6 Best Online Stores To Get Curly Hair Products Malaysia

by Sonia Louis

Curly Hair Products Malaysia

Calling all curly girls with waves, small coils, big coils, curls and kinks. Do you remember the times when teachers, friends and even your hairstylist used to say how big, frizzy and dry your hair is? If you can relate to that, we gotchu! 

We understand having curls takes a lot of effort, time and money spent on keeping your mane frizz-free and voluminous! However, it’s great to see many women now learning to embrace their natural curls. Yayy! You do you, boo! Going natural is the way. 

While it can be difficult to find the perfect curly hair products Malaysia that suit your hair type, you don’t have to worry as there are solutions for you made by the team at The Kind Helper! If you just started embracing your curls and you’re struggling to find suitable curly hair products to use or where to get them from, this article is for you. 

1. Curly Bouncy Malaysia

Curly Hair Products Malaysia
Image Source: Curly Bouncy Malaysia’s Instagram Page

Curly Bouncy Malaysia is an online store that sells curly hair products Malaysia at reasonable prices. They also carry original products from the US and the UK. This online store is here to make your life easier with amazing high quality hair care products as well as providing you with tips and tricks to maintain those beautiful bouncy curls. Other than recommending the best products for you, they also provide useful information about the products! Head on to their IG page to find out reviews from their customers.

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2. CURLrinting

Curly Hair Products Malaysia
Image Source: CURLrinting’s Instagram Page

CURLrinting is also another online store providing you with the best solutions for your curls, offering the best curly hair products in Malaysia! Founded in 2019, CURLrinting started off as the first online curl community in Malaysia. The demand for bringing in the best products is there as there weren’t many products with textured hair available here. Therefore, they decided to bring in more local and international brands that have been both tried and tested. From shampoo to leave in conditioner and hair mask, you’ve got everything right here. Apart from that, they provide blog articles available on their website for those still learning about their curls. 

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3. Coco Onya

Curly Hair Products Malaysia
Image Source: Coco Onya’s Instagram Page

If you love the smell of coconut and love how coconut helps with your curls, you’d want to try out this product. Coco Onya is a local brand offering your curls a solution to moisturise, strengthen, repair as well as add some shine and volume. Yes, you heard that right, everything in one tube! Made with raw virgin coconuts from Malaysia, black cumin seeds, cocoa butter and aloe barbadensis leaf juice which are all hair loving ingredients, no wonder why it does wonders to the curls, making it one of the best curly hair products Malaysia.

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4. Scrunch

Curly Hair Products Malaysia
Image Source: Scrunch’s Instagram Page

Scrunch Kids Hair Calmer is a local product created by a mom who loves her kids and wants the best for her kids. If your kids have natural curls and need some maintenance, this product is perfect for them. One of the ingredients is Chamomile Recutita which is a flower extract that helps soothe and moisturise the hair. It also leaves the curls feeling silky and bouncy! Other than that, Scrunch Kids Hair Calmer is ideal for those who have delicate, dry or brittle waves. Thinking if adults can use them? Of course, you can too! 

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5. Quirky Curls Malaysia

Curly Hair Products Malaysia
Image Source: Quirky Curls Malaysia’s Instagram Page

Just like the other curly communities in Malaysia, Quirky Curls Malaysia is here to help you embrace your curls and be proud of your crowning glory. Whether you’re looking for a suitable shampoo, conditioner, curl defining cream or some hair gel, Quirky Curls got you covered! They don’t only offer local and international brands for your curls, but they also provide lots of tips on how to manage your curls the right way! 


6. Nooshnaturals

Curly Hair Products Malaysia

Offering natural and organic ingredients, Nooshnaturals was created with the aim to provide their customers with wholesome healing using only the best natural and conventional medicinal practices. They have a skincare line as well as curly hair products Malaysia. For curls, it is recommended to use their Curl Me Crazy Leave in Conditioner as a curl enhancer. The best part of this is, it can be used on dry hair! Made of flax seed, virgin coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil and shea butter, your curls will thank you later! 

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