9 Top Malaysian Tik Tok Influencers To Follow

by Ili Sakinah

Top Malaysian Tik Tok influencers

Tik Tok is a raising social media platform that educates you on how to dance, cook and entertain you after a long day at work! We are loving this platform as everyone is expressing themselves freely with their talent and humor. Here are 9 Malaysia’s top Tik Tok influencers you should check out!

1. Dr. Malar Santhi

A doctor that educates online users about medical issues during her free time, she is Dr. Malar Santhi!  She is recently known for her Tik Tok videos about the importance of taking vaccines. Besides being an educator on Tik Tok and a full-time doctor, she is also a mother of two, how cool is that? 😊

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2.      Khairul Aming

Who does not know Khairul Aming? He is first recognised through his short videos on Instagram and now he is making his way to be one of the popular Tik Toker in Malaysia! Different from his other social media platforms, he is sharing product reviews, reactions, current activities and must-have videos, his cooking😉

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3.      Rhi

For those who admire an aesthetic space, you would want to follow Rhi! She has the most aesthetic place that you’ve seen on Tik Tok and she loves to share her findings from online shopping with her followers which could be useful for you if you have the same aesthetic.

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4.      Nahlalrsl

A petite baker that makes comforting Tik Tok videos. Nahlalrsl shares recipes of her sweet desserts on Tik Tok and has gained 121k followers. If you are a sweet tooth, you would want to follow Nahlalrsl as she will make you crave something delicious!

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5.      Ceddy

A funny vlogger? Our kind of influencer! He makes mainly food and product reviews but occasionally he does videos about his cute pet. His bubbliness won’t make you feel that you have scrolled in Tik Tok for hours. Apart from giving out reviews, he is honest with his follower about his opinion and always try to educate them about the latest issues.

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6.      Hanny

A talented dancer that makes traditional dance videos with her dad! They are the cutest duet on Tik Tok and they are making their way up to win Malaysians hearts. Their effort in dressing in traditional outfits and practising with each other before uploading it on Tik Tok is admirable as they are showing us how beautiful our tradition is.

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7.      Mimi

Mimi’s editing style is so dreamy that would make you feel like she’s living in some magical place. She is productive in sharing her kitchen arrangements, cooking, and purchases! If you are looking for Korean-style content, Mimi is the person that you want to follow 😊 She is inspiring with the way she arranges her furniture and cooking ingredients that make you want to purchase the same thing on Shopee.

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8.      Anis

Are you obsessed with organising things? Don’t worry it is not a bad thing! Anis is one of the Tik Tokers that are obsessed with organising her kitchen. It is very satisfying to watch everything is in line and the same group category 😊 Anis never forgets to share with her followers where she purchases her favorite items and tips and tricks on how to get an organised kitchen.

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9.      Sofyan

One of Malaysian’s gems, Sofyan is super talented when it comes to editing his videos. He has gained 2.1 million local and international followers on Tik Tok! His entertaining videos will always make you wonder how he managed to make such a smooth transition. This video editor has also shared before and after the video is edited which would blow your mind.

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