15 Must Try Malaysian Drinks (Non-Alcoholic)

by Fatihah Farid
malaysian drinks

Malaysian Drinks

We don’t realise it, but Malaysia has a wonderful culture of Malaysian drinks and juice. These famous Malaysian beverages are extremely affordable. Most of these drinks cost between RM2 and RM5, depending on where you go. 

To help quench your thirst, try these 15 must-try Malaysian drinks!

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1. Teh Tarik

Malaysian Drinks
Photo: Parenthood Magazine Malaysia

The traditional Teh Tarik is regarded as The Malaysian Drink. Teh Tarik, which translates to “pulled tea,” is made using strong black tea that is procured locally, condensed or evaporated milk, and maybe sugar if the milk isn’t sweet enough. Yes, Malaysians love their beverages to be a little bit sweeter. 

Its preparation, which involves pouring the tea higher and higher, creates the impression that a lengthy stream of tea is being ‘pulled’ in the air, giving the drink its name.

2. Milo Dinosaur

Malaysian Drinks
Photo: FMT

Milo, a Nestle product, is a chocolate-and-malt drink popular in many Asian, South American, African, and Pacific countries. Malaysians prefer to drink it cold with plenty of sugar or condensed milk. We’re not sure why it’s named Milo Dinosaur, but this Malaysian drink is basically just iced Milo with a sprinkle of Milo powder on top. 

3. Soursop Juice

Malaysian Drinks
Photo: Bukit Besi Blog

Soursop juice is prepared from the fruit of the soursop tree and tastes similar to grapefruit or pineapple juice in terms of sweetness and sourness. This Malaysian beverage often has a pale green hue and a little sour flavour. It is usually served over ice. They are also a good source of vitamins and minerals, making them a healthy option for people seeking a beverage that’s refreshing. 

4. Sirap Bandung Cincau

Malaysian Drinks
Photo: Dear Nestle

This may become your new favourite Malaysian beverage if you love the colour pink. Many people believe it to be strawberry milk, but we don’t think it tastes anything like it. Even so, Sirap Bandung has a unique flavour that makes it worthwhile to try. The word “bandung” in this context refers to a mixture, and in this instance, the mixture is made up of condensed or evaporated milk and rose syrup.

For extra flavour, Malaysians love to add Cincau, also known as grass jelly, which is a delicious treat prepared from a plant species named Mesona Chinensis which is a member of the mint family. 

5. Cincau

Malaysian Drinks
Photo: Fimela

Cincau isn’t only something to add to a Malaysian drink; it is also a drink in and of itself. Malaysians call this drink, which is also marketed in cans and bottles, “Iced Cincau” when served on its own with some sugar syrup. Aside from Sirap bandung, Soya is another popular drink in Malaysia to which people like to add Cincau.

6. Kopi O

Malaysian Drinks
Photo: Forest Cloud

Malaysian coffee, often known as kopi O, is a dark-roasted coffee that can be found at any kopitiam. Kopi O is typically made with Robusta beans, which have a higher caffeine level.  To create a cup of kopi O, mix the coffee powder with boiling water and serve immediately. If you enjoy long black, you’ll enjoy this.

7. Limau Asam Boi – Lime Juice with Salted Dried Plum

Malaysian Drinks
Photo: Unilever Food Solutions

Limau Asam Boi is a refreshing drink that is perfect for sipping on a hot day. If you don’t know what ‘asam boi’ is, it’s salted dried plum produced by drying plum with powdered sugar and salt and flavouring it with herbs such as licorice. Malaysians enjoy flavouring their drinks with it, giving a bit of a salty taste to an otherwise sweet or sour drink. It is lime juice in this case, and it is one of our favourite Malaysian drinks.

8. Iced Barley

Malaysian Drinks
Photo: Roti n Rice

Iced Barley is a clear, viscous drink with lime and sugar added for flavour that is typically served over ice.  Whole barley pearls that were soft, thick, and sugar-sweetened were added into the fluid. Although many people preferred it cold and served with ice, this Malaysian beverage can also be served hot.

9. Air Mata Kucing

Malaysian Drinks
Photo: Nyonya Cooking

This Malaysian beverage’s primary component is a fruit that is related to the longan fruit family. It is referred to as “mata kucing,” which in English translates to “cat eyes.” Though rest assured that they are not the same. 

According to research, the fruit can reduce depressive symptoms, protect against cell deterioration, and slow down the ageing process. The monk fruit, a natural sweetener that is widely utilised in traditional Chinese medicine, is another important component of this Malaysian beverage.

10. Sirap Selasih

Malaysian Drinks
Photo: cookpad.com

Sirap Selasih, which combines holy basil seeds and rose syrup, is another well-known Malaysian beverage. The syrup is boiled with boiling water until it thickens, at which point food colouring and rose essence are added. Just before serving, holy basil seeds, also known as selasih, are added to the beverage, giving it a little chewy texture. Since Sirap Selasih is typically served cold, it’s perfect for the hot Malaysian weather.

11. Water Chestnut Drink

Malaysian Drinks
Photo: peepor.net

One of the most refreshing Malaysian drinks is Water Chestnut Drink. Water chestnut is a common component in Chinese cooking. Its low fat, high potassium, and gluten-free features make it particularly beneficial. This Malaysian drink is often available in Chinese hawker centres. It’s the perfect refreshing drink for the hot Malaysian weather. 

12. Three Layer Tea

Malaysian Drinks
Photo: Asian Inspirations

The black tea, evaporated milk, and palm sugar that make up this Three Layer Tea, which the locals refer to as “The C Peng,” are layered on top of one another. The name’s origin is clear, and the flavour profile is quite self-explanatory. Additionally, it has all the flavours of black tea at once with a sweet, creamy tea taste. This cooling Malayan beverage is available at numerous cafes as well as some restaurants. 

13. Longan Juice

Malaysian Drinks
Photo: iStock

Many people are unaware that longan berries may be turned into a traditional Malaysian beverage. This Longan Juice is prepared from the flesh of fresh Malaysian fruit. It has a sweet and refreshing taste that you’ll want to look for on a hot day.

14. Ambarella Juice

Malaysian Drinks
Photo: Old Roots, New Routes

Ambarella juice is a delightful drink prepared from the ambarella tree’s fruit. This Malaysian beverage is high in Vitamin C along with additional nutrients, making it a healthier alternative to sugary beverages. It is also claimed to have digestive properties that can aid in the relief of stomach issues.

15. Ipoh White Coffee

Malaysian Drinks
Photo: Asian Inspirations

Ipoh White Coffee was developed in Ipoh and it is a popular Malaysian beverage among locals. The name derives from the roasting method in which coffee beans are lightly toasted in margarine before being ground and brewed. Ipoh white coffee is typically supplemented with condensed milk and topped with a light froth.

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