15 Best Burgers in KL & Selangor To Satisfy Your Cravings

by Michelle Anne Kam

Best Burgers in KL & Selangor

When it comes to burgers, you simply can’t get enough of them! And with endless choices, you are bound to find yourself either trying all of them out or making them your regulars. If you’re not sure what is the best burger in KL & Selangor, we at The Kind Helper curated a list just for you to indulge in these juicy burgers! 

1. Beatles & Buns

Deemed as one of the best burgers in KL, specifically in Sri Hartamas, Beatles & Buns, as the name suggests, is named after the all-too-famous band The Beatles. Every patty is cooked to perfection – without being overly greasy or fatty. Rather, you’ll get to chomp down juicy and flavourful patties with a touch of local flavours as well such as lemongrass. 

Be sure to try the Umami Burger or the Classic Beef Burger if you’re a first-timer! And don’t forget to catch the live acoustic band on Saturdays as well if that’s something you’d enjoy while munching on the delicious burgers!

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Email: bunskl2019@gmail.com

Phone No: 011-1127 3087

2. Killer Gourmet Burgers – KGB Bangsar

KGB is no stranger to burger fans! Each patty is specially made with only 100% Australian grass-fed beef which is widely known to have less cholesterol, fat and calories content compared to other regular patties. The buns are known to be pretty soft too. 

If you’re into perfectly stacked burgers, KGB would be a great option, especially the beef burgers such as the Double Animal.

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Phone No: 03-22011220

3.  Burger on 16

Whether you are carnivore or vegan, Burger on 16 caters to almost anyone. You can never go wrong with a Classic Cheese Beef Burger, which is what you should go for if that’s your preferred go-to option for burgers! But if beef isn’t your thing, you could try out their Chicken Phenomena. 

Consider going for the spicy fries topped with spicy paprika for a flavourful meal or exchange the regular fries with sweet potato ones.

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Email: info@burgeron16.com

Phone No: 03-9224 2117

4. Kaw Kaw Burger Bakar Original 

Even regular customers are blown away by the fact that the quality of the burgers remain the same all throughout the years! Yes, that means Kaw Kaw Burger offers lamb burgers on top of the usual beef and chicken burgers.

For something a little more unique, you’ll have to try out their Serai Burger topped with serai or Chicken Permaisuri that comes with floss. 

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Email: burgerbakar@gmail.com

Phone No: 017-325 0244

5. MORBITES Burger

MORBITES Burger is known for its thick and juicy patties offering lamb, chicken or beef options as well as different types of meal sets such as nachos or fries as the side. Some even compared their burgers to McDonalds and if given a choice, they would make MORBITES Burger as their go-to burger joint due to the ability to make them full to the brim! 

Not to mention the onion jam that is perfectly caramelized in the ChezBurger which is also available as an add-on!

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Email: hello@morbites.com

Phone No: 013-741 7682

6. BiG Lava Burgers

Are you an ultimate carnivore and prefer to have double the goodness of your burger patty? Well, at BiG Lava Burgers, you’re able to order the 200gm size burger as a double! Definitely sinful heaven with the sauces oozing out. 

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Phone No: 012-327 6665

7. NY Burger Co.

If you’re looking for authentic New York Burgers, you’ll be utterly satisfied with NY Burger Co. as it was founded by a native New Yorker! The bestsellers would be the Empire Burger which comes with two beef patties, three slices of cheese as well as a double beef bacon costing an affordable price of RM19.99. 

Not a meat lover? You can swap the meat patties with mushrooms as well. 

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Phone No: 017-846 0080

8. myBurgerLab Malaysia

myBurgerLab made a significant mark in the burger industry thanks to their signature bamboo charcoal buns. With thick, juicy and flavourful patties topped with their wholesome sauces alongside unique combinations such as Peanut Butter & Jelly, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Their fries come with their signature sauce as well which offers a hint of spiciness. Despite the price tag which may be considered heavy to some, it’s worth every single penny.

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Email: askme@myburgerlab.com

Phone No: 010-369 5275

9. Spade’s Burger (Non-halal)

Situated in SS15 the buzzing hub of various eateries, Spade’s Burger offers not just regular meat options such as chicken and beef, but also pork too! We all know how hard it can be to search for delicious pork burgers. On top of that, you’ll also be spoilt for choice with other options like salmon or veggies.

Prefer to skip the carbs? Replace the buns with a lettuce wrap instead! Drinks are all refillable too, with savoury dip sauces to go with the fries. 

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10. The Daily Grind Gourmet Burgers

Specializing in beef burgers, The Daily Grind offers a satisfying meal. If you’re not sure what to go for, you can consider their Camembert Burger which seems to be one of the most popular options around. 

If you don’t feel like eating burgers, do not worry as they have a wide variety of food which are all equally as well such as sweet or savoury waffles.

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Email: burgers@thedailygrind.com.my

Phone No: 03-2287 6708

11.  Burgertory (Non-halal)

A heaven for all pork burger lovers! Burgertory is widely known for thick, fat and juicy pork burgers that’ll leave you wanting more after each bite. The unique combination of each burger topped with patties and bacon bits gives off a strong, satisfactory feeling.

Pair your mouth-watering burgers with some beers and you’ll be in for a treat!

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Email: hello@burgertory.com.my

Phone No: 03-7498 1811

12. Route 420 Burgers

Despite having only 6 juicy burgers on their menu, Route 420 Burgers holds high standards in ensuring their beef patties are of 70/30 ratio (lean-to-fat). Born during the pandemic times, it still took off as the founders put their heart and soul in ensuring their burgers satisfy your taste buds. 

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Email: ikhlas1703@gmail.com

Phone No: 011-28543220

13. Syukor Burger Malaysia

What makes Syok Burger special is how their patties are 140g while their jumbo burger is up to 5 inches! Not only that, their buns are soft with an ample amount of veggies placed in between the burgers. 

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14. Izzul Islam Burger

Their patties are soft, with tasty sauces and thickness that is enough to make you full for many hours after. The buns are charcoal-based, and while the patties and mustard sauce are all homemade, some say it is even better than making themselves at home!

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Email: izzulislamultrasel@gmail.com

Phone No: 016-734 4255

15. Burger Buzz KL

Another classic homemade patty burger that is utterly satisfying to the stomach! With double patties, rest assured you’ll be filled to the core! From lamb, beef to chicken burgers, take your pick and wolf them down!


Email: burgerbuzzkl@gmail.com

Phone No: 012-262 6813

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