5 Fun Places To Burn Calories Other Than The Gym

by Liyana Salleh

Places To Burn Calories (not including a gym!)

Keeping healthy should be one of our most top priorities. As the saying goes, health is wealth! Our Health Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad estimated that a startling 7 million adults will have diabetes by 2025 in Malaysia. Let’s not let that be true!

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One of the ways to keep healthy is to work out consistently. However, not everyone likes sweating at the gym or doing home workouts. Fret not; find out how you can burn off those calories other than by going to the gym below:

1. ESCAPE Challenge

Places To Burn Calories, escape challenge
Image Source: Klook.com

Built on the premise of play and developing life skills from it, Escape Paradigm brings activities and adventure that is usually set in a natural environment into a contemporary setting.

Situated in Paradigm Mall, visitors can now break a sweat and also go shopping after; talk about killing two birds with one stone and double the workout! There is no age limit for the games at Escape Paradigm and they also cater to people with disabilities.

Bring out your inner child, explore and be stimulated by physical play. Click here to book your tickets online for a cheaper price!

Website: https://www.escape.my/pj

2. Skytrex

Places To Burn Calories, skytrex
Image Source: nst.com.my

Go into the woods and head up, up, up and fly down! That is what you will be doing at Skytrex. Challenge yourself and go through various aerial obstacles while gliding, dangling, swinging and flying to the end.

Surely not for the faint-hearted, earn your right to gloat about your victory once you fly to the end. Skytrex are located at Sungai Congkak, Melaka and Langkawi. You will have a fair choice of things to do as each location offers different levels of difficulty and a variety of activities.

Apart from going through the obstacles, you will also get to learn about Malaysia’s glorious rainforest. It is a place to discover what you and the environment are made of. Be sure to book your tickets online to ensure your spot is booked!

Website: https://www.skytrex-adventure.com/

3. Camp 5

Places To Burn Calories, camp5
Image Source: call4tours.com

Burning off fat can be an uphill battle, both figuratively and literally. You can lose eight and ten calories per minute while climbing. Climb your way to a healthier life at Camp 5, an indoor rock climbing gym.

If you are new to climbing, try their climbing session that is meant for beginners. Confident climbers can proceed to take their wall-climbing course. If you are feeling like trying something different, try bouldering i.e climbing without using ropes and harness on boulders.

There surely is something for everyone. Camp 5 has multiple locations such as One Utama, Paradigm Mall (JB), Utropolis Marketplace, Eco City, and Jumpa Mall. 

Website: https://www.camp5.com/

 4. District 21

Image Source: ioicitymall.com

Ever wondered if you will survive post-apocalypse? Find out at District 21 – an indoor theme park located at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, you will jump, climb, slide, ride and fly your way to the end.

Choose from 10 different attractions, test your strength and your gut! Try out the free fall to experience what it feels like to jump off a plane, get your way out of a maze ball, glide down a curvy zip line for that extra thrill or walk in the sky at the sky trail – be sure to keep your balance! Complete all these and that bragging right is yours to keep.

Website: https://www.ioicitymall.com.my/district-21/

5. Flip Out Indoor Trampoline

Places To Burn Calories, flip out trampoline
Image Source: Flip Out’s Facebook Page

Don’t you ever wish you can just jump around like Tigger? Well, now you can! Head on over to Flip Out Indoor Trampoline at Sungai Buloh for some bouncing time. They have recently added in more trampolines and activities for a variety of bouncy challenges.

Jump from wall to wall or perform a backflip into a sea of foams, the sky’s the limit! Housed in a large warehouse, the ceiling is way up high so it is safe to try and reach the clouds. For a safer and added fun, you can sign up for classes too. This trampoline park is open for people of all ages, even for kids as young as 4. Trampolining has been shown to have good effects on bone density and lower body muscle strength.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/FlipOutMalaysia/

Now you have no more excuse to not get moving. Put those steps in and have fun!

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