus, they are incredibly attentive where they watch and analyse everything ahead of speaking.

4. Anxious Introvert

Types Of Introverts
Source: tenor.com

On the contrary to social introverts, anxious introverts struggle to strike a conversation or interact with others. They might suffer from anxiety disorders, feel awkward and uncomfortable in the presence of people.

The thought that all eyes are on them, watching every move, accompanies social introverts because they are highly self-conscious. Besides avoiding people and isolating themselves purposely, they do possess some strengths.

Since social introverts are more sensitive, they can easily connect with shy and anxious buddies in social settings.

Self Care Tips For Introverts

If you need an extra hand on dealing with your ‘introvertness’, here are some self-care tips that’ll help you out!

1. Set boundaries

Learning to say ‘no’ is a must. Sometimes, people drain us out, pressure and demand us too much, and we might be pushing ourselves beyond the limits to satisfy the needs of others. Therefore, by setting boundaries, we get a piece of mind while protecting our soul and body from overexerting.

2. Turn off the noise

Introverts are very sensitive to stimulation where loud noises are among them. If any noise overwhelms you, get away from them and enjoy silence or play soothing music to calm you.

3. Start journaling

Vent in the art of journaling to pour out your angst, emotions and feelings. It is one of the best ways to let go!

4. Prioritise your well being

Exercising, meditating, eating a balanced diet and getting fresh air keeps you refreshing. Exercising boosts endorphins (happy hormones) so you can live a stress-free life.

Moreover, finding time to sneak in meditation and breathing exercises in your daily routine is a yes to ease your racing mind and heart.

5. Have a recharging zone

A recharging zone is your comfort place where you head to unwind and rejuvenate.

If you love taking a nice shower or bath, make sure your bathroom is clean, put out a scented candle, get jars with bath bombs and keep your bathroom minimal.

If getting lost in a captivating book is your thing, set up a small reading corner with a coffee table, a soft blanket and a comfy sofa.

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