12 Fun Date Ideas In KL To Spark Romance

by Sonia Louis

Fun Date Ideas In KL

Whether it’s your first date or your 20th date, it’s always good to go on fun dates with your other half. Eating out and watching a movie at the cinemas can get pretty boring. So why not try something new and fun while you have the chance? Here’s a list of 12 fun date ideas in KL to impress your partner and spark some romance! Read on to find out more!

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1. Play tourist in KL

Fun Date Ideas In KL
Image Source: sunwayhotels.com

We all know KL has many fun things to do, but how about playing tourist in KL with your date? Day or night, strolling around Bukit Bintang, Petaling Street and other well known KL tourist spots is one of the best fun date ideas in KL you can possibly have! There are plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars to chill. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures too as there are many instaworthy spots in KL! 

2. Try wall climbing

Fun Date Ideas In KL
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Indoor wall climbing or bouldering is a fun date idea in KL whether you’re a climber or not. If you’re looking for something more adventurous or something more challenging for the two of you, this would be a perfect date as you both are required to work together and at the same time workout! Check out Camp 5 or Bump Bouldering and plan out a date with your loved one now!

3. Roller skating

Fun Date Ideas In KL
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Is skating a good date idea? Yes, yes, yes! Skating with your partner can be so much more fun than you think. Okay, just think about it – holding hands, guy catches girl as she falls? No matter if this is your first date or not, roller skating is one way to spark romance! If you’re looking for a place you can bring your date to skate, check Rollerwa out! 

4. Go for a bookstore date

Fun Date Ideas In KL
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If you didn’t know, bookstore dates have been becoming a trend here in KL and no, it’s not a boring date unless you hate reading! But to all bookworms, you are more than welcome to visit some of the best bookstores in KL and the best part of them all –  it’s free of charge! It truly is one of the romantic things you can do in KL with your lover! 

5. Sip on wine and paint a masterpiece

Fun Date Ideas In KL
Image Source: insider.com

Discover your hidden talent while you sip on wine and paint a masterpiece with your partner. Even if you’re not artistic yourself, this fun date idea in KL is something you might want to experience! Don’t worry, you don’t need any painting experience to try this out. Get to know each other while you sip on wine and paint. 

6. Plan a romantic picnic

Fun Date Ideas In KL
Image Source: society19.com

Fancy a romantic picnic with your date? KL has plenty of beautiful parks where you can have your very own picnic such as Taman Saujana Hijau and KLCC park. With our Malaysian tropical weather all year round, make full use of it and plan the perfect surprise. Best time to go for a picnic – early mornings, with fresh air and of course, no mosquitoes! So what are you waiting for? Pack your picnic basket and mat. You’re about to have a very romantic date with your loved one! 

7. Kayaking at Putrajaya

Fun Date Ideas In KL
Image Source: kelabtasikputrajaya.com.my

Have you always wanted to try kayaking? Now you can go kayaking with your date at Putrajaya Lake Club with rentals of kayak that go by hourly slots. Rent the double kayaks and spend some quality time with your date as you enjoy the stunning views especially during sunset! 

8. Go for a hike 

Fun Date Ideas In KL
Image Source: jomjalan.com.my

Another fun date idea in KL you can try out with your partner is to go for a hike. KL has many hiking trails from beginner friendly to advanced where you can go for an adventure such as Gasing Hill and Broga Hills. There are some that lead to beautiful waterfalls so be sure to pack extra clothes. 

9. Go on a spontaneous road trip

Fun Date Ideas In KL
Image Source: travelinspires.org

The beauty of living in KL is that you can take a spontaneous road trip to some fantastic places that are located just an hour away. Such places are Janda Baik, Bukit Tinggi, Sekinchan and many more. It’s the perfect weekend escape from the hustle and bustle of the city! 

10. Play a board game at a cafe

Fun Date Ideas In KL
Image Source: dicebreaker.com

Bored of the typical dinner and movie date nights? How about playing a cool board game at a cafe near you? There are some board game cafes in KL that you can try or simply bring over your favourite board games where you can sit, chill and relax at a cafe with your date. Whether it’s your first date or you’ve been dating for years, this is always one of the fun date ideas in KL!

11. Cafe hopping

Fun Date Ideas In KL
Image Source: malaymail.com

KL is known to have a wide range of aesthetic cafes from serving pastries and baked goods to fusion. Going on a cafe hopping in KL is another fun date idea in KL especially if you both are foodies! Trying new food, hopping from one cafe to the next and spending quality time getting to know each other is one way you can spark romance. Try it! Find out more aesthetic cafes in KL here.

12. Have fun at the Museum of Illusions KL

Fun Date Ideas In KL
Image Source: tripadvisor.com

The Museum of Illusions KL is one of KL’s most entertaining and unique museum where tricks are being played with your brain and eyes! It has more than 70 exhibits, illusionary and interactive rooms for you and your date to enjoy! It might get a little packed on the weekends so you may want to plan on going on the weekdays to avoid the crowd!

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